Command & Conquer: Generals, Political Correctness, and Islam

Good Fun During College Days


Life imitating art. (Source:

One of my favorite PC games of all time is the 2003 real-time strategy game Command and Conquer: Generals. The game was a continuation of the Command and Conquer RTS franchise. Generals had just the right mix of good graphics, great sound effects, and grin-inducing humor. I remember buying the game on-sale used from GameStop (this was back when GameStop still sold used PC games and wasn’t afraid of being sued). I played the game for hours in my dorm back when I was just a wee undergraduate engineering student. I never got much into multiplayer (and I’m terrible at these games in multiplayer anyways), but found the campaign mode engrossing.

The player chooses from three factions, each with different military units, special “General” abilities, and different technologies. The three factions are:

  • The People’s Republic of China. The Chinese love to use fire, and in general have pretty advanced weaponry. They also gain a “horde bonus” when attacking in large numbers. The actual PRC banned Generals for sale in China, since the game (in their interpretation) suggested the Chinese would be more likely to use nuclear weapons than the USA, and also depicted terror attacks on Beijing.
  • The USA. The USA has its high-tech army, with drone-assisted tanks, humvees, as well as precision-oriented units, e.g. Pathfinder snipers.
  • The Global Liberation Army (GLA), who are basically Islamic terrorists, without specifically mentioning Islam. Back then, the GLA represented al Qaeda, but today would fit ISIS like a glove. The GLA prefer units that do not have a lot of health, but can do a tremendous amount of damage very quickly, such as rocket troopers, suicide bombers, car bombers, and truck bombers. They also have access to IEDs, which can greatly disrupt opponents that love vehicles. Chemical and biological terror weapons are also at their disposal.

My favorite factions were a tie between the Chinese and the GLA. The Chinese were more amenable to my “scorched earth” style of gameplay, while the GLA units were a blast (literally) to play with, and the unit responses were politically-incorrect solid gold. I always loved the Chinese artillery bombardment, which was super-powerful when upgraded to level 3. My favorite tactic was to coordinate the artillery bombardment with MIG fighter-bombers and armor. The artillery can destroy vulnerable air and ground defenses, clearing the way for the MIGs to move in with their bombs. If there is not enough room, then the armor is ineffective since they won’t be able to move through the resulting firestorm. If the enemy base is spacious enough, send in the armor then to destroy the base. I also loved the Chinese flame tanks. A powerful ability infantry have in C&CG is garrisoning buildings, which basically turns any empty building into a very sturdy bunker. However, rolling up with a flame tank and shooting the building instantly causes the building to go “FOOMPH!”, killing all infantry inside.

Another cool feature of C&CG was that your units gained experience. If memory serves, units could be promoted up to three times, increasing their combat statistics significantly with each jump. Level 3 units are at peak veteran status, and can be considered your “elite troops.” Unlike other RTS games, which tend to prioritize “Stalingrading” the opponent with endless waves of expendable fodder, C&CG offers a strong incentive to keep as many of your units alive as possible. The longer they stay alive, the more likely they will make it to the powerful level 3 veteran status.

PC-Whipped America and Islam

In the ultra-PC, Islam-boot-licking America of 2016, I don’t think a game like Generals could be made these days due to its “problematic” portrayal of Muslims. While Islam is never specifically mentioned in the game, the terrorist faction, GLA, talks like Islamic zealots, use Arab accents, plant IEDs, launch anthrax missiles, spray chemical weapons on their enemies, use suicide bombers, and drive truck bombs. For all intents and purposes, they are Islamic terrorists of the Wahabbi persuasion.
It also semi-stereotypical of the Chinese, who humorously shout “Foreign devil!” when ordered to attack enemy positions. It also plays up China’s communism, with structures such as propaganda towers and propaganda broadcasts that increase the fighting effectiveness of your troops. Pointing out how swollen the Chinese population is, large masses of Chinese units also gain a “horde bonus”, denoted by a Maoist red star beneath the unit indicating buffed combat statistics.

The Infiltration of Islam Into the West

While I doubt anyone cares much about offending the Chinese (other than of course, the clique that runs Beijing), the increased political power and infiltration of Muslims into our government is disturbing. The infiltration of our politics by Muslims is now on naked display with the candidacy of Keith Ellison for masterhood of the Democratic Party.
Dr. Bill Warner has discussed this development at length, where Muslims, once they achieve sufficient numbers, ruthlessly impose their politics upon other religions. This is accomplished by threats, intimidation, bloc voting, and political subterfuge. Not being able to produce and play great video games like C&C: Generals will be the least of our problems if this should continue the way it has in Britain.
(see also his excellent interview on RedIceTV)
As Warner has pointed out multiple times, Muslims do not recognize a friendship with an infidel. A Muslims is permitted to lie to an infidel, and is permitted to do anything that will advance Islam until it rules with a black flag over every nation on the planet. Under dhimmi status, an infidel cannot testify in court against a Muslim, and cannot appeal to the State for help with crimes committed against him. An infidel’s wealth was bled from him through confiscatory dhimmi-only taxes.

This white man is a Chechnyan, but his ancestors chose Islam rather than Christian dhimmitude. Now he fights for ISIS.

One of Warner’s best quotes is that “Islam is effective at what it does.” When Islam comes to an area, it stays Muslim unless removed by military force (e.g. medieval Spain). There has never been a post-Islamic society in the same way there have been post-Communist, post-Buddhist, and (nowadays in Europe) post-Christian societies. The reason for this is simple – the unrelenting pressure to quit being a dhimmi and to become a Muslim. Under dhimmi status, life is horrible and not much better than slavery. Upon becoming a Muslim, all of the drawbacks of being a dhimmi disappear instantly. You make more money, have more sex, and are protected by the State.

Refusal to Name the Enemy

Islam has been waging war against the West for 1400 years, and it is not going to quit anytime soon. However, Islamic states (other than nuclear-armed Pakistan) are generally poorly equipped compared to Western powers. The real problem is the religion of Cultural Marxism, and the throat-crushing repression it has enacted with regards to naming Islam as an enemy of the West. Barring serious reform on this matter, I do not think we will see any progress made with the confinement of Islam.
It is strange how the West went to such extreme lengths to exterminate Nazism and Adolf Hitler, but nowadays cannot even name its ancient enemy of Islam, and in fact, welcomes its practitioners into their countries with open arms. Illiterate, zero-skills Muslims from Somalia are given the same rights and respect (in the government’s eyes) as a white man whose ancestors fought at Bunker Hill. The government imported the Tsarnaev brothers, and also imported the latest terrorist that stabbed multiple people at Ohio State University.
This is by design however.The real problem our government sees is not Islam, but traditional American freedoms. You cannot have a society that offers massive freedoms to its citizens with a large portion of non-white Third Worlders (or Muslims) as part of the population. Our government knows this, and wants to import worthless human garbage into our countries in order to justify cracking down on political freedoms. Without serious changes to the composition of our political class, the threat of the crescent ruling over the Occident will become more real with every passing day. Most pathetically, our churches have nothing to comment on the matter, despite Islam’s bloody history of butchering Christians and wrecking churches.
They will never give up until the Pledge of Allegiance is replaced by the Shahada.

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  2. ha ha ha I think that white european civilization is becoming increasingly corrupt and perhaps civilization will self destruct and collapse without ever because isis or a non-religious version in the game is gla


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