The Media Portrayal of White Men Compared to the Actual Achievements of Women and Blacks

The Canard of the “Stupid White Male”

Judging by how the media, film industry, and advertising industry portrays white males, you’d think we were barely capable of organizing a trip to the bathroom or lacing our shoes correctly. YouTube is replete with examples:

Kicking Down White Guys

Overwhelmingly in advertisements, white men are portrayed as bumbling idiots that their smart, sassy wife must shepherd toward wisdom. If not a woman correcting them, a black is sometimes tasked with elevating the pathetic white male out of his cultural benightedness

This is part of a wider pattern of media propaganda that routinely mischaracterizes the track records of the genders and races in society. I was first exposed to this garbage as a boy, when my mother would obsessively watch Lifetime TV movies during the 90’s. These films overwhelmingly portrayed white males are either morons or vicious, psychopathic husbands, from whom white women should flee into the protective arms of black men. In  reality, the safest place for a woman is in a marriage to a husband, and the worst person a white woman wants to encounter on the street at night is a black male.

In a homogeneous society, an honest reflection of everyday life would be possible in the media. Nowadays though, in the diverse America of 2016, races in television must follow a standardized, factually-incorrect script. Blacks must act a certain way. Hispanics too. All based on their gender. White males of course, are portrayed as weak, helpless, effeminate, morons that women and blacks must provide tutelage towards.

But the reality paints a far darker picture when facts are brought to bear. Are blacks and women really fit to offer white men guidance? Are white men really the idiotic losers the media portrays them as?

The Historical Track Record of Blacks

Blacks, despite being sired by the richest continent on the globe, have built nothing and done nothing in their history. They did not discover the wheel, or independently discover writing. They never conquered or explored anywhere beyond their own sphere, and instinctively have looked to whites and Arabs as their masters. The great achievements of the Ancient Greeks outstrip any of the mathematical output ever produced by sub-Saharan African Negroes, let alone the vast flowering of mathematics during the European Enlightenment.

The lack of progress during their history is a major sore spot for Negroes, so much in fact that they have started appropriating the achievements of other races and claiming them as their own. Negroes claim to be descended from the Ancient Egyptians, despite the fact that actual Coptic people still dwell in Egypt. Other absurdities abound – blacks claim their African ancestors performed the first eye surgeries (which may be true, but whether the patients survived the witch doctor’s blade is another matter), invented the railroad air brake, invented the refrigerator, and invented the washing machine. The first known eye surgeries were done by the ancient Romans, and the rest of those inventions were invented during the Industrial Revolution by dreadful white males.

A key word in the previous sentence is “known.” It is utterly impossible to know what achievements Negroes may have come up with, because they never committed their ideas to writing. The African languages were not committed to writing until European explorers surveyed the African interior.

Despite this supposedly “advanced civilization” created by Negroes, they never bothered to channel their efforts into military power, and never engaged in any organized campaigns of conquest in the way virtually every other race has done, and were content to war among themselves. Arabs walked right in during the Arab Conquests and enslaved them with barbarous cruelty, with mere token resistance and eventual acceptance of subjugation under Islam. Foolish blacks, enslaved for a millennium under the Arabs, now believe that it is more “authentically black” to convert to Islam, the religion of their supreme conquerors, who stamped out the original African religions centuries ago.

The Historical Track Record of White Men


The crew of Apollo 11. “Nerdy white dudes.”

The white male of today leaves the black male and black female flatly in the dust in terms of achievement and personal responsibility, even accounting for the relatively new phenomenon of a drug-addicted white underclass. White men put a man on the moon. They have invented virtually all of the technological wonders that make our lives easier. Women were freed from domestic housework entirely by the efforts of white male inventors. I have an advanced degree in engineering, and don’t need a woman or a minority telling me the sky is blue. My coworkers, who also have advanced degrees in engineering are virtually all white men (with a handful of Asians and Hispanics thrown in). The mathematics we deal with would have most Negroes scratching their heads in befuddlement, or scoffing in disgust at “nerdy white dudes.”

