Worship of the State and Human Wickedness

I was watching this (rather lengthy) speech by Sean Gabb given at the 2009 meeting of the Property and Freedom Society. The speech is basically about the characteristics of the ruling class today.

One line in particular stuck out for me. I quote (from memory, so maybe not exact)

“Perhaps we should stop thinking of this philosophy as a bad philosophy that misguided, good people are attracted to. In truth, it is an evil philosophy that attracts evil people.”

Where “this philosophy” is Communism/Marxism, or more generally the idea that the State should take an active role in guiding society to a conceived final vision.

I have often thought of left-wingers as exactly what Gabb described them as – misguided, well-meaning people simply going about helping the poor and downtrodden in the wrong way e.g. by electing Democrats into power to steal and redistribute the wealth of others.

But in light of what Gabb has said, and further education on the activities of the Weathermen and other 1960s radical groups, I think he is right. Or, at least the left-wing contains two main personalities in its ranks – those that hope to receive government largesse, and those that wish to distribute it. One group is guided by covetousness and the other by a lust for power. Both worship the State. One is greedy and stupid; the other is evil and smart.

The Weathermen, while an extreme example, are often stuck-up for by leftists, and have their violent exploits downplayed. These are people utterly devoid of morals or shame, that wanted to destroy civilization down to the very molecular level, in order to hand it all over to the Eastern Bloc. As I touched on in a previous post, the Weathermen not only wanted to overthrow the US government, but they also wanted to politically purge the United States, in the same way purges were done in China, Russia, Poland, and the rest of the Eastern Bloc. Who would have they stood against the wall? Obviously, anyone connected with the prior regime would have been shot – likewise with all the schoolteachers. Occupy Wall Street too put on the evil tendencies and immorality of the hardcore left.


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