Investigation into the Size of My Feasible Set of Dating Partners

These data come from a variety of Google searches (CDC website,, and wikipedia)

13.1% of females are between ages 25 and 34

50.1% of females 25-34 are not married

31.9% of the women aged 20-39 are obese.

STD data are difficult to come by, because for (what I presume are feel-good political reasons), the CDC only reports STD results for ghonorrea and syphilis, but ignores genital herpes and genital warts. Wikipedia gives better data though:

Women aged 20-29 14.4% had genital herpes.

30% of women aged 25-39 have HPV.

The total population of females is 158.6 million.

As an UPPER BOUND (we have not taken into account all of the constraints I listed before), we can use probability to find the size of the feasible set (the ages don’t match up exactly but its the best data I could find).

P(age 25-34|female) * P(not married| age 25-34) * P(not obese|age 20-39) * P(no hpv|age 25-39)

= 0.131 * 0.501 * (1 – 0.319) * (1 – 0.30) = 0.031286, or about 3.1% of American women are date-worthy to me as an upper bound. Which is about 5 million women.

Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe there are still plenty of fish in the sea!


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