Wars in America’s Interests Versus Israel’s Interests

As a sequel to yesterday’s post concerning Mexico’s threat to send the drug cartels north to terrorize America, Trump has thrown down the gauntlet to Mexico: deal with the drug cartels, or else.

The possibility of a war with Mexico got me thinking about the last decade, where we have fought ridiculous, open-ended, multi-trillion dollar foreign wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the drone wars in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. And that’s not even counting Obama’s abortive attempt to mire us into the Syrian Civil War.

While the initial invasion of Afghanistan was justified to smash Al Qaeda and attempt to slay Osama Bin Laden, the “nation-building” crusade of Bush II was doomed to fail from the start. The idea that a society whose development has been arrested since the 7th-century, practices fundamentalist Islam, and is poor beyond wretchedness, could be turned into a Jeffersonian democracy is laughable on its face. We bled for 13 years and spent trillions to try and make it happen, with nothing to show for it.

Then there was Iraq, a disastrous war by any metric. Thousands of our best people gave their lives in that conflict, just for their comrades to return home to a government that thanked them for their service with inadequate medical care and classifying them as “potential right-wing extremists.”

And yet, who benefited from these wars? American defense contractors are the main profiteers, but also Israel, who got a bunch of idiotic Americans to remake the Middle East in their image, using military strength their tiny nation does not possess.

Due to the enormous influence of the politically-active and well-heeled Jewish lobby in America, America’s Middle Eastern foreign policy almost exclusively revolves around the question, “Is it good for Israel?” Legitimate American interests are never even considered, beyond the question, “Can we sell this next war to those perpetual dumbasses, ‘The American Sheeple’?”

Despite the enormous amounts of military aid and vast diplomatic capital freely given to Israel, there has yet to be an armed conflict anywhere where American soldiers have fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Israeli soldiers (though they were nice enough to kill 34 of our sailors in 1967).

And yet our foreign policy establishment still obsesses over starting more wars exclusively for the benefit (or perceived benefit) of Israel and Jews. For years now, we have been encircling Russia, poking the Russian bear, for no good reason whatsoever. Russia is not a threat to us, and could prove to a mighty ally in the fight against Islam. Well into the 2016 election, the Democratic Party was making utterly insane moves towards a war with Russia. For what?

None of these wars or potential wars would yield any benefit to U.S. interests. In opposition to this however, is the idea of a war with Mexico, a country that has been treating us like gullible twerps for decades. Ever since NAFTA destroyed Mexico’s domestic farming industry, Mexico sent its poor and uneducated peasant class north to America to illegally infiltrate us from the south. Mexico’s barbaric drug cartels have flooded our country with heroin and meth, destroying white middle class lives in droves. Mexico constantly harangues us as white racists, while the ruling class of Mexico is virtually all white people who simply have Spanish-sounding last names. They are cynical plutocrats that are riding the white guilt grave train for all its worth.

A “good war” with Mexico would need to accomplish three objectives:

  1. A complete end to illegal immigration.
  2. The total destruction of the drug cartels and the lustration of all corrupt government officials tied to them (which very well may mean most of the current Mexican regime).
  3. The repatriation of all illegal Mexican nationals living in America, and the deportation of all Mexican nationals currently incarcerated in America.

What puzzles me though, is that Trump wants “the Mexican military” to do more to combat the drug cartels. Does he not know that the Mexican military is what spawned the drug cartels in their modern form?

In any case, such a war, while bloody and costly, would yield far more benefits than any of the previous idiotic wars since 2001, or a farcical war with Russia. Of course, I am not a warmonger. Despite the Mexican government’s manifold transgressions against us, I desire peace with the Mexican people. There are far more diplomatic options available before a shooting war is required to solve the problems listed above. The Mexican people do not make these decisions that cause both our nations so much grief – their government does.


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