The Chicago Death Toll for 2016

The Data

From DNAInfo, the total death toll in Chicago alone is 741 dead bodies for 2016.

The racial categorizations on DNAInfo are a little funny. Many victims are listed as “white,” but their names are obviously Hispanic (e.g. “Giovani Salgado”). Confusion is added by the fact that there is an actual “Hispanic” category. Unfortunately, DNAInfo does not make the data set available for crowdsourced analysis, so it is difficult to go through and manually count the races of the victims. If the month of January is representative though, the victims are overwhelmingly young blacks.

The overwhelming majority of the murders will go unsolved, as the Chicago police currently only solve about 30% of the city’s murders. To quote that article:

Experts point to several reasons for the exceptionally low clearance rate in Chicago. Most killings in Chicago take place amid a street gang culture that intimidates anyone from coming forward with information.

“It’s reflective of witnesses that don’t want to come forward; they’re afraid gang members will retaliate,” said Thomas Alexander, a University of Maryland professor who researches clearance rates. “Another reason for low clearance in gang killings are people just don’t trust the police.”

The idea that “snitches get stitches” seems particularly strong in Chicago. Another quote:

“You run into the code of silence in the neighborhood. I’ve had brothers refuse to identify the killer of their own brother.”

The favored means of killing is overwhelmingly shooting the victim to death with a handgun. As cruel as the truth may sound, if the black and Hispanics were removed from Chicago, the murder rate would plummet by nearly 95%.


The methods of killing for Chicago’s murders in 2016.

Eighty-Two Dylann Roofs


Dylann Storm Roof with his (probably much-needed) police bodyguards.

These figures bear some reflection next to the church shooting perpetrated by Dylann Storm Roof. Blacks were outraged that it happened. Dylan Roof was suddenly representative of all white people and the “system” of white supremacy. Whites were responsible for producing him. Less-stable members of the black community pined for a race war. And with unanimous agreement with the totalitarian managerial class, the Confederate battle flag had to go. Confederate graveyards were vandalized. The removal of Confederate monuments has been demanded.

And yet in Chicago alone, we have the equivalent of over 82 Dylan Roofs. What do you hear from the blacks?



It doesn’t even seem to matter that Dylan Roof has been apprehended (with zero help from whites), and is facing the death penalty. Compare this to the behavior of blacks, who actively protect their own murderers from being brought to justice.

The Africanization of Urban America

Again, I reiterate this is for just the city of Chicago. We haven’t even gotten into the murders perpetrated in other majority-black cities, where civilization and law and order have utterly collapsed.

In a way, I am inclined to agree with many of the radical black leaders that the American system does not work for blacks. The American system of a capitalist, representative republic was not designed for an Africanized society. It could never work for such a society, and the Founding Fathers would have known this. The African is too low-IQ and too impulsive for self-rule, and requires a firm hand to keep him out of trouble. The American system was designed exclusively for a population that the Founders knew it would work for: white Europeans.

Of course, such opinions are not acceptable in polite society due to left-wing totalitarian thought control and career intimidation, but the truth of these opinions stands regardless

I do not anticipate any sort of improvement in these murder statistics, as it is in the African’s nature to murder his kin. It may be an evolutionary adaptation to create “more fit” individuals. Life just does not carry the same weight to blacks as it does to whites. Life is not precious to them, as indicated by the black-on-black murder rate and the black woman’s affinity for abortion. The laws and punishments against murder were not designed for brutish Africans; they were designed for white people, with presumed white levels of impulse control and intelligence.



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