Who really runs the world? Men or women?

The short answer: women

Who really runs the world? I am convinced it is women. Some people might be scratching their heads about this. I can hear many of the counter-arguments already:

“Are they not physically weaker than men?”

“Do not men dominate societies in terms of position, power, income, and influence?”

“Haven’t historically women simply been the property of their fathers and eventually their husbands?”

All of these things are true. But they do not matter, because these conditions have nothing to do with who has power and who does not.

Females, Education, and the Totalitarian Mind

With the advent of compulsory education during the Industrial Revolution, older women have gained mass control over the lives of boys and young men from the age of about 5 (kindergarten) to age 18 (12th grade). 88% of elementary school teachers are women. It strains credibility to assume that this state of affairs has left the contemporary male mind unaffected. I have wondered if America’s contemporary slide into a police state has been fueled by the increasing control women have over public education.

The reason I link totalitarianism with women is due to personal experience. My mother was a schoolteacher, and I would often stay after school. I had much more interaction with teachers than other kids did, since they went home at the end of the day, while I would stay after school in my mom’s room. So many of these women followed the same pattern. Utterly boring people. Boring jobs. Boring lives. Rarely went anywhere or did anything. Many of them were failures in their personal and romantic lives. Many of them were terribly overweight, or just “beat.” Their husbands had left them, or their marriages were on the rocks. Their children had left the house and never called. But they had that “rage” inside of them, the urge to dominate and control others. These women fit Hannah Arendt’s mold of a dictator perfectly. These public school mini-Stalins are not much different from politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein. These two are arch-totalitarians, but they are also highly intelligent. They have been able to use their cognitive abilities (to our detriment) to get access to the halls of power. The schoolteachers I knew in elementary school also had ambitions of control, but self-honestly knew they were not smart or clever enough to become actual dictators. So they cut their losses and became schoolteachers instead – and now have a small class of about 30 children to take out their frustrations on. These women were bitter at men, and hated boys. Boys, as they correctly see it, are men who are not yet men, and thus they need to be “broken in.” They must be conditioned to obey fiat directives, without questioning. Defiance must be stamped out. That was always the highest priority. It has only gotten worse. I am 29 now, and haven’t been in elementary school in 18 years. My mother has told me stories of how harsh discipline has become at the final school she taught at. One story in particular was about a boy that got up in the cafeteria to get a ketchup packet. He was given in-school suspension… because he didn’t ask for permission. When I was a kid, ISS was reserved only for serious infractions like fighting or vandalism. Now fighting and vandalism will lead to the police being called, and possibly result in the child being beaten, electrocuted, or outright shot.

Elsewhere in personal experience, I have observed that women and girls, with noble exception, are not into free thinking. They like to have the lines drawn for them, and enjoy very much coloring inside them. They demand concrete lists of rules and procedures, and too much freedom makes them uncomfortable and fearful. I think this may be an evolutionary trait of women, who instinctively view chaos as dangerous to herself and her children. The problem is that “freedom” is not necessarily “anarchy” (and for what it’s worth, I don’t think any population would be free for long under an anarchy.) I see this routinely in the classes that I TA for in engineering school. One girl in particular was having difficulty learning a particular concept. I tried using an app on my phone to explain the concept more concrete to her. She objected immediately, “I can’t use the phone on the exam so I don’t want to learn it that way.” I was dumbfounded by this circumscribed thinking. You can even see this in textbook selection design, as more and more women enter the engineering field. Instead of learning key concepts and understanding ideas in a “free-form” fashion, all explanations will be reduced to lists of ordered procedures – and problems that can’t be solved using the procedure will simply be written off as unsolvable. I know that, because that is what the female students do –  if the procedure doesn’t fit the problem, they think the problem is wrong. The procedure is always right.

