Texas Voter ID Law Overturned

Abolishing America, One Court Ruling at a Time

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned Texas’s voter ID law, on the bogus grounds that it is racially discriminatory.

Read all about it here.

A Power Play for the Democratic Party

I do not see how any educated, right-minded person can be against voter identification laws on principled grounds. I can however, see how an educated, dishonest person would not want any sort of voter ID enforcement, if members of their political party have the habit of voting multiple times (heavily black voting districts), or voting while not even citizens (Mexican-reconquered territories).

The Democratic objections to voter ID are entirely motivated by naked self-interest. Who does not have any way of producing a photographic ID to vote? I recall several years ago when I went to Target to buy the Valve Orange Box for my birthday. I got carded to buy it. Think about that. You can get carded to buy a stupid video game in this country – but voting? Nope! Just head on into the voting booth Mr. Pablo Sanchez.

Heck, if the cost of a photo ID was a problem, the law could simply be amended to reimburse the purchaser, credit them on their income taxes, or provide some other type of remuneration. Those with incomes below poverty could simply be provided with a state ID for free.


I had to produce photo ID to buy this video game.

The Death of Civic Virtue

There was a time in America where such enforcement was not needed, since levels of civic responsibility were far higher. The country was also far more unified, due to being all white and with relatively less economic inequality. It was understood: one man one vote. Nowadays however, America is a bubbling muck of minorities at the bottom, a cadre ultra-wealthy liberals at the top, and a shrinking working-class, mildly conservative core in the middle. Having been made vibrant through forced diversity, it is not reasonable to take American elections at face value anymore. Civic virtue simply does not exist in racial minorities at the level it does in white people. Districts are gerrymandered. Inner-city black political machines are more like coronations than elections. Hispanic politicians fleece their constituents.  Now the Democratic Party wants illegal aliens to be able to vote, which it can then bribe with taxpayer resources largely robbed from white people.

Elections as a Pacifier

an american election

The true purpose of U.S. elections.

The death of voter ID laws, while wildly popular with voters, gives away what the future plans are for the style of government we shall have in America. In truth, our elections are not meant to offer any sort of self-determination or freedom of choice; they are merely coronations between two approved people who are on the same page with the billionaires and banks that run everything and own everything. Elections will really just be used like an infant’s pacifier, allowing people to vent their frustrations at the dysfunction of their government, but having no real method of changing their government. Instead of arming themselves for a revolution or taking to the streets, people waste decades of their energetic years arguing insipid political points, while the real issues (e.g. demographic replacement) are already decided by powerful, entrenched players. It is not possible to have both democracy and diversity, so, democracy has to go.

We are ruled by a judiciary Deep State.



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