Drugs, Idle Pursuits, and the Decline of the American White Male in Pictures

I’ll keep my wordiness to a minimum in this post (at least until the wrap-up), and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Great Americans Before the Decline

Frank Merrill of Merrills Marauders

Frank Merrill, of “Merrill’s Marauders.” Commanded deep-penetration operations against the Japanese during the China-Burma-India campaign in the Pacific War.



Claire Lee Chennault, commander of the “Flying Tigers” air squadron during the Pacific War.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford. Industrialist, innovator, the father of the modern automobile.

Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt. President of the United States. Warrior, hunter, trust-buster, and explorer. Advocate of the strenuous life. Commander of the Rough Riders.

The Modern American White Male

meth loser

A meth head.

bernie sanders faggots

These three losers were incapable of building or achieving anything in their lives, and now want to tax my income to pay for the toilet paper that wipes their asses.


As I continue my walk through this journey through life, I cannot help but feel like I am the last of a dying breed. As I have already commented in my post on drugs, it was taken for granted in the 1960’s that a young man would put his hands to productive labor if he was able-bodied. Failing to work led to being regarded as a bum. I feel like I am one of the last generation of young American white men that feels motivated to achieve and build something out of his life.  While I was busting my ass in school learning how to solve the Bolza problem, a generation of losers was being spawned that are incapable of self-elevation and self-determination. Nowadays, there is no shame whatsoever in dumping pills, smoking weed all day, shooting heroin, lazing about all day, refusing to work or study, working some bullshit job, playing Call of Duty all day, and collecting a government check on the first Wednesday of the month. Instead of producing the rough men that tamed the American wilderness, defeated the Japanese and Germans in WW2, put a man on the moon, and defeated world communism, we now produce helpless babies that want someone – anyone – to take care of all the affairs of their life for them. They are overgrown, adult children, utterly helpless without paternalistic government there to wipe their behinds and change the sheets every time they shit the bed.

Some of my own extended family members fall into this category. One of my cousins is damn near 40 years old, works some bullshit dead-end job in a paper factory, pays child support, and spends his evenings playing Call of Duty on his giant television. I just don’t get it. If Call of Duty is so great, why not:

  • Get in shape
  • Join the military
  • Get paid and fed
  • Get a real gun, with real bullets, and real grenades
  • …and go shoot real terrorists!

But instead the average American white male is a cowardly, fat, drug-addled, social media-enthralled, over-medicated zombie-loser with no ambitions beyond his current zip code, and is totally unfit to soldier in any capacity. Instead of facing his country’s enemies in open combat, he prefers to tap buttons on a controller that cause various pulses of light to change on a television monitor. They prefer the familiar shadows on the cave wall to the blinding light of the outside world.

Such a people are unlikely to remain free for very long. Without some sort of great upheaval, the white male of the future is on track to willingly put the manacles on his wrists and ankles in exchange for food, shelter, prole-entertainment, and a drug fix. The white male of the future will simply be warehoused like slips of paper in a filing cabinet, kept in minimum security outdoor prisons “for his own safety.” While he will possess no rights or freedoms at all, he will be too oblivious to what he has lost due to receiving a propagandized education in school, and will be too addicted to free stuff and drugs to really care about the theft of his birthright.



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