Thoughts on #OregonUnderAttack

All I can say is that I hope and pray that these militiamen are not slaughtered by the federal government. My fear is that these men are going to be made examples of to anyone who dares to resist federal tyranny. The ringleaders will be “shot while resisting”, and the remaining survivors will be arrested on trumped-up charges, and given massive prison sentences in a hellhole like ADX Florence.

The leftists on the Twittersphere are literally baying for blood. Their favorite propaganda trope is (as usual) is the subject of race. Blacks and Muslims, they say, would have been slaughtered already. The militiamen, who are almost completely white, have not been slaughtered yet. Therefore, that is racist. To make things “equal”, they insinuate, the militiamen must be slaughtered and made examples of.

This ignores the fact that Muslims just went on a shooting spree in San Bernardino, while the militiamen haven’t fired a shot.

This ignores the fact that young black males commit the overwhelming majority of violent gun crime in America, despite being a minuscule percentage of the total population. This also ignores the fact, that in the “racist, white-male dominated” 1960’s, the Black Panthers performed a similar act of taking over a university building with guns. None were killed then.

While I hate to end on a depressing and sour note, I do not believe the federal government will miss this juicy opportunity to let the entire country know who is boss. Tyrants are rather thin-skinned creatures, and they don’t tolerate insults to their pride, no matter how small. They will also not miss an opportunity to let white America know that this country is “under new management.”

As if that wasn’t clear already after Ruby Ridge and the Waco Massacre.


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