UCLA Shooting, the Spread of Rumors, and the Coming Violent Election Season

Read all about it here. I will save my readers much trouble about the UCLA shooting: I don’t know jack about it, other than that it was a murder-suicide involving two (presumably, college-age) males.

The Unknown Motivation

Who knows what the motivation was? A long standing beef? Fooling around with another dude’s girlfriend? A gay lovers’ quarrel spun out of control? An explosive temper? Drugs or alcohol-related? A gang beef taken care of on campus? A PhD student blowing away his advisor? Straight-up terrorism? A drug deal gone sour?

Anything is possible, but only one event (and possibly not even one of the scenarios I named) is what really happened. It is going to take time and patience before the truth comes out.

I know just as much as my readers do, which is why I am highly critical of the sudden opportunism shown by the Twittersphere, as the various political camps on the platform are eager to pin the blame for the tragedy on their enemies. The two most common (and utterly baseless, as of June 1, 2016) rumors are that the shooter was a very strange man named Sam Hyde, or that the shooter was an unknown gentleman immortalized by the Twitter alt-right as “AIDS Skrillex.” There is also utterly unsubstantiated rumors that the shooter was a Donald Trump supporter.

Sam Hyde


AIDS Skrillex


While I am all for free speech, I do not believe the spreading of rumors is a wise use of one’s freedom – especially when the rumor is being purposely concocted to ascribe some great crime to your political opponents.

The Hatred Between the Bernie-Left and Trump-Right

But this behavior is to be expected in the fundamentally politically unstable America of 2016. America is divided into two camps that utterly despise each other, eager to spill each others’ blood or see their enemies jailed in a gulag. And it is only going to get worse and worse. Malicious rumor-spreading is merely child’s play compared to what is coming down the pipe should Bernie Sanders actually get the Democratic Party nomination.

The hatred that Bernie and Trump supporters have for each other is simply monstrous. The situation parallels the hatred and street violence that rocked Germany after The Great War between the Communists and the Brownshirts.

Predictions of America’s Coming Loss of Innocence

I predict that if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, she will be soundly whupped by Donald Trump and a bloodless transfer of power will occur. Hillary voters are not as ardent as the Trump supporters, and the Bernie supporters will either vote Trump out of hatred for NAFTA, or simply stay home.

If Bernie gets the nomination though, the kid gloves come off. I predict we will see the most violent election year the country has ever seen, perhaps on par with The Troubles of Ireland. Bernie and Trump supporters absolutely hate each other, and if it were not for the restraints of law, would probably be killing each other in the streets, simply out of the bloody arithmetic that more bodies on the enemy side means less votes for that side come Election Day.

Election Day itself will be a bloody, violent fiasco, reminiscent of an African election. Voter intimidation and violence will be widespread. The New Black Panther Party already got away scot-free from voter intimidation a few years ago, threatening to attack whites that attempted to vote. I further predict there will be a complete collapse in civic virtue and trust, as bitter enemies will gladly commit voter fraud against each other, or attempt to infiltrate the election administrations and try to misreport the vote totals. Roads will be blocked or booby trapped to make voting perilous or too time-consuming as to be pointless. Voting machines will be smashed. Bomb threats will be called in. The country will explode if some nutball takes a shot at either candidate.

black panthers voter intimidation

The New Black Panther Party threatening to attack potential white voters with cudgels.

At the end of the election, is when things will get really bad. Should it come down to Bernie vs. Trump, it will not matter who wins, because the election will be so violent and corrupt as to be perceived as illegitimate.

There will no longer be a peaceful transfer of power in America.


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