Black Studies Majors and Standardized Tests

In a previous post, I commented on the race hoax that took place on my campus about 18 months ago. I griped over how a handful of black studies majors could shriek and howl, and be granted personal meetings with the university president.

The most irritating observation of that whole mess is that, intellectually, these students are at the bottom of the barrel. They’re doing black studies or other humanities majors, which have sub-1100 average SAT scores. Data on the GRE scores of black studies programs are spotty, which I think is  purposeful to avoid ridicule. A Google search of various graduate programs in black studies is instructive. The Cornell and Berkeley results were most astonishing to me (I got a 1490 on my GRE – and I was rejected by Cornell for a chemical engineering doctorate, and didn’t even bother applying to Berkeley.)

Compare these buffoons with the professors in my own department, who are some of the top minds in the entire world in chemical engineering. They have mountains of publications, serve on the editorial boards of prestigious journals, and have turned their discoveries into lucrative patents. Some of them, in addition to being professors, have their own companies, or regularly consult for major corporations. Any grad student in my department is intellectually more sophisticated than any of the lightweights in ethnic studies. And yet none of us could possibly get a personal meeting with the university president, or get the police force to bark, lay down, and roll over.


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