Christianity and the Decline and Fall of the West

A Crisis of Faith

I would call myself a conflicted Christian. On the one hand, I see many positive aspects of Christianity – its preaching of love for one’s fellow man, the forgiveness of sins, and the promise of life everlasting are far more palatable than other religions. I was raised in the church. However, I always have felt “untouched” by the religion. I do not have any sort of “personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” nor do I “hear God speak to me.” Those that claim these things I view with skepticism, and it reminds me of being on the playground as a kid pretending we had superpowers like our favorite cartoon characters. I enjoy the more practical aspects of Christianity, such as its firm moral code. I also enjoy the rich intellectual history of the Church, and flatly reject the claims of New Atheists that Christians are gullible schmucks that will believe anything (to summarize my thoughts on the New Atheists: “The world that revolutionaries say is new is as old as the devil himself.”).

A Hurdle Toward Progress


A painting of Renaissance-era banking practices.

On the other hand, I cannot ignore the testimony of history, which indicates that Christianity (or perhaps more fairly, Catholic Church interpretations of the Scriptures) have substantially held back human progress. Richard Dawkins (and the other horsemen of the New Atheism) have made this point at length, mainly with regard to the treatment of Galileo and the rejection of the theory of evolution. I view these points at having minimal impact on the advancement of science. The biggest single barrier to progress during medieval times was the Church’s proscription against the charging of interest on loans. The practice of charging (reasonable) interest on loans supercharged European economies, generated massive wealth, and made capital available that accelerated commerce. Without these proscriptions, the Renaissance could have occurred much sooner. Can you imagine where humankind would be right now if the Renaissance occurred in 500 AD instead of 1500 AD?

Perhaps the worst problem of the West was the dilution of Roman warrior and martial stock. This set the stage for the decay of the western Roman empire. Christianity could have been replaced by a far more pitiless faith, like Odinism or some other Norse pagan faith. Assuming scientific progress continued in the West as it would have with Christianity, the West would have taken over the world. Instead of curing the diseases and maladies of the  dark corners of the globe, cordoning with an eye towards depopulation would have been the plan.
The impact of genetics cannot be overlooked as well. During medieval times, the best place of employment for a high-IQ person was not in a scientific laboratory (those did not exist yet), but as a member of the clergy. Unfortunately, for absolutely untenable reasons, the Church declared that clergy could not be married or have children. It is difficult to quantify how dysgenic this has been for Western man, but the fact that thousands of high-IQ men were barred from having children does not bode well for our race. The Christian rejection of eugenics is another strike against the faith.

The final resting place of Christianity, at Verdun, Ypres, the Somme, and the rest of the horrific conflict of World War I.

WW1, WW2, and enslavement under Communism destroyed the men that would have kept the faith vigorous and strong. The West committed suicide over 1914 to 1945, and then the threat of World Communism subsumed all other priorities.

The Tragedy of Infant Baptism


The biggest scam going: infant baptism.

Christianity destroys itself with infant baptism. No epiphany or great realization of religious truth occurs in the person’s life. They are simply told they were baptized without and recollection of the event, with others speaking in their stead. This in particular is a sore spot for me. I was baptized as an infant, and I feel I was robbed from of a transformational event in my life. I flatly reject the idea that an infant can be baptized, and the word of its parents counting as its own. Infant baptism might be great at inflating Christianity’s numbers so we look competitive with the Muslims, but it does nothing to bring vigorous men of conviction to the faith.

Western Man’s Big Problem

The white man is blessed with much brilliance and martial prowess, but he has two main weaknesses. First, he values too much the opinions of others. He signals too much for virtue, and engages in much moral preening. If he’s not impressing people, he lacks self worth. He is addicted to guilt, whether it’s white liberal guilt, guilt over colonialism, or guilt at failing to uphold Christian morality in his own life. Second, he feels too often a need to embark on great crusades to rid the world of some evil. The colonial era and crusades are case in point. Nowadays, the great crusade, paradoxically, is the destruction of his own race, to provide total victory to cultural Marxists. The country must be rid of racism, because racism still exists (as if Americans could even agree on a basic definition of what racism was, or that its existence, no matter how small and inconsequential, was actually important). If a white man lacks a great crusade to embark upon, he loses his sense of life direction, like a ship being tossed about in a hurricane.
One can see this nonsense on full display in churches that practice “Cuckianity.” These foolish Christians will adopt some black kid from the Sudan and bring him into their white family, or adopt some Detroit thugspawn and let him consort around their daughters. This virtue-signaling is all done in order to prove to Leftists that hate them that they aren’t racist (hint: it doesn’t work).

Trying to be “Hip” and “Cool” When Evil People are Defining What “Hip” and “Cool” Mean

Christianity has at least as far as the churches are concerned, become too worldly. They try too hard to be hip, modern, and edgy, which impresses and fools nobody. I go to church precisely for the traditions; not to listen to contemporary, presentist baloney. I’ve actually heard a pastor with a straight face claim that Christianity was “progressive on women’s issues.” Is he nuts? Under Christian rule, women are placed under tight strictures to keep their destructive impulses in check.

Competition from Islam


How Christians used to deal with invading Muslim armies.

The Islamic structure of society, where a few wealthy men hog all the women and send sex-deprived young men off to die in wars to advance the faith, has proven highly effective in terms of stability and propagation. To reiterate what Dr. Bill Warner has said, “Islam is effective. Where it goes, it stays.” To make matters worse, our corporations and government, in their vast un-wisdom, have showered the Arabs with petrodollars. Saudi Arabia openly funds the building of mosques in Europe. Western society as it presently exists is ripe for the theft of souls to Islam, as Islam offers what Christianity used to – a direction and purpose for one’s life. Under crony capitalist atheism, people are simply reduced to economic units, with no greater purpose or calling in life, or promise of a Heavenly Hereafter.


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