The Trumpening

The Upset of a Lifetime

Well, it’s happened.

Donald Trump has won the White House, and with it, the greatest chance for serious political change since the New Deal. Trump sailed into power propelled by white people, including white women, who the media assumed would be in-the-tank for Hillary. White men flocked to Trump’s nationalist message of ending illegal immigration (by a variety of methods, including a wall), of bringing the jobs home, and re-negotiating the disastrous trade deals that have bled Middle White America dry of jobs and thrown their children into a black night of heroin/meth/oxy addiction.

As was expected in the event of a Trump win, the Left has begun protesting and rioting against the election results. This reveals what Leftists really think about the purpose of elections. As Jacques Ellul would say, the purpose of elections in a totalitarian state is to serve as propaganda (to the extent the elections are honest) which justifies the state’s increasingly voracious assertions of power and top-down control. To the left, “democracy” and elections have nothing to do with the government enacting the popular will of the people, and everything to do with the people enacting the will of the State. Hence the protests, riots, and violence against Donald Trump supporters and white people.

Leftist Chimpouts on Social Media and Television

And so on and so forth.

“Compromise and healing”

Less street-fighty leftists, who only days ago were whetting their chops at the possibility of smashing white political power forever with a Hillary presidency, are now pushing Trump for “healing” and “compromise.” As Pat Buchanan has said, this is a “poisoned chalice.” These leftist thugs had the following agenda planned out in the event of a Hillary win:

  1. Amnesty for illegal Mexicans
  2. Mass importation of Muslims from the Middle East
  3. Mass re-enfranchisement of black felons, and an end to felon disenfranchisement
  4. Common Core propagandizing in the public schools
  5. A blind eye towards black-on-white crime
  6. Even more promotion of homosexual degeneracy
  7. The confiscation of guns
  8. The enactment of “hate speech” laws allowing mass criminalization of speech on the internet.
  9. The total destruction of white political power on the national level, and the pushing of white people into the position of a hated dhimmi-esque minority, hated by their government, and hated by the black and brown ringers the government has imported to attack them.
  10. Increased ethnic cleansing of white communities by forced importation of black criminals.
  11. Career destruction and impoverishment for white thoughtcriminals.
  12. More foreign trade deals that would impoverish non-college-educated whites further.
  13. The mass importation of Asians to crash the wages of native-born tech workers.
  14. A disastrous war with Russia that would only result in more young white men sent off to die for an elite that hates them.

There is absolutely no reason to deal with this scum, who were masterminding the absolute destruction of white people, the Bill of Rights, and what remains of the U.S. Constitution. And the Left doesn’t play the compromise game anyways. We saw this under the Obama Administration, where homosexuals in the military was forced down our throats, as well as homosexual marriage, and massive criminal fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for failing to bake “gay wedding” cakes. Obama didn’t compromise on anything, and he got most of what he wanted (e.g. Obamacare).

Furthermore, we have no reason to compromise. The Republican Party controls the Presidency, the House, and the Senate. We do not have to make deals with people that have nothing to bargain with.

Concluding Remarks

Trump is in a strong position, but the question now is: will he know how to exploit it? Will he push his advantage to the limit? Or will he betray his supporters, and seek compromises with the Left, who hate all of us anyways and want to see us ethnically cleansed in our own country? Will he go through with the Muslim ban? Will he build the wall, go through with the deportations, and get the problem of illegal immigration under control? Will he be able to repeal Obamacare, which will require Congress to do? Likewise with the renegotiation of NAFTA and China’s MFN status.

The most pie-in-the-sky part of the platform is Congressional term limits, the lack of which is probably the biggest single mistake the Founding Fathers made when writing the Constitution. Congressional term limits are probably unattainable except through bloodshed and violent revolution, but it is a nice idea.

Trump’s support will implode instantly if he goes against his word to get illegal immigration under control, or decides those trade deals are “OK” afterall, and he will never get a second term.

In all though, I am not going to trouble myself too much with wondering about what Trump will do. This was a hard-won victory against the forces of evil. And we won. We carried the day. Now is the time to bask in the glory of victory, and intense gloating over the crestfallen defeated foe.

I will enjoy it.


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