Anthropogenic Climate Change is Baloney

The Greatest Story Ever Sold


“Well. We’re still here.”

The media and pseudo-scientific elites have been prophesying doom and gloom for years on this matter, like a bunch of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In the 70’s, millions were predicted to die from famines. Now we have a world wide obesity epidemic. Then came global cooling. When I was a boy, global warming was the cause du jour. Now, in order to always be right, the phrase is climate change, so that any extreme weather event is covered. If a blizzard rolls in, it’s climate change. If a hurricane smashes the coast, it’s climate change. Unfalsifiability is a hall mark of baloney theories.
Another giveaway that its baloney, is that the main proponents of the theory of anthropogenic climate change (ACC) want to personally destroy people that disagree with them. This is unheard of for other scientific matters. During my time as a PhD student, I routinely disagreed with my professor and my colleagues, and they would often disagree with me on any number of scientific and engineering matters. The protocol for handling disagreement was to put our heads together to solve the problem together, or reconcile our viewpoints. Often, investigation led to both our minds being changed, and the two prior theories discarded entirely.
But hell no for the climate change totalitarians. Bill Nye wants climate skeptics jailed. Bernie Sanders thinks ACC fuels terrorism, and absolutely ridiculous claim that no one in the media will ever challenge him on (pssst. Bernie. What actually fuels terrorism is this thing called “Islam.”) Hysterically, being skeptical and demanding proof of claims as a scientist should, leads to being called a climate denier, like a Holocaust denier, as if merely disagreeing with a scientific theory makes you as culpable for the gassing of 11 million people. The new York attorney general wants to be able to prosecute oil companies because “THEY KNEW!”, just like the tobacco companies about the vast enormities they were perpetrating upon mankind. Even if that were true, what compulsion is there for them to speak to anyone about anything? What the hell happened to the First Amendment?
Propagandizing the youth with ridiculous fearmongering is another indicator of baloneyness. Nickelodeon would run propaganda commercials filled with outrageous claims, such as there being “5 years worth of energy in one glass bottle”, and so we should all recycle heavily and dutifully. Even as a boy, I treated these claims with skepticism, since the sheer number of glass bottles in the world made this energy claim preposterous. In addition to the “glass bottle” commercial, they would run countless propaganda commercials on global warming.

A Case Study of a Global Warming Proponent

Climate change proponents often have the temperament of an angry, overgrown teenager, and that would never fly in a scientific setting. Observe this video from a fellow named Steve Shives (I found the link to it from the Richard Dawkins Foundation website).
Let’s see what we’ve got here:
  • He wants to have a scientific discussion, but can’t help directing the f-word to his opponents. This a constant theme I have noticed among atheists/alleged rationalists/ACC proponents on the Internet. They want to have a learned conversation on some topic, but start dropping f-bombs only a few seconds into the video. The professors and us in graduate school rarely used profanity around each other, and never directed angry profanity towards a professor. He also calls skeptics “idiots.” Psst. Buddy. It’s 2016. Using the f-word doesn’t make you “edgy” anymore.
  • Related to the first point, he *views* people that disagree with him on a scientific matter as opponents. This is the entirely wrong attitude to take in science and engineering circles. In graduate school and at my job, I routinely get criticism and correction (as well as help) from my colleagues. If you try to get through engineering school viewing every person that disagrees with you as “the enemy”, you’re going to have a rough time.
  • Mocks people that disagree with ACC as uneducated, illiterate Southerners. Pssst. Buddy. I knew a guy from Georgia that worked in our lab. He had an even thicker Southern drawl than you were attempting in the video. He’s got a PhD in chemical engineering now and works for Toyota. Hell, I’m from the South, and I’ve got one too. But will this guy ever call out the blacks over their rejection of education? I’ll bet on climate change happening before that ever happens. That would violate the supreme tenets of his religion of liberal SWPLism.
  • Brushes off Climategate, like it was no big deal. Uhh. Buddy. Falsifying data is a pretty big deal in science and engineering, and it is entirely reasonable to question a theory built using falsified evidence. If I falsified data during my career, I would be fired instantly. But apparently in the climate change community, its “screw up and move up.”
  • Points out that an extreme weather event is not proof or disproof of climate change, but fails to also report that climate change proponents routinely do this exact tactic, e.g. after a hurricane.
  • Complains about climate change skeptics, but never reports the skeptical claims made by actual scientists. Instead, he brings up low-hanging fruit like Rick Santorum. Psst. Buddy. You have the same background in climatology as Rick: zero!
  • Again, he brings up that the “vast majority” of scientists agree with ACC. I have already written a rebuttal to this non-argument. The actions of nature are not decided by popular vote.
  • Strawmans his opponents as thinking “global warming isn’t in the Bible.” I have never heard this argument made anywhere, by anyone.
  • Claims that people that disagree with ACC lack “scientific expertise.” The way this guy thinks, scientists are more like medieval priests insisting on Latin-only Bibles (unreadable to the congregation) than actual scientists. “You lack the knowledge, peasant. You need me to get into Heaven” is basically what he is saying. It is a mutated form of argument from authority – which I am certain this guy knows is a logical fallacy.
  • He ignores the enormous incentive that exists to falsify climate data, as governments are interested in spending gobs on money to “solve the problem.” Its a huge pie, and scientists, just like all humans, are capable of being tempted by greed. Would you lie to secure a decade of funding for you research?
  • He ignores the repeated outrageous predictions made with regards to the impact of climate on the human condition (e.g. mass famines, floods, etc.), all of which come and go with nothing happening.