On the street this year I have been asked for money by precisely two white men, but I lost count of how many blacks have asked me for money (in addition to the generous dole they receive from my taxes). America’s finest presidents, most-capable generals, and most-distinguished scholars were all white males. Does anyone truly believe that a black female could have commanded troops as well as George S. Patton or Douglas MacArthur? Does anyone truly believe that black males, commanded by black officers, equipped by a black-run economy could have taken on the Tojo or Hitler war machines and prevailed?

The political and cultural achievements of Europe dwarf anything done by the Negro. White men explored the fundamental questions of government that eventually led to the U.S. Constitution. Europeans composed the world’s great symphonies and concert pieces; the Negro invented gangster rap (though, to his credit, he did also invent jazz). African art (to the extent it could be called “art”) is garbage compared to what was achieved during the Renaissance and up until modernity (nowadays, modern art is abstract garbage made by artistic charlatans). White men invented the systems of government that brought the most freedom to the most people than ever was achieved in history. White men also invented capitalism, which has done more to elevate mankind than any other advancement in economics. The modern tools of finance were invented in Renaissance Italy, and the practice of banking made the capital available for men to pursue their wildest dreams. White men ended the practice of slavery in the European sphere of influence. By contrast, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whom ignorant black Muslims flock to for hajj every year, only abolished slavery in 1962.

With this kind of track record, blacks and women should thank God in Heaven above for white male supremacy.

Black Dysfunction and Irresponsibility

The achievements of the white race utterly tower over anything done by the Negro. And the Negro’s behavior these days does little to dethrone these facts. While white men are portrayed in the media, films, and advertisements as helpless children, the Afro-American Negro is overwhelmingly child-like in his behavior. Across any metric, the Negro fails at personal responsibility.

Blacks in the media are portrayed as learned, articulate, “hip”, and composing the cultural vanguard. The reality is that blacks have an average IQ of 85, most of them fail to speak and/or write English at their grade level, and the “culture” they have created for themselves is one of child abandonment, rampant violent crime, drug-addled imbecility, unrestrained sexual impulse, and a top-to-bottom rejection of education.

Most laughable is when a black female in a commercial offers correction to a white male: the most demonstrably-incapable group in American society is offering advice to the group that pays their bills. Black females are overwhelmingly incapable of competing in the private sector with males of other races, and so rely overwhelmingly on public sector make-work jobs and welfare to support their broods.

Who fills the prisons? Black men.
Who fills the homeless shelters? Black men.
Who hits you up for money on the street and in the subway? Black men.
Who flunks and drops out of school? Blacks.
Whose communities are warzones over drug turf? Blacks.
Whose youth are dropping like flies due to homicide? Blacks.
Who aborts their children massively? Black women.
Who epidemically abandons their children? Black men.
Who relies on the white man for food, clothing, shelter, education, medical treatment, child care, and spending money? Black women.
Who contracts sexually transmitted diseases overwhelmingly? Blacks.
Who rapes white women? Black men.
Who rapes white men in prison? Black men.

Female Dysfunction and Irresponsibility

While I could go on a lengthy diatribe at how ridiculous it is that women should offer correction to white men when most women cannot balance a checkbook and/or fail to use birth control, I will let this video by Stefan Molyneux make the case for me. To summarize the lengthy piece, single mothers are the biggest problem population in society, and their actions undermine the very fabric of civilization. Across virtually any metric, single mothers fail to raise children that come out correctly at the tail end of the pipe. Who are they to offer correction to me? Where is this vast store of wisdom they can supposedly bestow upon me?


In the teeth of this evidence, I charge that the Afro-American Negro nor any female has no standing to provide tutelage to white men. We built the modern world. The Asians imitated us, not you. A Negro’s opinion has nothing to contribute, and he is likely to be right only by mere chance. What does he bring to the table, other than dysfunction, self-degradation, childishness, and a track record of failure? What do women bring other than colossal irresponsibility and selfishness? And these people think they can offer correction to us?

Physician, heal thyself!


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