The Worthless Scraps of Paper Called “The Geneva Conventions”

A Brief History


A soldier chokes to death on poison gas in the First World War.

The Geneva Conventions are a series of international agreements authored during the war years of the 20th century. They were an ill-fated attempt to bring law and order to a fundamentally unlawful activity: war. War could very well be defined as the absence of law and order within a given geographic region (or at least, the loss of law and order is a necessary condition for a situation to be called a “war”, though it is not sufficient, since the tribal region of Pakistan has been lawless for ages but only recently been at war with the United States).

Banned Weapons

A major component of the Geneva Conventions is the banning of certain types of weapons, which (supposedly) inflict more misery and suffering than other types of weapons. The problem with the Geneva Conventions is that it bans weapons that are generally ineffective anyways, and has failed to keep up with technological progress, thus permitting highly advanced weapon systems to be used with impunity against soldiers and civilians. Poison gases and biological weapon are not very useful weapons, because they are just as dangerous to your own forces as the enemy’s. A sudden shift in the wind can annihilate your own forces. Furthermore, to deploy biological weapons effectively, you need to have a cure on hand for your own forces in the field. The enemy will eventually get their hands on the cure, and all the effort made to synthesize that “doomsday bug” will be for naught.

Irrelevance with the Advanced Weapons of Today

What good does it do to ban chemical and biological weapons (which are chaotic and can backfire) and hollow-points (which do not penetrate as deeply as full-metal jacket rounds) when a Predator drone can freely drop Hellfire missiles in the dark from 20,000 feet up on unsuspecting light infantry and/or civilians below? Likewise for the cannons on an Apache helicopter, or the massive artillery pieces equipped to an AC-130 gunship.
The Great Powers have no intention of agreeing to ban weapons that offer a genuine competitive edge in killing power to their particular military. Years ago there was a huge push to ban land mines and cluster bombs “for the children.” Of course, this went in one ear and out the other with our military leaders. The Israelis quashed the idea too.
In war, there are no laws or rules. Kill, destroy, repeat until the enemy gives up or is annihilated.


The Geneva Conventions are a big joke, and are actually themselves a form of psychological warfare (on the civilian populations, not belligerent nations). The whole purpose of the Geneva Conventions is to deceive the citizens of all countries that war is a civilized, lawful act, when in fact it is the absence of civilization and law. There are no rules in war; there never have been. The weapons banned by the Geneva Conventions are so out of date and useless, and so out-classed by modern conventional weapons as to make the agreement worthless. Furthermore, the United States has seen fit to violate the agreement with impunity, such as by torturing prisoners of war and building the Gitmo prison. The Geneva Conventions bans hollow points, as if that was an effective weapon anyways. What is the point of banning hollow points, when it is perfectly “legal” to strafe infantry with an Apache’s 30 mm cannon, or with milk bottle-sized depleted uranium rounds from an A-10 Warthog?

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