“Turn or Burn” Climate Change Fundamentalism


“Thou shalt have no other climates before me.”

As much as it would tick this Steve Shives guy off, he’s actually practicing a mutated form of fundamentalist, “turn-or-burn” Christianity. Instead of Eve eating the forbidden fruit, man’s original sin was the Industrial Revolution. God (climate) has deemed that we are to be damned to Hell (unlivable warm planet) for eternity for our rebelliousness. The only way to redeem yourself is to become a Christian, and “go forth and sin no more” – which means spreading the ACC gospel, laying blame upon the infidels and heathens that reject the True Faith, buying Priuses, biking long distances to work, and investing in green jobs boondoggles. Only those who have faith in God (“science”) and priests as His representatives on Earth (“scientists”) will enter the pearly gates.

The Inconvenient Truth of Revealed Preference

“Revealed preference” is a term economists use to discuss what people “actually” like versus what they profess. A preacher who lambasts homosexuality from the pulpit, but buggers young boys on the side is revealing his true preference. White liberals will endlessly denounce evil, racist Southerners, profess tremendous guilt over the past treatment of blacks, but will live in “Whiteopias” with 95%+ white populations. They will also send their children to schools that are almost completely white and/or Asian. Huge datasets from dating websites flatly indicate that black females are the least-desirable type of female, and Asian men are the least-desirable type of male.

In less high-falutin jargon, I’ll just call “revealed preference” what it is: hypocrisy. And climate change proponents are the biggest hypocrites around. Al Gore, despite predicting massive coastal floods from global warming melting the icecaps, bought a 5 million dollar ocean front home in California. I recall a giant global warming conference that happened several years ago in either Mexico or South Africa. The event was held in a fabulous, opulent hotel. Everyone flew in on gasoline-consuming jets (some of the privately owned!). Fabulous food was served at a buffet for the attendees, while blocks away from the conference were hungry people living in squalor. Likewise with the smaller fish. SWPLs will still drive cars, wire their homes for electricity, plumb their homes with hot and cold water, and work a steady job in the decadent capitalist system.

The Endgame: A Neo-Feudalist Command Economy

The ultimate motivation for pushing ACC propaganda is to create a globalist command economy, with the Davos billionaires at the top calling the shots on who will produce what. Gone will be the free market, capitalism, and all of the horrible confusion it brings to billionaires when trying to entrench their economic position. Instead of a free America, our economic output will be dictated from across the Atlantic by “international citizen” bureaucrats in Brussels or The Hague, completely unaccountable to American voters or the U.S. Congress. The pathway to economic freedom will be completely closed off, and the bloodlines of the billionaire class will live lives in opulent splendor while a vast caste of zombified slaves toils for them. The endgame of the ACC hoax is not a society guided by reason, science, rationality, or any of these other ridiculous claims put forth by public intellectuals. The endgame is serf-based neo-feudalism, but this time stretching far beyond European borders and executed on a global scale.


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