Are women more racist than men?

I will recount briefly a conversation I had with a trendy, liberal-lefty, college-educated white female. She told me she was sexually harassed at a scientific conference. I asked her if the fellow was Hispanic of Muslim, and brought up the (genuinely) misogynistic attitudes of Latin American and Muslim immigrants. Her immediate response, in a fit of righteous anger, declared loudly “I’m not a racist, but those people need to back to wherever the @!#$ they came from, because this is our country!” Again, this is not me saying this: it is from the mouth of a white, liberal-lefty, Obama-loving, college-educated, white female. Were some low-level member of the Tea Party to say such a thing on camera regarding Mexicans or Muslims, it would become national news, with Anderson Cooper requesting us to “have an honest conversation about racism towards the undocumented.”

(Liberals like “honest conversations” the same way Mao liked them during his “Hundred Schools” campaign – it identified politically unreliable people so he could do away with them.)

This got me to thinking about something I have suspected for a while now. Our idiotic elites will endlessly whine about white males and their dreadful racism. While there are exceptions in the media, racists are often depicted as muscular, powerful white men (e.g. Avatar). It is instinctive for people to believe that something “bad” is also “powerful.” It may also be true that something “good” is also “powerful”, but most people are reluctant to believe that something “weak” can also be “bad.” But I say that is bunkum. And furthermore, I say females as a whole are far more racist than almost any male, weaker sex or not.

The reason for the greater racism amongst women, is that women are hardwired to be intensely ethnocentric – they want their race to predominate. Nothing unmasks the latent racism of women more than a woman of race “A” observing a high-value bachelor of race “A”, dating a woman of race “B.” Black women hate it when they see white and Hispanic women marry (and have children with) marriage-worthy, successful black males (usually athletes). As far as black males go, finding one that is/has not:

  • a felon/been incarcerated
  • unemployed
  • completed high school
  • involved with illegal drugs
  • alcoholic
  • works for a living

…is really, really, tough. Hence why black women become a tad incensed when the few black males with these qualities tend to wind up with Julie, Beth, or Sharon instead of Shaniqua. But don’t think white women are any less guilty. How do you think the Klansmen came about? Who reared those men when they were boys? Wild Indians?

To make matters worse, the ethnocentric instincts of women are compounded with the fact that women never let a grudge go. Whenever a woman is wronged by a man of another race or ethnic group, she teaches her sons to fight and kill the males of that tribe. She also tells her daughters to marry men that are doing the same, and to give birth to and raise sons to fight them further still (this might be why the Arab-Israeli conflict has gone on for so long). Wars and conflicts, while declared by male potentates, guided by the stratagems of male generals, fought by male soldiers, and paid for by male labor, are actually wars between women. The real belligerents are two groups of women, that are sending the biggest, strongest, and smartest males they could produce to to fight and kill the biggest, strongest, and smartest males produced by another group of women. If they are successful, the opposing women will be put to the sword, and more land and property can be used as Lebensraum.

One might wonder, “Well, why don’t the men simply refuse to fight anymore, when it’s obvious they are being given the shaft?” Well, I’m afraid it’s not quite that simple. Women can be quite crafty at getting more males to risk their neck in warfare, such as by using social ostracism. As Franco Fornari pointed out in his book, The Psychoanalysis of War, West African men that refused to fight the males of other villages would be subjected to ridicule by the women of his village. Similarly, men in 19th-century Victorian England that shirked military service would be given white feathers by women, as an accusation of cowardice.

When social sanctions fail, women always have the nuclear option closing their legs. Women know exactly how powerful and desirable sex is to men. Women use the male sex drive as leverage to encourage desired qualities in men, and punish undesirable qualities. Men that get with the program get laid. When a man is obtaining regular, satisfying sex with a woman, he has zero incentive to change any aspect of himself. If a male of race A is fighting and killing males of race B, and a female of race A is giving regular sex to the male of race A, you can bet he will continue to go on fighting and killing males of race B. And if he is not killing males of race B, he will quickly change his tune as his sexual needs will trump his desire for self-preservation. (As an aside, this is why today you can find moron white males in their 30’s, who quit college after 2 years at the age of 20, to work some menial job for the last decade, while playing XBox every evening thereafter: they had a girlfriend, who was routinely putting out. You don’t have to think about solutions when there is no problem.)


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