The Hollowness of the New Atheism and the Worship of Scientists

A Lack of Understanding

I admit, I used to be intimidated by New Atheists. I thought because I could not see God, touch, hear, or taste a soul, or personally verify the miracles of the Bible, that they were by default, in the right. I also was not prepared to deal with their shrill, in-your-face tactics and visceral anger. I strongly questioned my faith (though I never really gave up the moral precepts of the Bible). It did not help that I was essentially illiterate regarding the Bible, and these people seemed to have actually read the thing (or more accurately, they had memorized out-of-context quotes that cast Christianity in a bad light). I remember during my undergraduate days in at my old school in Florida there being a highly vocal and agitated sect of atheists in my dorm. They would even hold meetings, where they would get together, wear Bad Religion t-shirts, pore over Bibles adorned with Bad Religion stickers on the front covers, and discuss with each other just how terrible religion (especially *dun dun dun* Christianity) was. They would also meet at the library, and discuss “strategy and tactics” on how to “further the cause” of atheism.

The Cheap and Easy Way to Feel Intelligent

Nowadays though, I see these people as little more than useful idiots at the bottom trying to be edgy, and extraordinarily shrewd theological con artists at the top.

At the bottom are clueless, brainwashed corporate drones who believe that purchasing slave-made Apple products makes them clever, agreeing with Neil Degrasse Tyson on global warming makes them learned, elevating sodomy to the same status as Holy Matrimony makes them moral, and being an atheist raises their IQ. I once read an online dating profile from a white single mom. She was an atheist, and proudly proclaimed on her profile that she “…believed in science.” (verbatim). Considering she was a single mom, she apparently didn’t “believe” much about high school biology. This is a repeated pattern I see, that “science evangelists” are people that don’t do science (and are probably incapable of doing it, IQ-wise) for a living. As I have written already, Rebecca Watson has a Mickey Mouse communications degree, TheAmazingAtheist dropped out of high school, and JaclynGlenn’s science credentials remain unknown. In fact, the only semi-popular atheist (aside from the Four Horsemen) I know of with real scientific bona fides is Cara Santa Maria. That’s how it is with these skin-deep atheists. When they say “I fucking love science,” what they really mean is “I fucking love my iPhone.”

As an aside, I do not understand why white liberals and IFuckingLoveScience drones love Neil Degrasse Tyson so much. I guess it really is just because he’s black, and is “proof” that if we just “fixed the schools”, blacks would be scientists and astrophysicists and biomedical engineers too, at a rate proportional to their population. Of course, IQ poops in the soup on that idea.

I cannot blame these people though for believing that taking simple actions and holding simple beliefs is a way to bestow oneself with honor, virtue, and position. This is a direct effect of the “have it now” corporatized, merchantized capitalist society we live in, where we are accustomed to having our immediate needs and wants fulfilled with a simple exchange of greenbacks. If you are hungry, you no longer kill your own food; you just go to the grocery store, or McDonald’s. If you are horny, PornHub is only a few clicks away (assuming you don’t have a willing sex partner). And similarly, the New Atheist movement offers cheap, easy fulfillment for people that feel intellectually and morally insecure. After all, a bunch of smart guys (Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, the late Chris Hitchens, and Daniel C. Dennett) with PhDs can’t be wrong, can they?

The Devices of Madison Avenue

After watching David Bentley Hart on YouTube, I am inclined to agree with him that the huge successes of the chief propagandists of the New Atheism have been due to slick marketing. Americans instinctively view British accents as authoritative, which when combined with fancy science degrees, are an explosive mixture for agitation. Oddly, Daniel C. Dennett is probably the most capable of the four horsemen, but no one really cares about him. The other huge reason for their success has been the destruction of Western education and the Western philosophical tradition, mainly at the hands of the left-captured public school system. It is only through willful blindness to history that one could conclude that 1.5 millennia of Christianity in Europe was a time of darkness, idiocy, superstition, and a halt of human progress.

The Sex Angle

Sexual energy is another major driving force behind the growth of atheism, with strong interaction effects with the university system and the huge emphasis placed on going to college. In days past, people followed a very different life pattern than today. Up until about the 1960’s, you were more or less considered a full-grown adult when you graduated from high school. The young women would get married right out of high school, have several children, and would devote themselves to homemaking. The young men married these women, and went straight into the workforce to provide for their wives and children.

Nowadays, that is all out the window. Now instead of doing the above, the to-do thing is to go to college directly out of high school (just like I did). If you are undertaking a rigorous course of study in a hard subject (e.g. STEM), it is extraordinarily difficult to meet women, court them, and convince one to marry you. However, being between the ages of 18 and 22, your body is simply gripped with sexual compulsion. You direly want to have sex, but some dusty old tome from 2,000 years ago says its a sin to do so. Who can blame these people for wanting to have sex, but due to living in a society that actively discourages (and to a degree punishes) early marriage, decide to just shack-up? A long, sequestered stay at a university with hordes of other sexually-blossoming young people is simply incompatible with Biblical teachings about sexual intercourse. Very few people are able to resist such a smorgasbord of temptation.

