The current US model of democracy – the rich “say”, the poor “do”

The current US model of democracy is as follows:

1. Elite, wealthy plutocrats decide a certain policy action under Chatham House rules.

2. Elite media enforcers frame the debate between the policy desired by the elites, and some harebrained alternative. No genuine alternatives are discussed or given equal time. No free discussion or debate ever takes place on the air.

3. Assuming votes are even held, one of two things happen:

a. The votes cast by the public will coincide with the a priori elite consensus. In this outcome, the elites congratulate each other for the success of democracy, and how progress is being made in reconstructing the backward people they rule over.

b. The votes cast by the public reject elite opinion. The elites then circumvent the vote and get what they originally wanted anyways, lecture the voters on their backwardness, and sigh heavily that, “There is alot of work left to be done.”

Note that in both cases, the wealthy power elite get what they want anyways.

Gay Marriage and Billionaires

Gay marriage was accepted in a few states via legislatures, and rejected in many others. It was even rejected in California, easily the most gay-friendly place on Earth outside of Central Asia.

What happened? A few lawyers (and a ton of money) were able to remake the country in their own image. Now homosexuals have not only been granted the freedom to marry, but in the words of Noam Chomsky, they have also been granted the freedom to rob.

It is revealing just how thin the skin is of our political elites, that they simply cannot stand any criticism of their sexual practices. I like women. That’s the way I am built as a heterosexual male. If homosexuals started grumbling about how “icky” they think a man having sex with a woman is – I wouldn’t even bother retorting. If homosexuals were genuinely confident in the moral neutrality of sodomy, they wouldn’t get (no pun intended) so butthurt over the criticisms of churchmen. As is often the case with wrongdoers, they cannot stand anyone speaking out against their behavior. It causes too much inner distress.

These homosexuals activists are like kids that love beating their video games with the cheats enabled, and think they’ve really accomplished something. Let’s analyze this issue further. What do the homosexual activists have on their side?:

1. Every major media outlet.

2. Every billionaire.

3. Every Fortune 500 company

4. The legal system

5. The Justice Department

6. The tech and telecom industries

7. One of the two major political parties in America (the Democratic Party)

8. Every labor union.

What do those who speak against homosexuality have on their side?


I can’t see the legalization of gay marriage as anything but a temper tantrum by billionaires with insecurities about their child-rearing capabilities channeled into a political movement.

Illegal Immigration

Look at the illegal immigration issue. President Obama’s party was utterly crushed in the November elections. The American people have completely rejected amnesty for illegal Mexicans, and want deportations and administrative barriers in place (and physical barriers for that matter) to illegal aliens being able to live and work in America.

What does President Obama do? He just does what his corporate cheap-labor paymasters want him to do anyways.

Every billionaire across the length and breadth of this country is in favor of Mexican amnesty, because they know it will ensure wages never rise for the middle class in our lifetimes. Without a strong middle class, America will devolve into two realities:

1. A world of sweltering ghettos full of desperate, impoverished people cordoned off by the controls of an oppressive high-tech police state. Technology is used to control their lives, monitor them, and make sure they keep their place on the bottom. The rights to free speech, bear arms, fair trials, unreasonable search and seizure do not apply. Should organized religion cause too much of a challenge to the power of the wealthy, that too would be outlawed.

2. A world of vast, overflowing wealth, where technology is used to improve life. All technological advances improve work, leisure, and health. This class of nobles enjoys significant legal rights, preventing the arbitrary use of state power against them. Technology also ensures they keep their place as well – on top.

In other words: Latin-American-style feudalism, with a class of multi-billionaire nobles at the top, and a bubbling muck of peasants at the bottom.

This horrendous reality already exists in countries like Brazil, where a small European-descended elite hop from helipad to helipad over dismal, neo-Hobbesian favelas. Even basic human rights do not exist in these places.



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