The 1965 Immigration Act and the American Plutocracy

There is a creature among us that rules from the shadows. It can’t be spoken of, even to extol it. It gets no airtime or discussion on TV news. It is the most regressive law in force on the books today.
It is the 1965 Immigration Act, which opened the floodgates of Third World non-white immigration to America.
This law has fundamentally altered our country in profound ways without a public vote or even much discussion in Congress. The massive changes it has wrought should have required a Constitutional amendment. But for purely self-interested reasons, Congress saw fit to change our way of life in ways Hitler or Tojo would never have dreamed of.
Mass Third World immivasion is the tool by which the great financiers (the Stalins and Maos of our generation) will have finally extinguished the flame of freedom and solved the problem of the control of man.
And that is the ultimate goal. To control man, he must be atomized. He must be separated from every institution that would give his life worth other than the State and State-approved ideologies. No institution can exist that could challenge the state and the financiers that own it for the loyalty of the masses. Mass Third World immigration destroys public trust by enforced diversity. All culture must be destroyed that could clue people in that there was once better times. You can sell people slavery if you just keep calling it freedom. The people must come to believe they live in a glorious age and that everything that came before their time was a backwards dark age. The tool of control is perpetual rage against the shadows on the cave wall instead of the puppeteers casting them.
Much of the drive for immigration is simply greedy capitalists wanting to trim labor costs (with the balance of it carried by the power-hungry American Left). A capitalist’s great enemy is continued capitalism. They have no further use for capitalism once they have achieved rentier status. Once a capitalist gains enough wealth to live off of his holdings, his objective then becomes to pull up the ladders of upward mobility and ensure his bloodline is cemented into a position of permanent, inexhaustible wealth and power. They do not want their children having to compete in any way with other people for their positions in life. Socialism is their ticket to permanent power. They (e.g. George Soros, the Silicon Valley tech billionaires, and the Koch brothers) want to install themselves as a Hindu style upper Brahmin caste.

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