Baltimore and the Great White-Racist Pokemon Hunt

Baltimore, Racist-Cop Pokestop

Unless you are decidedly uninterested in current domestic affairs, you probably know all about the (yet another) recent acquittal of a Baltimore cop charged with <insert giant list of trumped up charges here> in the Freddie Gray non-case. To briefly recap, Freddie Gray was a low level drug dealer, who somehow got his neck broken in the back of a police van on the way to jail. Maybe the ride was bumpy. Maybe Mr. Gray was frustrated at being arrested again and thrashed about in the back in the midst of a temper tantrum. In any case, the six racist white police officers three white and three black police officers were charged with multiple felonies, including murder. The six are pictured below:

Freddie Gray Cops Indicted

Somehow though, the case is still about race.

Even though four of the cops have already been acquitted, I would not expect the State to surrender just yet. Marilyn Mosby, the Baltimore State’s Attorney running the Moscow-esque prosecution over the Freddie Gray case, is on a quest.

To be the very best,

Like no one ever was…

A quest for something imaginary.

Something elusive…

Something… powerful…

She’s on the hunt for… Pokemon.

Grandstanding Black Politicians on the Hunt for Mudkips and Mewtwos

marilyn mosby pokemon hunter


To black politicians like Ms. Mosby (while nominally a lawyer, Mosby hams it up too much for the cameras to not be considered a politician), racism is like Pokemon hunting. When an incident of racism (a Pokestop) is detected, she and her fellow black office-holding (or otherwise) Pokemon hunters descend upon the spot like introverted college students. Instead of hunting for imaginary pocket monsters though, they are instead on the hunt for white people doing things white liberals don’t like.

Forget about Mudkips. Finding a real, living, breathing racist white person to tar-and-feather in public and build a career off of is like finding an ultra-rare Mew.

mew pokemon

The Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Courtroom Theatrics to Build Careers and Churn Votes

As America continues its slide into demographic disaster, I think we can expect more such Pokemon hunting expeditions in the future. Blacks, for myriad reasons (all bad), are not particularly fond of intensive neighborhood policing.

Part of me thinks that the whole reason for these theatrics is because American blacks are dreadfully ignorant as to how their own system of government works – in particular the justice system. In fact, by their hyper-emotional behavior, I don’t know if any system of government or other system of control is compatible with them. This is reflected by the fact that blacks in Baltimore were on the verge of rioting if a mere indictment was not secured by the grand jury. Don’t they know an indictment is not the same thing as a conviction? Likewise in the Laquan MacDonald case in Chicago (where a high-as-a-kite black criminal with a knife was shot by the police), the officer was immediately charged with 1st-degree murder (a charge which, assuming a fair trial with an impartial jury panel not packed with blacks, I don’t see any reasonable chance of holding up in court.)

Even if she ends up zero-for-six, Ms. Mosby, a black female, in an age of screw-up-and-move-up, is going to come out of this whole mess like a rose. Pokemon-hunting and race hoaxing has the built-in feature that it can never fail. If the police officers (or whatever the racist in question is) are successfully convicted, then justice is served. If acquittals are obtained, it is simply more proof of America’s fundamentally racist system, white privilege stamping on the corpses of black babies bodies, and white supremac… ah you get what I am saying. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

White supremacy, white privilege, and Pokemon are all extremely popular topics.

They also don’t exist.


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