Disdain for Stupid People

It seems like a silly topic for a blog post. Afterall: who doesn’t hate stupid people? Now, now, I know what you’re thinking.

“You have a doctorate in chemical engineering. Isn’t EVERYONE stupid compared to you?”

To this, I answer: hardly. I make mistakes all the time at my job, and so do my colleagues. Much time is spent catching my own and others’ mistakes. I also made many mistakes in school. Enormous amounts of effort were put into projects and homework catching my various mistakes. I don’t fault people for honest mistakes. Anyone can make them.

Some Examples from My Past

I’ve met many stupid people in my life; at the age of 29 there are too many to recount and it would be a pointless task anyways. High school was a particularly bad time, as not only were there idiotic fellow students to contend with, but brain-dead teachers and administration as well. At my undergraduate university about 9 years ago, I would often overhear moronic statements made by my fellow (and clueless) undergrads. One time at the gym, a girl next to me on the elliptical was talking to one of her friends. She was an art student. While I cannot remember the quote verbatim, she let out a real whopper that went something like this:

“Haha! You don’t need to know what came before in art to create good art.”

Really? So the history of the very subject you study in school is irrelevant? Aren’t you afraid of at least slightly reinventing the wheel?

In my undergraduate engineering calculus 1 class, the professor asked what we knew about the number \pi. The fellow next to me vociferously agreed it was irrational. However, in the next instant, he disagreed with me that 22/7 (a ratio of two numbers) was in fact, equal to \pi. I told him no, that \pi was irrational, as he had just agreed.

“No, 22/7 IS \pi!”

I gave up on him after that. I do not recall seeing that fellow in future engineering courses, either.

I’ll share just one more, from about a year ago. A student organization at the university I earned my doctorate at had a table set up outside on the sidewalk one day, with boxes of cookies laid out on the table. I approached, and was quite keen on gobbling up one of those yummy pastries. I was crestfallen, as they explained the catch me: you had to post a shoutout to the organization on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. I replied I didn’t use social media. They didn’t quite know what to do with me, and reacted as though they had never met such a person before. One braindead fool among them concluded my interaction with them by saying:

“Oh gosh, if it wasn’t for social media I could have written a book by now.”

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but that is not a statement I would make carefree in front of a group of strangers. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I was THAT addicted to juvenile pursuits such as social media.

I am hardly the only critic of social media stunting the intellectual development of college students; Mark Bauerlein has discussed the subject at length in his humorous (and at the same time depressing) book, The Dumbest Generation: Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30. I had Facebook for about 6 years, but ditched it after I heard too many stories of people losing their jobs and livelihoods over it. It just seemed silly to have a liability like that floating about in cyberspace like that.


I have just become so weary of them, that I have pretty much no patience for them anymore. Of course, I admit I am being a tad hard on those three people I wrote about above – after all, they at least possessed enough brains and law-abiding ability to attend a major university. As I have discussed at length (here, here, here, and the links within here), a great deal of the misery in our society is caused by actual stupid people: the low-IQ underclass. Such people have nasty predilections towards crime, early unwed pregnancy, going to prison for long periods of time, abuse of the welfare system, and fighting for knuckleheaded reasons.

Stupidity vs. Ignorance

Stupidity can merely be summarized by having a low IQ. But despite my constant harping on the correlation between high IQ and success, stupidity doesn’t even guarantee failure in life. Most politicians are idiots who just happen to be expert liars and keen social animals. While the underclass does its fair share to inflict misery on the rest of us, our insulated, idiotic elites do quite a bit as well these days. White liberals are easily the most gullible lot in the country, but most of them are highly educated (or rather, miseducated).

Ignorance however, is just that. “Ignoring” the world around you, being blissfully oblivious to even basic facts. Ignorant people are stricken by the Dunning-Kruger effect. Put simply, they don’t know what they don’t know, and therefore conclude they know everything. Supposedly there is hope for reforming these people through additional training –supposedly.

Moving Forward

Typically these days, I don’t interact with dim people much. If I detect someone is none too bright, I simply don’t interact with them anymore. I also don’t give attention to their works – which includes most film and television these days. Its simply too stupid to watch – even the History Channel has gone full retard. Life is too short to waste time listening to the ramblings of blithering idiots, and I just can’t waste time like that anymore.

When you have to deal with them though, I find it best to keep the interactions short and to the point – take charge of the situation if you must to prevent  them from rambling on and on about irrelevant nonsense. Time is too valuable to waste on stupid people.


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