The Crisis of Western Man in One Comment

Originally posted by user “Ras al Gul” on Heartiste‘s blog (minor edits made by me in brackets to make the context clear.)

.1 % [of the rich] know and are doing it deliberately. the .9% are following the current gravy train and sucking up to their masters. The enemy of the rich, as George Orwell pointed out is the middle class and not the proles. The end game is 95% proles, 4% middle class and 1% upper.

The rich hate the middle class (to paraphrase Rose Kennedy once said, “what’s the point of being rich if regular people can have nice things too”)

The poor need the rich, the middle class does not. The rich knows that. The larger the middle class the less of a pass the rich get for their bad behavior, the more they have to hide it, the more they have to restrain themselves, the less fawning they get from the desperate masses.

It is not high t[estosterone] per se, it is relatively higher t[estosterone] and future time orientation. If you look at everything western society has become it is intended to dispirit and demoralize men.

There is no family to defend (half of them have been kicked out of the household, more children are born to single moms than not now), no culture to defend (or any culture that values them, music, art, academia, television, the media all demonize him for his privilege or mock him for it), no religion to defend (the churches have betrayed them – this is not unique to our time Goya expressed this quite a bit in his art, including a depiction of a cuckolded man getting sodomized by the church as his wife and her lover laugh).

He is left with no identity other than buffoon or villain. No sense of pride (many men turn to video games to get that sense of achievement, pride and accomplishment).

And ultimately nothing to defend.

Seriously, how many men would lay down their lives for the SJWs? For the feminists? For the part of society that has actively thwarted and vilified them?


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