The Incongruencies of Homosexual Attraction

I am puzzled as to the claims homosexuals make about being born in a certain way. If gay men are attracted to men… why do catamites dress themselves up in female clothing, act like dainty and delicate females, wear makeup, and spend thousands on sex changes? If gay women are attracted to women… why all the male posturing? Actual lesbians wear male haircuts, have loads of piercings and visible tattoos, and wear men’s clothing. They’ll stuff socks down their pants as faux male genitalia. When cavorting with their fellow travelers, they’ll use sex toys shaped like the male member. Heck, a Google Image search for “lesbian sex toys” reveals endless images of… penis-shaped dildos. Theoretically these women are supposed to feel zero attraction towards men… and yet the fundamental basis for their sexual gratification is penis-shaped objects. And people wonder why I am a homoskeptic. Something does not jive here.

This gender-bending is hardly new to history, and is is observed elsewhere in other cultures and old civilizations. Across the extent of the old Ottoman Empire and into Central Asia, homosexuality and pederasty have been practiced for eons. Dancing boys in the Ottoman Empire were much like the ones in Afghanistan; servicing clients, dressed up effeminately, and having no facial hair as a female does (or is supposed to anyways.) Heck, male prostitutes in the Ottoman Empire usually had to hide on the street from female prostitutes – male customers preferred the male prostitutes to the females, and were… “stiff competition” (atrocious pun intended).

Then there is the whole weight issue. Lesbians tend to be obese (or at least, the ones in Portland were). It is difficult to believe two women were born as homosexuals, when both of them are morbidly obese, and unable to find willing male sex partners. “Any port in a storm.”



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