The Film “300”: 10 Years On

300 movie poster


A Pro-Western Movie, in America Today?

One of my favorite movies produced in recent memory is the 2006 film, “300”, based on Frank Miller and Lynn Varley’s 1999 graphic novel of the same name. I recall seeing it twice at the theater; once by myself, and the other with two friends at an IMAX theater. Both times, I was pretty much blown away at what a great movie it was. Excellent action scenes, beautiful women, and a pronounced defense of Western civilization make it one of my favorite films of all time.

Probably my favorite aspect of the film is that it is a concentrated ball of pro-Western masculinity. I cannot recall the last time a large contingent of straight, white, masculine males was portrayed so heroically, other than perhaps the old post-WW2 Hollywood war films. The film even took enormous amounts of flak from the nation of Iran for its portrayal of Persians as demonic hellspawn, and the Greeks as chiseled Adonis warrior demigods. Some Iranian commentators went so far as to say that the film was a CIA psy-op, aimed at inciting American public opinion in favor of a war against Iran (which thankfully, has not taken place.)

Xerxes angry

Rodrigo Santoro playing the part of a triggered liberal… – errr, I mean “Xerxes.”

Nowadays, I don’t even know if a film like “300” could even be made in contemporary Hollywood, for its heroic portrayal of white men defending white women, Western civilization, their lands, their families, and their homes from sexual enslavement and pillage at the hands of foreign dark races on the warpath. Given how much Hollywood has degenerated into 2016, I would imagine any modern rendition of “300” to focus entirely on the Spartans chasing each other for gay sex, with the climax of the movie being Leonidas being bent over dutifully so Xerxes could poz his neg hole. The pictures below are instructive:

ripped spartans

2007 Ripped Spartans


a pathetic joke of a man

2016 Body-Positive Nu-Male Spartan

Historical Errors

Of course, 300 is not without its flaws. While I reiterate that I love the film for being a concentrated testosterone injection straight into the bloodstream of Nu-Male America, the film is utterly ahistorical. Other than that there were people called “Spartans”, that fought at a place called “Thermopylae”, against the Achaemenid Empire, the film bears little to no semblance with reality. Humorously, people will split hairs over how many Spartans actually fought at Thermopylae, but ignore the far more glaring fantasy elements of the film. For example:

  •  The Persian army is filled with black Negroes, who (based on geographical arguments) are extremely unlikely to have ever interacted with the Achaemenid Empire, or been press-ganged into fighting for Xerxes.
  • Xerxes was not an effeminate fop, but was instead a serious warrior and capable general. It is highly unlikely he fancied himself a god. A conqueror, yes – but not a god. This was far more the sort of behavior to be expected from a Roman emperor, e.g. Diocletian.
  • The movie repeatedly uses Biblical phrases for dramatic effect, such “King of Kings”, “God of Gods”, and “Lord of Hosts”, though it is unlikely the ancient Greeks of 480 B.C. were familiar with these phrases from the Jewish Old Testament, and of course, the New Testament had not been written yet.
  • Obviously, the Persian Army was not composed of demonic hellspawn.
  • Of course, the Spartans did not fight in leather speedos with long flowing red capes. They were metal breastplates, among other raiment.
There are other glaring inconsistencies as well. In the movie, Leonidas mocks the Athenians as “philosophers and boy lovers.” When I first heard that line, I was like “Whoa… wait a minute there. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!” The Spartans were ravenous homosexuals, and perfected the practice to a science. Pederasty may actually have been a part of the agoge system. It actually makes sense in retrospect by romantic love between men would have been seen as an asset in the Spartan armies – men very well might be driven to extraordinary acts of bravery and courage in order to save one of their lovers.
Some aspects of Spartan culture were not depicted in the film. For example, Spartan women were drilled in physical exercise to increase the odds that they would bear healthy children for the State. From what I recall reading, Spartan men were required to live in the barracks with other men for very long periods of time. If they wanted to go home and be with their wives, they had to be quick about it.


The ideological commitment of Hollywood to pozzing the United States is transparent when one considers the financial turnover that “300” generated. For an investment of $65 million, the film generated over $450 million (for comparison, the new Ghostbusters movie cost Sony Pictures over $150 million, and is widely expected to fail miserably at the box office.) Nonetheless, I doubt Hollywood will get the message that pro-Western films are enormously popular among the viewing public, and will continue to ram $150 million film dildos (filmdos?) down our throats. At least I can enjoy the decline with great movies like 300 though to comfort me as our civilization slides further and further into the Kali Yuga.

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