Constitutional Amendments Under the Trumpenreich: An Alt-Right Wish List

Reflections of a Corporate Tech Slave


They own it all.

During lunch today, I began reflecting on my position as more-or-less a slave in the Great American Technocratic Empire, just as every other white tech worker is in the country. I began thinking about how pointless my struggle to understand math and science topics was in school. All of my hard work in school has truly been for naught. At the end of the day, a quarter of my income is stolen from me to pay for non-white, non-Asian people’s problems. I get up and go to work everyday to pay the taxes that pay for the toilet paper that wipes black rectums, because most blacks don’t have themselves together enough to pay for their own toilet paper. Likewise with single mothers; my taxes are overwhelmingly confiscated to pay for the costly life mistakes of women who aren’t having sex with me, and aren’t even in the same state where I live.

Its not even enough that we are slaves, but are treated as brainless zombies on top of it by PC-infested human resources personnel and quack diversity “consultants.” Any spoken word or written statement that contradicts the left’s childish fantasies about race, religion, or gender immediately leads to firing. A Middle Ages serf had more freedom of thought than someone who works on corporate America’s left-wing slave plantation.

But if life in the alt-right has taught me anything, its that thought without action leads to depression. So I figured I’d think up some ways that would make things better. I started brainstorming some amendments that would go a long way towards Making America Great Again, and lead to a more just, accountable government.

The Make Lefty-Heads-Explode-Constitutional Amendment Wish List



Wikipedia says The Constitution currently has 27 Amendments, and so we’ll start at 28 and work our way forward. I shall propose each amendment, and provide commentary on it afterward.

“28. Immigration policy cannot alter the ethnic proportions or total population of the United States. Immigration will be limited to white Europeans of good moral character who possess desirable skills and have clean criminal records, or are entrepreneurs with clean criminal records and possess significant capital for purposes of investment in the United States economy. “Significant capital” shall be defined as possessing a net worth within the top 5% of the United States population’s wealth distribution.”
This Amendment is necessary to prevent America’s slide into Third-World demographic oblivion. The Left and the Democratic Party have discovered that open borders plus the welfare state produce an unstoppable motor-force for propelling the far Left and Democrats into permanent power. Non-white, non-Asian peoples do not vote conservative or Republican – they vote with their stomachs and genitals, which means they overwhelmingly vote Left, for more income and wealth redistribution. This amendment would immediately thwart this tactic, and ensure America remains a majority White nation. Furthermore, I remark that this amendment is current Mexican law. Yes, you read that correctly – the country that constantly bashes America for racism against Latheenos has a racial balance law on their books!
“29. No person shall serve in the office of Representative of the U.S. House of Representatives or a Senator in the U.S. Senate for more than two total terms during their lifetime.”
Congressional term limits. I know, a pipe dream. I consider the lack of Congressional term limits to be the second biggest mistake the Founders made when drafting The Constitution (the first being the establishment of the tyrannical Supreme Court). But this Amendment would be immensely beneficial to the Republic by permanently destroying the ability to build a political career. Congressmen would be far more liberated in their votes as well, since they no longer must be in permanent fundraising-and-campaign mode.
“30. The income tax (the 16th Amendment) is hereby repealed.”
No more income tax. Period. Instead of taxing the producers of wealth, Congress might try doing what the rest of us have to do: balance their checkbook. Furthermore, many alternatives exist which leads to more fair taxation, such as a flat tax, a national sales tax, or (God forbid) a tariff, which would get foreigners to pay for the operation of our government for the privilege of selling their goods here.
“31. The U.S. Constitution does not apply to foreigners in the country illegally.”
No more illegal aliens getting the civil rights equal to those of citizens. No ability to sue in court, no civil liberties, no “right” to welfare or access to the public schools, and discrimination against them will be perfectly legal (and in fact, encouraged).
“32. No felon shall be allowed to vote in any election, or run for public office.”
People who break laws ought not have any say in how the laws are made. Plus, this would suck huge amounts of votes out of the Democratic Party, since black males are disproportionately convicted violent felons. The less black voters the better, as the low-IQ black race has never built anything or created anything in their existence on this planet, despite being sired from the Earth’s richest continent. The fewer low-IQ, low-information voters, the better.
“33. Persons born in the United States to a person in the country illegally or on a temporary visa are not citizens of the United States.”
Beautiful. Just beautiful. No more birthright citizenship. No more Mexican anchor babies or Chinese Communist birth tourism. While not needing a Constitutional amendment, I might go so far as to bar pregnant women from a list of designated low-HDI countries from even entering the United States.
“34. No close family member or current spouse or former spouse of a former President, Congressman, or federal judge can run for or be appointed to the same public office,¬†forever.”
This amendment is to make it impossible to build a political dynasty, as the Bushes and Clintons have attempted to do. The current system is irredeemably corrupt when out of a country of 350 million people, the brother of a former President and the wife of a former President wind up as potential Presidential candidates.
“35. Congress must approve a balanced budget by the beginning of the federal fiscal year. Failure to do so shall result in the immediate firing of all sitting Congressmen and the holding of new Congressional elections.”
No more deficits being run up for future white children to pay for to buy the votes of blacks and Hispanics today. Don’t want to balance the checkbook? Then we’ll find someone who will. I might even add in a provision demanding back all pay and benefits disbursed during each Congressman’s term if the special elections are called.
“36. The federal government is forbidden from borrowing money from foreign entities.”
I don’t know about you, but I am getting rather sick of Chinese Communists an terror-supporting Saudi Arabs buying up our debt and owning our government.

“37. Congress shall never be exempt from its own laws.”

That’s right assholes. You’re getting Obamacare, just like everyone else.




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