Review of Colin Flaherty’s “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry”

dont make the black kids angry

Book cover

This is my first book review of 2016, and what a doozy it is.


Colin Flaherty presents in-depth investigative reporting on the shadowy epidemic of black lawlessness in America. The book is organized into multitude of small chapters, which read like miniature essays (much like Michael Hart’s Understanding Human History). In story after tragic story, Flaherty recounts virtually endless incidents of blacks preying upon whites, Jews, and Asians, along with the occasional Hispanic. Violence against schoolteachers, principals, cops, tourists, gay men, and classmates have exploded – all for the crime of being born white.

Black Criminals, Weak City Officials, and Media Censorship

I was disgusted at the behavior of the black criminals in the book. But even more disgusting are the cowardly city officials that knuckle-under to the criminal element, and the media apologists that intellectualize and excuse black dysfunction and criminality. The title of the book is itself a paraphrase from a city official in the book, who decided that getting black youth mob violence under control would “just make a lot of black kids angry,” and therefore nothing ought to be done about it. In addition to writing bogus opinion articles blaming the mayhem caused by black youth on slavery, racism, and discrimination, the mass media is engaged in a TASS-like campaign to expunge comment threads of any discussion of the race of the perpetrators in crime alerts. Presenting eyewitness accounts of the incident will only get your comment deleted. Any mention of “The Knockout Game” is scrubbed. Many news websites have simply abrogated comment sections entirely, in order to maintain control of The Narrative. The conspiracy to silence discussion of the problem extends even into the security organs. A police spokeswoman made the mistake of telling the truth that a black mob attack was motivated purely because the victims were white, and was summarily fired afterward.

Flash Mobs

Social media has only made the situation worse, as social media and the proliferation of cell phones has made it easier than ever for huge groups of people to organize very quickly. However, unlike white flash mobs, which typically features singing and musical instruments, black flash mobs are about smashing property, blasting rap music, shooting guns, attacking whites, drinking alcohol, smoking weed, and looting.

Excuses for Black Failure and Dysfunction

Black leadership, as usual, is either missing in action, or repeating the standard bromides about lack of jobs, employment discrimination, lack of community investment, white privilege, institutionalized racism, police harassing black youth, and underfunded schools. It doesn’t matter that huge swaths of young black men are unskilled felons, and hence unemployable. It doesn’t matter that other races bring more qualifications to the table during job searches. It doesn’t matter that other races grow up in households with a nuclear family that values education. It doesn’t matter that black youth commit serious crimes at a frequency totally disproportionate to white, Asian, and Hispanic youth. It doesn’t matter that blacks refuse to cooperate with police when investigating crimes. It doesn’t matter that blacks rent en masse, and thus pay no property taxes with which to fund their local schools. It doesn’t matter that blacks play the lottery weekly instead of opening a brokerage account. It doesn’t matter that black students refuse to learn, refuse to do their classwork, and assault their teachers when told to do so. It doesn’t matter that Asian immigrants can succeed in America within a generation, while blacks refuse to get with the program. Everything is the fault of white people. Blacks are owed something, and white people need to pay up.

COMPSTAT = fakestat

Police forces that have gone politically correct (or “diverse”) routinely blame the victims for being “where they shouldn’t have been”, or “not understanding that this is an urban setting, and not a rural one.” Crime statistics from the police departments in America’s big cities are about as trustworthy as Stalinist-era steel and coal production figures. Police look for ways to avoid charging people for violent crimes, and work to “disappear” crimes, rather than solve them or charge the appropriate suspects. Police even try to cajole the victims into not pressing charges, or trying to convince them it might have all been a big misunderstanding, or an accident. After reading the material in this book, I no longer believe the government’s claims that violent crime is down nationwide – it has simply gone unreported. Charging blacks for hate crimes against whites, despite shameless confessions to the act, are simply not done.

The Unpropaganda Crime-Fighting Plan

The solution to the problem is obvious, but politically unattainable. Pass laws that offer enhanced punishments for mob violence. Institute harsh mandatory minimum sentences of 25 to life, with enhanced punishment for use and possession of weapons, obscuring one’s face, or coordinating over social media. Charge teenagers as adults to set a firm example. Hire more police. Build more prisons. Lock up and make examples of the first few offenders, and word will spread rapidly that black mob violence is not going to be tolerated. Encourage pro-active policing, the puts criminals on the defensive. Suffocate them with police power. Never tolerate criminals owning the street for a fraction of a second. Make it clear to them that they are being watched, tracked, and will be thrown in jail the second they step out of line. Respond to riots and mob actions with overwhelming force, with the same urgency as a fire department responding to a blaze. Crush the uprising before it spreads, with deadly force if necessary.

The Setting Sun on Black America

I am not sure what the future holds for black America in the diverse America of the future. However, I strongly doubt that there will be much patience for continued lawlessness against Asians and Hispanics, who are a fast-growing demographic. Screaming racism will not work against them the way it works against guilt-wracked white people. Barring a serious change in black America’s morals, I do not believe that the America of the future will have much patience for black violent crime. Hispanics and Asians are not going to tolerate seeing their children bullied and assaulted at school or their shops and businesses torched, and such people will vote heavily for a government that will put the boot firmly on the throat of blacks.




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