On the American Underclass

In my previous essays on education, I discussed “the lower orders”; the people from which civilization must be defended. But who exactly are these people? What makes them tick? What sorts of qualities do they possess?

The Qualities of the Underclass

The American underclass, tragically, is heavily composed of African-Americans and Latinos. It is for this reason, that it is virtually impossible to discuss the underclass without being called a “racist” (or another other variety of terms for “heretic”). The topic is even more controversial when IQ is brought into the picture, as blacks and Latinos have lower IQs than whites, which is immediately seized upon to discredit the concept of IQ as “scientific racism.” And yet, the fact remains that  the underclass is almost wholly composed of low-IQ people. The sad fact is, is that without blacks and Hispanics forming our underclass, America would be Luxembourg writ large. Propaganda statistics the compare our black prison population with other countries prison populations are inherently dishonest. Other countries simply don’t have the gigantic minority underclass that America does. Is it any wonder that Japan and Finland have lower incarceration rates than America? Or Belgium? Or Germany?

What are some qualities of the underclass? Well, their qualities go a long way towards explaining why they are poor. As I learned from my own experiences in public school, the black underclass loathes education and is anti-intellectual to its core. They act up in school, and refuse to learn – learning is what white people do. Not only are they illiterate, but they are erratic and violent. Obeying laws and following rules are anathema to any member of the underclass (regardless of race). And as I have discussed at length, in order to be successful in the technological society, you have to be able to pass tests and follow rules. As a society, we may need to eventually accept the fact that, for some people, there truly is no stake for them in civilized society, and that the best fate they can hope for is to collect a welfare check or be humanely warehoused in a minimum-security prison somewhere.

Another quality that differentiates the underclass from the rest of society is that they are extremely bad at handling money. We are constantly fed propaganda regarding inequality in America, but I call bull on the lot of it. The underclass isn’t poor because of structural inequality in American society; they are poor because their appetites and passions constantly disrupt their accumulation of assets. Innumeracy is part of the problem, as the ignorance of the underclass in school makes them extremely bad at even basic mathematics (the kind of math needed to balance a checkbook each month). Savings isn’t even on the radar screen, as the underclass doesn’t think that far ahead in time – time is too murky, too abstract of a concept for them to comprehend. As Dale Carson explains in his humorous book, “Arrest Proof“, life for the underclass is just one long adventure of taking care of problems as they spring up. This behavior persists even when members of the underclass happen to come into large amounts of legitimate money, such as lottery winners and professional sports players (among other reasons I oppose slavery reparations). Underclass members also wholly mis-prioritize their finances: they sell their birthright for Third-World pottage and toxic addictions:

  • Air Jordans (which often eventually to the owner being gunned down in the street for them)
  • Crappy jewelry (almost every time at the mall, I would see young black males crowding around the Arab-owned jewelry kiosk, thirsting for a new gold chain or new gold teeth grill, eager to blow their money)
  • Rap music
  • Designer clothes
  • Spinning rims
  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol
  • Nightclub cover charges
  • Drugs
  • Unaffordable cars

Stiffer Sentences for the Low-IQ Underclass

A question that constantly pops up in polemics on the criminal justice system: “Why are blacks so much more likely to go to jail, and for so much longer?” Well, I don’t think the issue is so much that they are black as that they are criminals that have lower IQs. Lower-IQ criminals make it easier to build a damning case against them, making a plea deal less likely, the chances of conviction high, and the potential sentence much stiffer. Some of the behaviors of the black underclass that could potentially lead to a much longer sentence than a white criminal for the same crime:

  • They confess to the crime on Facebook while posing with the murder weapon.
  • They video record their misdeeds and upload them onto WorldStarHipHop.
  • They confess to the detectives.
  • They get prison tattoos that serve as confessions to their crimes.
  • They brag to their friends on social media that they are about to commit or have committed a particular crime (replete with current location and timestamp).

Prosecutors don’t have to offer plea deals to people that have nothing to bargain with. Judges and juries are often appalled at the defendant treating the whole court proceeding “like a game.” Underclassmen commit many other crimes, but they are also deeply involved in drugs. When police catch a criminal committing a crime, they search him. If he is found with drugs, he gets additional charges. Because of ignorant behavior in school, underclassmen are often unaware of their right to remain silent, and end up talking themselves into the slammer for much longer than someone who stayed silent. When prosecuting a violent crime, there is much leeway in sentencing. The more violent and more heinous the offense, the more time a judge or jury is likely to hand down.

The Underclass and Technology

Technology has a different relationship to the underclass than it does with the regular everyday person. To the professional classes, technology aids their ability to live and work. It helps to manage the overhead of everyday life, connects us to friends and family, schedules our daily tasks, reminds us of our chores, automates our money, and in general, saves labor. Think of your cell phone, your office productivity software, or your hands-free car phone.

To the underclass however, technology has become their primary enemy in life. Modern science and engineering have automated the process of monitoring the crimes of the underclass, and controlling their appetites. Some recent advances include:

  • High-definition security cameras with off-site data storage
  • Bullet microphones.
  • Ankle monitoring bracelets.
  • Statistical crime-prediction methods
  • Electronic criminal records databases
    • Fully searchable. Impervious to the ravages of time.
    • Discussed at length in Dale Carson’s “Arrest-Proof” book.
  • Less-lethal munitions.
    • Tasers
    • Sound cannons
    • Nausea lasers
  • Cell-phone snooping
  • Social media snooping
  • Escape-proof prisons
  • Crime data fusion centers

All of the technologies have nothing to do with making life easier for the underclass, and everything to do with monitoring, apprehending, convicting, and incarcerating them. Governments spend millions of dollars on such technologies, all to ensure the appetites of the underclass are kept firmly in check.


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