A Modest Proposal on Why Women Make Less Money than Men

What Coursework is Like in Hard-as-Hell-Engineering-and-Mathematics Land

Here is the curriculum for a petroleum engineering degree at Texas A&M University.

Have a look at some of the terrifying courses on the list:

Engineering Mathematics I, II, and III

Differential Equations

Principles of Thermodynamics

Petroleum Engineering Numerical Methods

…and so on.

While I do not know the exact course texts for these classes, a brief trip to Amazon and searching for books with titles close to the titles of these courses will clue you in as to the difficulty of this course of study. I recall from my own experience in Florida during undergraduate courses, and most engineering classes were totally dominated by males. The only real exception was in my own field of chemical engineering, which had a decent amount of females that were interested in using their chemical engineering education as a springboard into medical school.

What Coursework is Like in Easy-But-Useless-Degree Land

Meanwhile, on the other side of campus, we have students that learn things like Women’s Studies. Let’s have a look together at the freakshow these people call an education. What kind of tough, rigorous, results-in-a-useful-product classes do we find in this course of study?

Introduction to Queer Studies

Introduction to Global Feminisms (“feminisms”? Plural? As in, there’s more than one? God help us.)

Feminist Praxis

Feminist Pedagogy

…and so on.

The comparison here is stark. Is there really any wonder why women, who overwhelmingly choose easy-but-useless majors such as Gender Studies, end up making less than men in the workplace? If you were an employer, would you rather have someone who can solve differential equations and optimize your oil well’s production level, or an aggrieved feminist who knows nothing but how to complain for a living? Wellesley College claims some of their gender studies graduates have gone on to do software engineering, investment banking, and medicine. While I have no evidence they are lying, one wonders how the women’s studies curriculum could have possibly aided in achieving those goals.


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