American Blacks, Slavery, and the Example of other Enslaved Peoples

The Plight of Black America

Blacks in this country are in a bad way. In virtually every indicator of societal health, black America not only lags white America, but is practically in the gutter. Why is this? Why are blacks unable to perform 150 years after the end of slavery, and 50 years after the demise of Jim Crow?

The Bugaboo of Institutional Racism

The claim commonly put forth by black pseudo-intellectuals (and their white liberal apologists) goes something like this:

All was well and good before white people invaded and enslaved the blacks of Africa. Blacks have had their families destroyed by slavery and Jim Crow laws. Current black dysfunction in school performance, incarceration rates, and poverty is the product of the ongoing legacy of slavery and Jim Crow laws, as well as American society’s institutional racism.

To this claim, I call balderdash, and furthermore that the real wounds of black America are thoroughly self-inflicted.

Other Enslaved Peoples in History: Russia

It is instructive to look at the history of other enslaved peoples, and see how after living through horrific hardship, these people have been able to bounce back and accomplish incredible things. Why cannot America’s blacks do the same?

The Russians were held down in economic slavery (and plunged into a dark age) by the Mongols from in the 13th century. The Russians had to pay immense annual tributes to those filthy little horsemen every year, or face the prospect of obliteration. Warp ahead to the 20th century, and what do we find? Russia was a wealthy superpower (even if it was controlled by communist criminals), with a large, well-financed military, and a nuclear umbrella. Nowadays Russia’s economy isn’t doing so well, but their military still remains formidable, and they currently are estimated to have around 8000 nukes.

The Plight of China

The Chinese are probably the supreme example (tied with the Jews) of a people that have been able to survive and thrive in the face of crushing hardship. It is difficult to find a starting point for when China’s major hardships began. Qin Shi Huang enslaved legions of his own people and built the Great Wall upon a mountain of corpses. Before the advent of modern industrial warfare during World War I, the Chinese had fought several of the bloodiest wars in human history, such as the Three Kingdoms War and the An Lushan Rebellion. Then in the 13th century, the Mongols came to power and took the whole region over, and put the Song dynasty to the sword. For centuries, China was held captive by the machinations of reactionary emperors and the intrigues of corrupt mandarins. British opium threatened to enslave not only the bodies but the very souls of the Chinese. Foreign devils controlled China during the 19th century, with the Chinese too powerless or doped-up to do anything about it.

The 20th century only magnified China’s troubles. Famine wracked China when my grandfather was a boy. The country was so backward and behind the West that there was serious talk in the Chinese government of no longer teaching Mandarin Chinese in the schools and switching to Esperanto, as a means of increasing dialogue with advanced Western countries. Then the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out in the 1930’s. The Japanese butchered China and plunged it into another famine. The second half of the 20th century only compounded China’s sorrows, when Mao Tse-Tung and his band of communist criminals took the country over. The famines and massacres continued with no end in sight.

China Resurgent

But now going into the 21st century, is China not a juggernaut? While the country is held under the thumb of a bunch of communist dinosaurs in Beijing, China’s ambitions are propelling it into world power, militarily and economically. The Chinese now possess sophisticated ship-cracking missiles which the American navy has no known defense against. They also possess anti-satellite missiles which could wreak havoc upon our global communications networks. What was once a famine-wracked backwater now has a nuclear umbrella. China’s leaders practice realpolitik and economic nationalism. For all of their communist rhetoric, China might as well be run by George Washington. While our foreign policy has become taken over by idiotic feminists, the Chinese are using the massive trade surplus their incur with us to buy up the natural resources of Africa and the Middle East, invest in massive new infrastructure projects at home, and increase their military spending. China has avoided foreign entanglements and useless foreign wars; we have been dragged into two utterly pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which have bled us of trillions.

And yet after 150 years, the blacks of America are unable to turn around their fortunes and embrace self-determination. Why can they not follow the example of other people that have gone through a lengthy historical night?


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