The impact of female control over American blacks

Let me preface this post by saying I flatly reject the concept of white privilege. To quote Carl Sagan:

“What is the difference between an invisible, incorporeal, inaudible dragon that spits heatless fire… and no dragon at all?”

And yet, I know for a fact that I have had immense fortune from being born white, since this left me statistically more likely to grow up with my father in the home. Had I been born black or Hispanic I probably would have grown up in a fatherless household run by an mentally-ill, physically-abusive, government-subsidized, sexually-unrestrained woman of color.

To get a grasp on the problem, we need to examine the home life of young black males in 2014 America today. I had the influence of my own father in my life – even if he was abusive verbally and physically. However, for 75%+ of black boys and young black males, these boys live in an atmosphere where virtually every person older than them or having authority over them is a female. Think about that. Imagine as a young boy, EVERY person in the family is a female except for you. Your father, older brothers, cousins, and uncles are all incarcerated, or out “doing their own thing”, “putting in work”, “playing reindeer games” or any number of other euphemisms for gangbanging and selling dope. All that’s left are your mother, your grandmother, sisters, and female cousins. And that goes the same for all of your male friends at school too. And your schoolteachers. Everyone with authority over you is a black female.

The problem is that, by and large, women simply don’t know how to raise boys up to a certain point. How is a woman supposed to educate her son on the complexities of puberty, girls, and sex? Who will be his role model to work hard, when women overwhelmingly do not do hard work? (Don’t you worry little feministas, I can prepare a whole new blog post on that point. They might think they do, but objectively, they don’t.) Among other things, a boy needs his father as a role model, an advisor, and when necessary, a judge. And women simply don’t make the cut for this task.

For most of these black males, being sent to prison is the only time they ever interact with older black males. The remaining time they deal with older black males is when their mother has one of her paramours over for an evening of entertainment. And the only time they ever interact with an older white male is on highly circumscribed occasions:

1. When they are being sent to the principal’s office,

2. Being arrested, appearing before a judge, or reporting to a probation officer.

3. Playing in athletics and having a white coach running the team, or being courted by a white talent scout to play college ball.

That’s it!

I personally see no real solutions to the problem of black fatherlessness in America today. I think that once fatherlessness is spread, it is impossible to reverse, and that black America has entered a new era of suffering, benightedness, and hopelessness that only serious (and therefore impossible) reforms could remedy. Such reforms would almost certainly violate the U.S. Constitution, and overturn decades of jurisprudence on racial matters. The only real solution at the moment is for black males to date other races of women that will not extricate them from the home. I understand this is difficult to do. What if I woke up one day and someone told me “Bro, don’t go with white women anymore”? I’d probably tell him where to go and how to get there. But for black males of worth (job, car, income, savings, no criminal record), the only real long-term solution for them is to date females of high-worth of a different race. Elite ball players have already caught on to it. Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant (at least, for a while), among many others. They don’t date black females because they are tired of being robbed, thrown from their home, and denied access to their children.



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