John Glenn, Race, and the Lost Promise of the Space Age

An American Hero

On December 8, America lost an American hero.

We lost John Glenn.


John Glenn.

Soldier, aviator, test pilot, astronaut, and U.S. Senator, John Glenn led a life of adventure and daring that most of us can only dream of living. The Wikipedia article summarizes his life thoroughly, so I won’t bother regurgitating that here. I will however, recommend two excellent motion pictures on the Space program: the film The Right Stuff, and the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon.


NASA test pilots.

Test pilots are people to whom too little credit is given. In the days before high-performance computers, fast computer codes for doing simulations, and engineering simulation software, there was no way to know whether a contraption would fly or not. The only way to figure it out, was to build a working prototype, and get some crazy, ballsy lunatic to sit in the cockpit and try to fly the thing. There was no rapid prototyping technologies available either – no 3D printers or anything like that. It all had to be fabricated, hence one reason why the Space Program was so costly. Many test pilots lost their lives during the Space Program’s nascent years. Such was the price of progress.

Retrospective on the Space Program and Its Promise for Mankind


The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

When I was a boy living in Florida, my brother and I were both enthralled by the Space Program, as Cape Canaveral was only a few hours drive away. I still remember shooting model rockets off with my brother in the big field by our home. While I was never much into rocketry, I loved science fiction movies that took place in outer space (my favorite probably being Aliens). I also loved watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad as a kid. For my childhood and most of adulthood, I merely assumed space to be mankind’s next big frontier for exploration, and that space exploration would be a huge step forward in human progress. I thought that’s where we were headed. I foresaw toward the end of my life, in perhaps 2060 or 2070, that most of the engineering challenges with space flight would be sorted out, as would terraforming.

It turned out our elites had other plans.

Race, Welfare, and Space Spending

Instead of the space program leading the way toward a brighter future of American-led space exploration, our elites decided America should no longer be America. With the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act, the floodgates were opened to Third World non-white immigration, cheap labor, and mass electoral victories for the Democratic Party’s left wing. Instead of America turning into a gigantic version of Luxembourg, America is on track to become a gigantic version of Brazil.

To paraphrase Paul Kersey, we chose to dwell in the nightmare that is Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream, instead of the glorious future that was Dr. Wernher von Braun’s dream.

The evidence undeniable that non-Asian Third World peoples have high time preferences, lower average IQ’s, and vastly higher crime rates than whites do. Instead of working hard, saving their money, and living their lives responsibly, such people disproportionately vote for a massive nanny state that will manage their lives for them. Freedom is too difficult, uncertain, and scary for their minds. Their only logical choice is to vote for the Democratic Party, who will gladly erect the massive bureaucratic State with unlimited authority that Third Worlders crave. Their criminal inclinations are useful as well to the State, as restraining their appetites justifies greater and greater power into the hands of the police and executive branch. As Peter Brimelow has said, politics in America is acting in reverse: instead of the people dissolving their government and electing another, the government is dissolving the people and electing another. The government is lobbying for its own expansion.

Importing legions of Third Worlders is simply not compatible with having an expensive space program, and so, as the managerial state has decreed, the space program has to go. As I have explicated elsewhere, white men got us to the moon – the engineers, the scientists, the astronauts were all a bunch of nerdy white dudes like Wernher von Braun. The extent of black participation in the Space Program was emptying the garbage cans and cleaning the bathrooms (at least, until the Space Program became a victim of racial politics and sending a black into space became Priority One).


Abdul Razak Ali Artan, OSU ISIS terrorist.

Instead of spending billions to advance human progress in space, we have opted instead to spend trillions of dollars on the care and feeding of incapable Third World peoples. Instead of importing high-skill Europeans of good moral character, we import illiterate black Somalis and Sudanese that know nothing about science, mathematics, or engineering, but know plenty of fundamentalist Islamic mumbo jumbo.

Not only have blacks not contributed anything substantial to space exploration, but have actively shamed the achievements of white people. Famous black poet Gil Scott-Heron authored the poem “Whitey on the Moon.” To summarize the poem, white people should be ashamed that they have achieved a lunar landing when the money spent on the Space Program could have been “better” spent on welfare programs instead. It doesn’t matter that such programs always end up being boondoggles and the money would have been better used to kindle a bonfire. Washington D.C.

To reiterate what I have said before, white tax dollars are redistributed to blacks because blacks don’t “have it together” enough to make their own money, and make their own lies miserable. They cannot even afford to buy their own toilet paper. Your tax money goes to pay for the toilet paper that wipes black and brown asses.

As cruel as the truth often sounds, the evidence demands the following verdict:

“We could have chosen to build a society that produced more men like John Glenn. Instead, we chose to build a society that produces black felons that never even leave their own zip code except to go to prison.”

Education, Race, and America’s Technological Future


The 2006 racial breakdown of gifted programs in America (source: NEA).

Left-wing infiltration of the public schools also does not bode well for space exploration. As the teachers these days see things, their purpose is not to educate students to become productive citizens, but to miseducate and lie to them so that they will be helpless in the Real World. Helpless people are ripe for turning to political extremist ideology, which the far-left teachers unions are happy to provide.

Now school gifted programs are in the crosshairs. If enough blacks and Hispanics aren’t getting into the gifted program, then punishments are handed down. It doesn’t matter that blacks and Hispanics have lower average IQs. It doesn’t matter than many Hispanics can’t speak English, and are thus unprepared for serious schoolwork. It doesn’t matter that black students view education as “white”, and therefore bad. It doesn’t matter that the black and Hispanic students are going to be little thug terrors and will bully the white children. It doesn’t matter that most of the gifted students will be white, based on absolute numbers and IQ distributions. Blacks and Hispanics must be part of the gifted programs, because diversity.

Forget about the space program. How is America going to maintain its dominant technological position when the whites are replaced by hordes of idiotic, maleducated blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims? The answer: it won’t. We will be surpassed by high-IQ, ethnically homogeneous states such as Hong Kong, Japan, and China, who do not have to deal with the massive problems that racial diversity brings to the table.

With John Glenn died the last of a special breed of American men, who reached for the stars and got there. Their society had equipped them to do it, a practice which is no longer done in America. It gave them the confidence they needed to pursue their dreams. I do not know if our society is even capable of producing men like John Glenn anymore, and even if it could, they would be shouted down from their perch of success as “just another white male” by black militants and social justice warriors.



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