Dylann Storm Roof, the Manifesto, and a New Wave of Political Repression

Facts About the Killings

On the night of June 17, 2015, at 8:17 PM, a young, clean-shaven white male entered the historic Emanuel AME (African Methodist Episcopal) Church in Charleston, South Carolina. At 9:05 PM, a shooting was reported at the church. The man had killed 9 blacks (including the pastor) that were holding a Bible study session at the church. Three (unknown) people survived. One woman in particular was kept alive in order to “tell the world” about what happened.

Dylann Storm Roof, a 21-year old, drug-addled, high school dropout was arrested in Shelby, South Carolina, 3.5 hours away by car. While fully cooperative with the officers, Roof confessed to the murders almost immediately, and was completely unrepentant. Curiously enough, he mentioned to the officers he nearly backed out because the churchgoers were so nice to him. The ultimate motivation behind Roof’s rampage was to use the media attention from the shooting to ignite a national race war.

The Manifesto

Contrary to the lazy CNN anchorwoman’s whining, the manifesto is not long. It is a short read. I will probably take some flak for uploading it, but that’s the price for reporting the truth. Roof’s website, www.lastrhodesian.com (based on a server in Russia), is now defunct, and his manifesto may be difficult to come by in the future.

A New Wave of Repression

Much of the left-wing media organs are agitating to have the shooting labeled an “act of terrorism”, for what reason I have no idea. As far as the justice system goes, designating Roof as a domestic terrorist would be of no consequence, since he is already eligible for the death penalty. Furthermore, “terrorism” is a vague, empty concept, that can be filled with whatever one wishes. Like it or not, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. It was that way during the Revolutionary War. It was that way during John Brown and Nat Turner’s rebellions. It was that way in post-WW2 South Africa.

The only real rationale I can find behind this yearning for a terror designation, is that it may be a way to justify the expansion of the police state to more tightly regulate the affairs of White people – and as a way to take the guns away.

Further repression will likely come in the way of internet controls. As I already stated in previous post, the subject of race is the premier tool of thought control in America, and the left-wing media are not going to let their most profitable agitation device fall to the wayside. Already, the “conservative media” (that is, any media that doesn’t march to the social justice warrior tune) is being blamed as inspiring the attack. Despite Bill Maher’s baseless speculation about Drudge Report being an inspiration for the shooting, Roof doesn’t mention Drudge at all in his manifesto. He does however, mention reading the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white nationalist webzine.

The usual demagogues (including our current president) are using the crisis to propose solutions. It may only be a matter of time before new “hate speech” legislation is signed into law, regulating speech on the web and in blogs such as this one. Such speech controls would do nothing to change racial attitudes, but would ensure a complete monopoly on opinion-formation for the leftist media organs and the education system. Guns are also in the crosshairs (no pun intended), with Michael Moore leading the charge.

And above all else, the organs are in complete agreement: the Confederate flag must go. Joe Lapointe says the South was not punished enough after their losses in the Civil War, allowing racist attitudes to “flourish.” Such statements could only be made by a know-nothing; someone utterly ignorant of history. The usual race hustlers, including the con men (and con women) at the NAACP are also pushing for the the flag to be taken down everywhere.

This author takes no real stance on the Confederate flag. Growing up in Florida, I saw the flag plenty of times in my youth – and that was at a time when race relations were astronomically better than they are now. As a free speech advocate, I think anyone ought to be able to fly any flag they wish – be it a red swastika, the Communist hammer-and-sickle, or whatever other “symbol of hate” can be sewn together into a rectangle. The flag had nothing to do with Dylann Roof’s murderous rampage. The real culprits here are the national news media, who continue to make superstars out of natural born killers. Dylann Storm Roof’s plan went absolutely, 100% according to plan. Thanks to the news media and the internet, he has achieved worldwide infamy, and his message and ideas have been spread to the four corners of the Earth. The media gave Roof exactly what he wanted.

EDIT: Fixed the link to Roof’s (still defunct) website, and fixed the spelling of his first name.


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