Still Alive – and Kicking!

It has been about a month and a half since my last blog post. It has been quite an odyssey during that time.

I have since departed from my graduate school alma mater, and now have found a job in the Midwest at a prestigious engineering company. I left with a strange sense of depression, knowing that it was all actually, finally over. For the past 5 years, every waking moment has been overshadowed by my project. But it’s over.

My mother and brother came up to visit me during the commencement ceremony. It was a very nice ceremony. Much to my approval, the dean of the university channeled Charles Murray during his commencement speech, commenting on how watered-down many university degrees have become via grade inflation and Mickey Mouse classes. He also discussed how, just like in Charles Murray’s book, America is coming apart, with a small technocratic elite coalescing at the top, and an impoverished underclass bubbling beneath the muck below. This elite shelters itself behind substantial economic and cognitive barriers, as they typically live in wealthy, exclusive communities, and possess valuable college degrees. They marry their women, and stay married. They wait until marriage to have children. Their children go on to repeat these patterns. Meanwhile, the underclass live chaotic and pointless lives. They are not highly educated, possess criminal records, and their sexual impulses bring them financial ruin. I found the dean’s words worth reflecting upon. I consider myself one of the luckiest guys on the planet. While others are being completely left behind economically, my degrees have given me a substantial feeling of security and self-assurance.

I feel a strong sense of vindication for the way I have lived my life up until now, and can’t help but laugh at all the people that told me I was doing things wrong. I have no children. I possess an advanced degree in engineering. I’m pulling in damn good money for someone my age. I’m unmarried. My daily commute is a 10-minute walk.

Where are all the people now that laughed at me for wanting to wait for marriage to begin having sex? Well, take a big fat wild guess. They’re weighed down with children, and many never finished college. 18 years of child support or childrearing. And I don’t have to deal with any of that. Instead of buying diapers, I’m buying stock.

But life isn’t all rosy. My job is pretty difficult. But hey, as my boss says, “Enjoy the journey.” I’m still single, but eh, that’s not so bad. I’ve tried internet dating, but no bites so far. I’m actually kind of puzzled by my lack of success with internet dating; you’d think a guy with an advanced STEM degree would be a hot commodity, if for no other reason than that women love money. But apparently that’s not the case. What do these girls want? A guy with TWO PhD degrees? Good grief! But being single has its perks: I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.

On a good note, my doctor took my off one of my medications. I suppose the blood clot I had a year ago was really just a case of severe bad luck.

Financially, I’m in much better shape than when my funding got cut. Life is much less stressful when you are collecting a paycheck. Once I get my hospital bill and student loans paid off, I intend on taking a vacation in Europe. I actually had a vacation to Spain all planned out for the November of 2014 and was learning Spanish on the side, but my hospital bill and loss of funding put the kibosh to that. That’s where I intend to go; Spain. I had it planned out to go to Madrid, Segovia, Carranque, and Cuenca. Segovia has a beautiful castle and an old Roman aqueduct. Carranque has more Roman ruins, and Cuenca has these beautiful houses on stilts that overlook a plateau. Google Image Search these places, and you’ll see why I chose them for a vacation.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more posts coming relatively shortly. I still haven’t finished my review of Jacques Ellul’s book “Propaganda: The Formation of Mens’ Attitudes”, which I am dreadfully behind on. I am also in the process of reading Jacques Ellul’s “The Technological Society”, a book which is so large and so dense that I don’t know how much of a review I’ll be able to muster for it.


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