The Power of the Womb

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Every man, with the exception of those abandoned as children, had a mother during his formative years. Regardless of the influence of the education system, boys are raised (and for the entirety of human history) by their mothers. Their mother is what molds them into the men they will eventually become. A father has some influence… but he too was raised by a female. Women raise boys so that they will become “useful” men. A useful man is one that protects the physically weaker sex – women. A useful man is one that provides material (or since the invention of currency, financial) support to a female. A useful man is one that will wage wars to acquire more property for women as a whole. This fact was not lost upon Red Army soldiers that invaded Germany and were set on vengeance upon German women, and thus engaged in the greatest known mass rape in history.

“These are the Gretchens that sent their Fritzes to kill us.” they said.

The Islamic World

Even in “male-dominated” societies, such as those in the Islamic world, the real power is still women. The institution of a harshly-regimented religious society is simply a different survival tactic that is practiced by the clique of women “at the top, but in the shadows.” These women are the wives and consorts of powerful men; and again, the mothers of their children. Human civilization seems to have been brought about by women coming to realize their power to yoke men to them through their capacity as mothers. While we Westerners decry the “abuses” of women in the Islamic world, every single one of the males inflicting these punishments was raised by a female. Who is really the one punishing these women? It is one group of Muslim women, using the men they have created, to firmly knock other disobedient Muslim females into line.

The Sex Angle, and Crafting the New “Most Useful Male”

Humorously, I see a parallel between human hierarchy and the computer game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, where a race of physically weak but psychic aliens (“Ethereals“) has control over the minds of a race of huge, brawny, not-too-bright aliens (“Mutons“). By analogy, human women are the Ethereals of our world, and men are the Mutons.

ethereal muton and human couple

XCOM and gender relations. The Ethereal (a) is frail and weak. However, it possesses powerful psychic powers, which has allowed it to enslave the Muton (b). The Mutons are a huge, gorilla-esque creatures that serve as expendable shock troops for the Ethereals. The human couple (c) exhibits similar characteristics. The Female is frail and weak, but possesses powerful vagina powers, which allows her to direct and command the Male on the right. The Male will work 8 to 10 hours a day to provide the Female with property, and put himself in harm’s way to protect the Female.

Their purpose is to serve as guard or attack dogs for womenfolk. Instead of using psychic powers though, women use their vaginas to bring men to heel, either by forcing a grown male to adapt to her wants and needs so he can have sex with her, or by raising her sons to obey and protect women. Sex is easily the most powerful tool a woman has in her arsenal when it comes to dealings with adult males – and women know it. They ruthlessly use their sexuality to acquire resources, and gain power for themselves. And one area where sex is indispensable is in crafting “the most useful male” that females are able to collectively create by the dispensation of sex to certain males and the withholding of sex from other males. What the “most useful male” is depends on time and circumstance. In ages past, women used sex as a way to fashion men into protectors and providers. A man that didn’t work to bring home the bacon, or fight to protect his female and his children, would find himself unable to obtain sexual release.

But that is not today’s Most Useful Male.

The situation has changed today due to the rise of the modern industrial state and the growth of big government. Industrial agriculture has more or less solved the problem of food in the Western world. Big government has become the de facto “husband” to women. It provides for them with comfy, cushy jobs in air conditioned office buildings. If a women is unemployed, the government will find her work. If she cannot provide for her children, the government will provide for her. If a women feels threatened by a romantic partner, she can count on a massive, well-financed private army of cops, lawyers, and judges to deal with those that have displeased her.

To put it bluntly, women no longer need men for protection and provision any longer. Machines and industry make the things they don’t know how to make. Government feeds, clothes, medicates, and protects them. Corporate-government is the de facto “husband” of American women.

The new “most useful male” is a Tinder hook-up. That’s right. He shows up, performs the activities necessary to produce an orgasm… and then he leaves. He tattoos and pierces his body to create an “edgy” or “dangerous” appearance, despite working a regular day job. He works out constantly to make sure his Tinder picture is sufficiently ripped. He wears the male version of the tramp stamp. He makes at least enough money to afford a decent apartment and dinner for two. He doesn’t cloud his mind with silly ideas like marriage, family, stability, or settling down. He is a pure concentrated ball of hyper-masculinity.


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