Anthropology Not A Science Afterall

A few days ago, I reviewed Michael Hart’s “Understanding Human History.”

In my review, I heaped derision upon the field of anthropology, as just being a bunch of political ideologues obsessed with race, class, and gender. I wrote:

As an aside, I can only react to the academic buffoons in that picture with puzzlement. Much like John Derbyshire, I don’t really engage much with race denialists – it is like discussing geography with the Flat Earth Society, or electromagnetic theory with the Church of Scientology. Race denialism is another reason I do not take any field seriously in which there are no written, falsifiable, mathematical equations with which to make testable predictions of hypotheses, or significant statistical data with which to extrapolate.

You can always smoke out bullshitters and con artists because they never seem to know enough advanced mathematics to back up their claims. Their hypotheses are never expressed as mathematical formulas, and their theories can always contort to fit the data.

It seems I am late to the party, and my suspicions that anthropology isn’t really a science anymore were correct. Back in 2010, out of their own mouths, these idiots have disavowed the scientific method in favor of their unfalsifiable pet theories and political activism.

One cannot but hope for the day when these buffoons are chased from their field by real scientists – you know, the ones that are capable of expressing their theories in the form of differential equations, and then making predictions with those equations for comparison with observational data.


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