Adjusted Expectations

The Wrong Direction

For most of my life I wanted to get married, have lots of kids, buy a house, and cheerfully go to work to pay for it all. For the entirety of my life, I’ve sought female love and attention, and at virtually every opportunity, I’ve had the door slammed in my face. I’ve never had a girlfriend, and no woman has ever seemed interested in my becoming her boyfriend after the first date. I admit, I used to be extremely bitter and jaded about all of these feelings, but now I’ve simply come to accept that marriage and the blessings thereof simply might not be in the cards for me. It is not written down in stone somewhere that I will meet the woman of my dreams and have a happy marriage and rewarding home life.

The real tragedy, is that women were one of the prime motivators for me to achieve so highly in school. Now, having given up on them, I feel like there is no longer much purpose to my existence. I thought that if I was an accomplished, goal-oriented person with a good future ahead of me, women would be interested. That simply has not materialized – it is a failed strategy across every metric, and I do not recommend it to anyone. The most direct method to getting women would have been, instead of going to engineering school for a decade, to join an MMA gym and get jacked.


You’re deluding yourself if you think women don’t find this guy insanely hot.

The Untenable Risk of Marriage

But I have made my bed, and so I have to sleep in it. I admit, I could probably change the situation drastically by losing the excess weight I gained in graduate school. But my motivation is basically zero. Even if I lost the weight… what next? Women didn’t even express interest in me back when I was at my peak physical condition. Considering the garbage available in the dating pool in my city, I am further unconvinced that this enormous undertaking will yield much dividends beyond better health (which, admittedly, is a noble end).

Marriage today has untenable risk for a reward which is increasingly uncertain. Imagine going into a business contract with the following provisions:

  1. The counterparty is allowed to break the contract at any time, for any reason, whatsoever.
  2. In the event that the counterparty breaks the contract, they shall be rewarded with 50% of all the profits and capital gains the undertaking has made thus far.
  3. Attempts by you to remove this language from the contract are pre-emptively void.

If you were to sign such a contract with this language in it, any observer would rightfully call you a fool that deserves to lose his shirt. And yet, that is what marriage has become in the Western world. Instead of being one of God’s holy sacraments, it has mutated (thanks largely to the anti-family activism of the homosexual/angry lesbian/feminist wing of the Democratic Party) into a vampire squid that sucks money and resources out of men and rewards them to the worst women our society can cough up from the back of its throat.


Pattaya, Thailand, the sex tourism capital of Southeast Asia.

I worked very hard to get a good job and income for myself. Let’s say I lost the weight, got ripped, got a girlfriend, and married her. Guess what? She’s got me now absolutely by the balls. If she decides she doesn’t want me anymore, she can ship me off to the glue factory and find a new stallion to ride through the magic of divorce court. And just like that *poof*. There goes half of my income from now until the judge decides I have paid enough. There goes a decade of hard, painful effort in engineering school, all down the drain. If we had children, I’ll get to see them on the weekends every so often. All that trouble, hardship, and heartache for maybe a few nights of sexual pleasure that could have been mirrored with a cheap plane ticket to Pattaya or Amsterdam.

Peaceful Bachelorhood

Compare that dismal scenario to the path I’m on now. With my cheap living standards, high salary, and lack of extra expenses (e.g. a wife and children), I can retire in perhaps 10 to 15 years, depending on the kind of income I need in retirement. I come home to a quiet apartment, and can do pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want. I can arrange a vacation myself, which is comparatively cheap considering I’m only paying for one plane ticket. Why should some woman, who in all likelihood, brings nothing to the table except her vagina, get to tag along with me on my adventures? I went on vacation last year, and it was pretty darn fun. No one was with me, and I met lots of interesting people.


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