The Sexual Deviancy of the Pashtuns of Central Asia

Who are the Pashtuns?

Without going into vast detail, Pashtuns are an ancient tribe of people from Central Asia, known for their propensity for violence, love of sodomy, and interesting hats. The culture they have created for themselves is intensely hyper-masculine, which has only been magnified since the spread of Islam to the region in the 7th century. Pashtun males are expected “to protect Zan, Zar, Zmaka (females, gold and land),” while Pashtun females are used as little more than baby factories. Much of the country is still illiterate, and as such relies heavily on oral tradition. One might be happy to discover that it is easy to become a Pashtun, as knowing Pashto is the main determinant of who is a Pashtun and who isn’t.

Peter Hopkirk has discussed the tribes of Central Asia at length in his book “The Great Game“. Like every other Central Asian tribe, the Pashtuns are a treacherous lot that can’t be trusted with anything; they are liars and betrayers from birth. I once had a discussion with a Pakistani fellow at my undergraduate university on the people of Afghanistan and the tribal areas His thoughts on them?

“They have no culture, no religion, no knowledge or anything. All they know how to do is kill the enemy.”

While I think this fellow’s indictment is a little excessive (afterall, Pashtuns are almost universally Muslim), it is clear that Pashtun’s suffer from bad PR since this whole terror business started happening.

Did I say bad PR? Well, with what I am about to discuss next, we might have to upgrade that to awful PR.

The Sexual Deviants of Central Asia

I have already broached the subject of Central Asian homosexuality previously. Pashtun homosexuality is entirely uncontroversial in Afghanistan. Hell, there is a humorous Afghan saying that birds fly over Kandahar with only one wing – the other wing being used to cover their posteriors.

However, Pashtuns are not just homosexuals; they’re unabashed pedophiles as well. I find the topic of Pashtun pederasty to be utterly mystifying. Despite living in a society governed by one of the strictest forms of Islam, Pashtun men routinely have sex with each other and have sex with young boys – while still swearing up and down they are not homosexual. Forget about Orwell’s doublethink; I think the Pashtuns are up to triple or quadruplethink.

Homosexuality and pederasty are endemic to Central Asia at large. The sexual deviancy of the Central Asian tribes is old news to anyone who has remotely studied the region (this article runs back to 2002), but has now become all the rage since the recent firing of a Green Beret officer who beat up an Afghan police officer who was raping a young boy he kept chained to his bed (among other illicit activities observed). Peter Hopkirk’s “Great Game” discusses at least three example of such deviancy:

  • There is a brief mention of an emir who kept a harem of some forty “degraded beings” as his personal male harem.
  • A German doctor managed to infiltrate the ancient city of Bokhara, and returned with unprintable stories of sexual deviancy (“unnamed enormities”) taking place behind the city walls.
  • The wrinkly, old king of Sind had a thing for young boys dressed up like girls.

Pakistan, despite being ruled essentially as an Islamic theocracy, is packed to the brim with child rapists, as evidenced by this documentary here. Despite being a capital offense, homosexuality is more or less tolerated by the authorities, presumably because if the sodomy laws were strictly enforced there would be too many hangings.

“Boy Play”

Endemic to southern Afghanistan, the practice of “bacha bazi”, or “boy play”, has persisted in Afghanistan for centuries. The documentary here discusses the practice in detail. Briefly, the practice involves a pimp selecting a particularly handsome, young, beardless boy, and paying off the family in exchange for the child. The boy is then taught how to sing and dance, given girl’s clothes adorned with bells, and paraded before a (sometimes rather large) group of horny, middle-aged men. The boy sings and dances before the crowd, sexually enticing the men. After the dance is over, bids are taken on who will get to sleep with the boy for the night – and prices can sometimes reach into the tens of thousands of dollars.

One might think the Afghan police forces would put a stop to these enormities – but alas, they often join in on the fun for themselves. During Taliban rule, the practice was outlawed and enforced by the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice – with the punishment being to have a brick wall toppled onto oneself.

The reasons for this intense focus on male-male sex stem from the severe sexual segregation of Afghan society. Unless they are married, men and boys attending a (sexually-segregated) madrassa can go for months at a time without seeing a woman. Furthermore, women are seen as generally unclean and inferior to men anyways. As the Afghan saying goes, “Women are for babies, boys are for pleasure.” Throughout these articles I have linked to, a common theme is that these males would prefer to have sex with women, but unfortunately sexual access to women is kept under such firm lock-and-key that they have to resort to homosexuality to get their sexual release.

Bacha bazi has become such an intense interest for Pashtun men, that many of them have lost all attraction to their own wives and women in general, and instead prefer young boys. One source accounts a humorous story of an Army medic team that had to explain to a puzzled husband how he could get his wife pregnant – he responded in revulsion. Amazingly, these man-boy relationships can often persist even into an actual marriage, with the boy being kept around the house with the wife powerless to stop it.


As an aside, I admit I have experienced some very depressing, dark, bleak times in my life. But seeing the two documentaries I have linked to above have reminded me to count my blessings, and to acknowledge that I actually have it pretty good. I make a decent wage, have a respectable job, can vote, was never molested as a child, am able-bodied, have health insurance, running water, food in my refrigerator, and electricity in my apartment. Meanwhile, the poor street children of Pakistan are reduced to selling their rear ends to sodomites in exchange for cricket bats, and getting high off glue to stun themselves of the misery of their pointless, tortured lives.


3 thoughts on “The Sexual Deviancy of the Pashtuns of Central Asia

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  2. This has got to be some of the most ridiculous, racist, most biased shit I have ever heard.

    You can’t group all Pashtuns under one category and label them as “sexual deviants”.

    Pedophilia exists in every country. Does the term #pizzagate ring a bell?

    While I’m not denying that these practices exist, they are very rare.

    I’m an educated Pashtun woman, born and raised in North America, and trust me, not all Pashtun men are like this. I would know as I am of that culture.

    And no I’m not religiously or culturally brainwashed. I’m an atheist and dislike religion. I’m a model for fucks sake lol.

    You can’t just group people of a certain race together and think of them all to be alike.

    Educate yourself man and quit being such a hate-filled, racist bigot. It’s 2017. Grow the fuck up.


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