Of course, this is hardly a healthy state of affairs. Christians get an utterly unjustified wrap for having negative attitudes towards sex (something Apostle Paul is probably scratching his noggin about). In an ideal Christian society, sex would be a non-issue for discussion; everyone who wanted it, would be having as much of it as they wanted. Such a society would be vastly more orderly and happy than the current one, which encourages shack-ups, abortions, broken hearts, shattered minds, wasted time, wasted money, and psychological trauma.

I cannot help but think that our elites are writhing their hands in glee at the thought of the American people turning atheist (or, even if professed Christians, to behave culturally as atheists). Christianity teaches a variety of precepts that impede the profitability of our hyper-capitalist mass consumption economy. Christianity, above all, teaches man to control his appetites and subordinate his urges to God’s will. Christianity teaches contentment with minimalism, since excessive property cannot be dragged to Heaven:

“And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.” -1 Timothy 6:8

A few oddballs believing such tripe is not a hindrance to the shrewd corporate capitalist, but on a large scale is a huge problem. A far more lucrative state of affairs is to inculcate enormous appetites into the target population (sexual, food, property), requiring enormous work and spending output from people in order to satisfy these enormous appetites. Politically also, this is extremely favorable, as under this system of hyperconsumption, people are kept wandering in a perpetual night of distraction and lust. You can’t be concerned with what the criminals in DC are plotting to screw you over with next when you are too busy working to keep up with those child support payments from the five children you fathered out of wedlock.

“A Dark Miasma of Superstition”

Many of the beliefs of the New Atheists are shrouded in, to use a phrase I learned from (oddly enough, an atheist himself) John Derbyshire, “a dark miasma of superstition and myth.” Nowhere is the disconnect from reality more remote than on the topics of homosexuality, race, IQ, and racial differences. Originally according to liberal atheists, as their reasoning went, homosexuality was an immutable, intrinsic trait, and therefore deserving of the same civil rights protections extended to blacks and other protected groups (I of course, would love nothing more than to see all such “protections” abrogated and everyone put back on equal footing, but that’s beside the point). Nowadays though, due to lack of affirmative evidence for a true genetic basis for homosexuality, it is fashionable to assign a “percentage” to people to describe their inclination towards homosexual urges. Not that any of that matters now, as the massively well-funded gay political machine has shown that it does not need truth or reason on its side when it can systematically destroy its enemies like a space battlecruiser firing its forward laser cannons. You don’t need truth, logic, or reason when you have naked force to back up your delusions.

I personally do not understand why liberal atheists are so obsessive about homosexual marriage. Gay men have virtually no interest in marriage, since that would interfere with mindless sex. Lesbian women, who are disproportionately morbidly obese, have little interest in sex anyways (Google “lesbian bed death”). As I have stated before, I believe that the massive push to normalize homosexuality was never an organic, grassroots effort, but was in truth a top-down orchestrated PR campaign paid for by ultra-wealthy homosexuals and guilt-wracked rich parents of homosexuals (see Tim Gill and Paul Singer).

On the subject of race, IQ, and racial differences, New Atheists might as well be back in the Middle Ages – or more accurately, Bolshevik Russia. When James Watson, one of the eminent scientists of the 20th century, and the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, factually stated that blacks are not (on average) as intelligent as whites, the uproar from the politically correct media prostitutes was furious, and the silence from the atheists was deafening. Where was Richard Dawkins? Where was Dennett? Where was Sam Harris? I do not find it credible that Richard Dawkins, the Fidei Defensor of evolutonary biology, is unlearned on racial differences. Why didn’t he stick up for his fellow atheist, and school the media weasels at the blackboard? If Sam Harris knows nothing about the biological origins of IQ, then what is he studying as a neuroscientist?

We’re Not that Great

black science man

Black Science Man!

If there is any take home message I can give to my reader it is the following: we scientists really aren’t that great of a people, so please stop worshipping us. There are scientists that lie, cheat, and steal. We whine about the scientific illiteracy of the general public, but then publish our work in paywalled journals. We fail to educate students that pay thousands of dollars to listen to us. Computer scientists and overpaid “security consultants” have dragged the USA into a neo-East German police state. We are cowards when it comes to politically-inconvenient research. Despite overwhelming evidence, the scientific community continues to actively ignore (and even suppress) the truth about IQ, the validity of the concept of intelligence, the validity of IQ in measuring IQ, the biological origins of intelligence, and most importantly, the racial differences in intelligence. We milk the government teat for all its worth, and are intentionally deceptive about the applications of our research (hence why in the literature, anything and everything is related to curing cancer, curing HIV/AIDS, or thwarting terrorism).


I used to wonder if the New Atheists really had it all figured out, but their failure to take up the issue of IQ, their leftist political leanings, their silence on encroaching feminist insanity, and cowardice on race issues has revealed them to be simply a bunch of charlatans and political prostitutes. Despite all of their bellowing of being the “voice of reason” in an irrational world, the New Atheists are overwhelmingly political liberals that display groupthink. Their historical views on religion are either outright wrong, or misshapen by propaganda techniques. They claim to be above religious belief, but worship scientists as demigods like Roman pagans. Maybe Christianity is wrong – but the New Atheists definitely aren’t right. And at least with Christianity, I have the chance of ascending to heaven – with atheism, all I get is a rainbow flag I don’t want to wave, some automobile fish decals with feet, and a constant dressing-down by angry feminists like Rebecca Watson.

…no thanks.



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