Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and Black Votes

I truly must congratulate myself for predicting the very strategy by which the Republican Party can win black voters. Read the numbers here. Then again, perhaps I don’t deserve too much self-praise: the strategy was obvious to anyone who wasn’t a highly-paid Beltway Republican consultant. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you know that Donald Trump has come down as a no-nonsense immigration patriot (a “hardliner” to the corrupt press). What are some of the noises (among others) he is making?

  • No more illegal immigration.
  • Build a fence – at Mexico’s expense.
  • Mass deportation of illegal aliens – starting with the criminal gangs.
  • An end to birthright citizenship and birth tourism.
  • A reform of the cheap-labor H1-B visa program, which allows wealthy tech companies to fire their American workers and force them to train their Indian replacements.

Americans of all stripes are fed-up with business as usual. These common-sense proposals are music to the ears of blacks, who have been the biggest losers of illegal immigration. Blacks from sea to shining sea have been displaced and ethnically cleansed from neighborhoods they inhabited since at least the post-war era – all by illegal Mexicans. Blacks used to be THE minority voting bloc in the United States; Hispanics have in the mere 50 years time since 1965 totally displaced blacks politically.

And the GOP’s consultants can’t figure out why this platform resonates with blacks?


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