Dung beetles on elephants: Liberal arts majors at engineering school

I usually roll into the football stadium parking lot early in the morning; perhaps 6 or 7 AM. If I am fortunate enough to catch the campus bus, I’ll hop on and ride it to the engineering side of campus. On the bus, and at every sheltered bus stop on campus, are usually a stack of copies of the daily student newspaper. As can be imagined, at an American college campus, the campus newspapers is 100% controlled by liberal progressives (“libprogs”). When I am feeling sufficiently masochistic, I’ll maltreat myself to reading it. At least, after I’ve put a clothespin on my nose. I never knew just how “captured” the mind is of the average liberal arts college student until I came to this campus 4 years ago and read a few of the editorials. I hardly even need to read the editorials fully anymore, as the writers follow the Huffington Post with Talmudic adherence.

The Grandchildren of the Revolution

“Gosh 1950’s America was so unbearable. Life is so much better now that segregation has been fixed by President Obama (sent from my iPad).”

Libprog thinking is frozen in the 1960s. It matters not what the topic at hand is – it is always viewed through the Cultural Marxist prism of race, class, and gender. When these topics are discussed, the writers are simply unable to think in terms other than the slogans they have been propagandized with. Homosexuality is normal – we say so. Capitalism is unfair to the poor – we say so. Education and healthcare are “rights” and someone has to pay for them – we say so. We are lectured to at my school constantly about bigotry, sexism, racism, homophobia, and misogyny, and how “this generation is moving forward” from the evil racist, homophobic past from before the 1960s.

Obviously, I treat these claims with skepticism. Franco Fornari, in his book, stated that it is a common feature after revolutions for the crimes committed by the past regime and the competency of the new regime to both be greatly exaggerated. This is done to undercut the intellectual basis for a counter-revolution. Pre-1960’s America was wealthier, more free, and more powerful than any nation since the British Empire. We were a force for good in the world. We held the line against the Bolshevik criminals in Russia. We rebuilt Europe at the end of WWII. We treated the Japanese, after fighting one of history’s most brutal wars against them, with restraint after their surrender. Today, libprogs will immediately seize upon segregation and Jim Crow as somehow invalidating the greater state of our country back then. And yet, the current regimes of major U.S. cities appear quite content with segregation. Blacks back then could find jobs – today black unemployment in some U.S. cities is over 50%. And most damning, in the 1950’s, the black family was still extant. A black boy could expect to grow up in a home with his mother and his biological father. While he would faced unjust racism from certain white people on the street, he could reasonably expect to come home to two parents that loved and cared for him. The dole has obliterated this asset. The police today in major U.S. cities routinely violate the civil rights (and basic human rights) of blacks. Assuming they aren’t aborted, black children are routinely exposed to obscene brutality in their own homes – beaten by their mothers, raped and molested by her boyfriends, attacked by pitbulls, or injured and refused medical attention.

As far as American blacks are concerned, are the leftist totalitarians in power now any better than what they dealt with before? What was the point?

Facts, Schmacts

Even basic critical thinking is absent from their articles – and I’m not even referring to the editorial page. About 18 months ago, there was an uproar on campus when black students claimed racist graffiti had been written in a campus bathroom. Protests and “direct action” were threatened. Meetings were demanded with the President of the university, the provost, and the Board of Trustees. The campus police swore to bring the culprits to justice. The student newspaper covered the incident in atomic detail on the front page of every edition for days. And yet within a week the whole event was quickly exposed as a hoax, with the black students themselves eventually admitting to writing the graffiti. To my knowledge none of these black students has been charged with any crime or punished as they deserve for the ruckus they created – nor has any apology ever been offered. If anything, the black students’ only regret is that their naked power grab was hamstrung by their own idiocy (bug or feature?).  And yet the Good Party Members at the student newspaper summarized the whole incident as “instructive” and a “teachable moment” about the topic of race on campus. I agree with them completely, but I doubt they would agree with me on what the lesson was.

This incident summarizes the power of exploiting race in America. Black students create a race hoax and threaten protests, campus disruptions, and violence if their demands are not met (like Islamic terrorists). They even have the chutzpah to demand personal meetings with the President of their university and his “cabinet.” Their hoax is discovered. None are punished. None are expelled.  No apologies given. The President of the university does not even admonish them. What a disgrace.

Durrrrr Math is Hard Bro

Unsurprisingly (and humorously), the writers at the newspaper lack the qualified experiences or personal knowledge needed to offer opinions worth reading. One article, from about 6 months ago, was a critique of capitalism and a lecture on economics from a liberal arts major. Such editorials are routine; from hydraulic fracking, to coal, to “climate change”, to stem cell research – these liberal arts majors have plenty to say. And yet I know if I asked any of them what the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics is, I would get a glassy stare back. None of their majors require advanced mathematics or science to understand – or much knowledge of science or history for that matter. What qualifies them as opinionmakers? Where have they gone, and what have they done? Nowhere, and nothing. I actually found the LinkedIn page of one of the most egregious offenders; it explained much. I’ll make a post on the findings later; suffice it to say, his LinkedIn page basically says to employers “I existed.”

Also humorous, is that these libprogs seem oblivious as to what school they attend. My university’s overwhelming focus is on science and engineering. Those grants that the engineering professors pull in are what keeps the lights on, the internet working, and the Starbuckses open. If it weren’t for those grants, this university and the surrounding town would look like Chernobyl. These libprogs are like dung beetles that have managed to climb on top of an elephant, and have kidded themselves into thinking they are riding it. They are “along for the ride” – but they aren’t holding any reins. And eventually, after 4 years, they’re going to fall off the elephant’s back – and go back to cleaning up shit.

“Ahhhh, thank goodness I don’t have to do any math. Its so much easier in humanities, where I can learn from my professor how to be an effective straight ally for the LGBTQXYZWTFBBQ community.” (sent from my iPad.)





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