A new black candle in the Dark Enlightenment


I have been in engineering school for a decade now. I still remember my first night in my dorm, in the August of 2004, lying awake in bed, and wondering where I would be in 10 years. I pictured myself as having a good job, making a decent living at an engineering job, married, with several children. But goodbye to all that.

The Dark Enlightenment has made me rethink the course of my life. In the multitude of websites comprising the DE, I have been exposed to opinions, observations, and knowledge by some of the most brilliant minds I have ever read. The breadth and depth of the knowledge exceeds description here – my advice to the interested reader is to pull the mental ripcord and start Googling and reading.

But my spelunkings into the Dark Enlightenment has led to a grand disillusionment. I have been on this earth for nearly 30 years now. While that is still quite young, I have always been a precocious young man. The past 14 years in particular, has been formative for me, where I have witnessed a heart-wrenching decline in the integrity of our government and our information services (“the old media”) – that is, assuming they had any integrity to begin with.

4Chan and the Nude Leaks: Old Media Idiocy on Full Display

My disgust has grown to the point that I am mentally unable to even watch the talking heads  on television, or read their tripe in print. The fact that the writers of the Dark Enlightenment are confined to a “political shtetl“, while imbeciles are given platforms from which to influence the minds of whole nations, is a testament to the corruption and unreformability of our sociopolitical system. While displays of idiocy are replete, here is a recent example of mainstream media cluelessness:

Neither of these two blockheads know anything about network security. Both have no idea what 4chan is, a website that has routinely been in the news for at least the past 5 years. The staff behind the camera are just as clueless, because they didn’t advise these newsdroids any better. And the topic at hand – the leaking of nude photos by a gaggle of attention-craving young females (a tautology if there ever was on) – is of no consequence to the governance of a constitutional republic.

I have more or less disengaged myself from the traditional media. I view them as little more than a propaganda outfit; the American analog of Xinhua News Agency, TASS, or Völkischer Beobachter. Invariably, in any matter of national importance or contention, the illusion of choice is obtained in the national media by offering one absurdly-bad option that no intelligent person would accept, and an option that leads to the castration of America’s middle class and a consequent increase in the power and wealth of the connected upper echelon.

The Mental Water Torture of Advertising

It is not just the traditional media though that propagandizes us, but advertising is even worse. Atheists will contend that religion is propaganda meant to control the masses – and yet, as Ellul has discussed near the beginning of his book, religions fail the test with flying colors. Religion – usually Christianity in America – has the voluntary attention of its adherents only by their consent. You have to actually go to church functions to learn about religion. You have to actually turn on the radio to Christian radio stations to hear sermons. And if you are uninterested in hearing about such things – you don’t have to hear it (though I should remark that in England, there is no escape from halal meat or the morning cries of muezzins).

None of these conditions applies to modern advertising, which absolutely subsumes and saturates our consciousness. Unlike religions, which adhere to strict traditions and generally do not alter practices with time, public relations firms are under no such constraints. They have perfected the mass control of minds to a science via experimentation. Wherever you go, advertisements are in your face, with the exception of bleak drives across the American West through Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Death Valley. I cannot tell you how many times I have been sitting in my office, only to have the jingle or slogan from some commercial I saw on television as a boy start clanging in my mental ear, and be powerless to extricate it. The only recourse is to wait for it to pass – like a mental kidney stone. Our popular media (especially music) have been perverted from being a medium of expression to a medium for peddling tawdry wares to the proletariat. Rap music is now a medium devoted to selling faux luxury pottage to blacks.

The Road Ahead

I started up this blog to offer my perspective on topics of interest to the Dark Enlightenment and MGTOW. I have many interests, which I won’t bother listing in detail. Briefly, I enjoy writing and commenting on mathematical, scientific, historical, and political matters. I originally had a blog on thoughts.com, but it was summarily memory-holed after I wrote a blog post highly critical of President Obama, Eric Holder, the Justice Department, and the trial of George Zimmerman. I also authored an article highly critical of the NSA after news of the PRISM scandal broke. I came to my blog the next day, and just like that, it was vanished. Down the memory hole. And not just my blog – but every comment I had ever written on another blog, and every reply made to any of my comments. All were disappeared with a few keystrokes. Thoughts.com never responded to my requests for an explanation. Obviously, I will be a little smarter back up my posts henceforth. But anyways, I find writing to be an enjoyable and cathartic activity. There’s plenty of trinkets just laying about in the upstairs attic I call a brain; and if you look around enough, who knows what you’ll find?


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