The “Politically Correct Globalist’s Bill of Rights”

What is Freedom?

“Freedom” is a nebulous word. Much like the words “racism,” and “fascist,” they have lost all of their original intended meaning, if they had such a thing to begin with. The Merriam-Webster dictionary entry for “freedom” provides multiple definitions, and the Oxford English Dictionary provides even more.

These definitions though, are more related to the idea of “political freedom,” which falls short of what freedom could truly be. “Political freedom” is generally entails two conditions:

  1. The freedom to not do something the government wants you to do.
  2. The freedom to do something the government doesn’t want you to do.
Note that political freedom is entirely concerned with the behavior of the government – huge transnational corporations and huge private banks aren’t considered in these conditions. In the succeeding sections, I have re-written the Bill of Rights to more accurately reflect how they work in reality in the dystopian corporate technostate of America 2017.

The Freedom to be Told How to Think and the Freedom to Shut Up or Else

While the American government is limited in what it can do to punish thought heretics, the American people are a far cry from full, unfettered freedom. Corporate America requires absolute obedience (or radio silence) to race and gender orthodoxies, or you are fired and blacklisted. This is no different than the “wolf ticket” administered by the Soviet Union, other than the fact that a cartel of private corporations is destroying your career rather than the government.

The left-wing capture of corporate America makes sense when the influence of academia is brought into the picture. Academia is part of this system of forced obedience, as they have helped erect a labor system that demands excessive credentialism for the ability to get a job. Only academia hands out the credentials (college degrees) that allow you to get a decent job, and academia is completely in the hands of the regressive left. The highest echelons of corporate America tend to have lengthy miseducations in university. Only a certain kind of personality could put up with endless liberal antics, left-wing intellectual fads, and “getting the vapors” over endless race hoaxes. It follows that most of corporate America is run by loony lefties that were indoctrinated in the universities, and such people do not brook disagreement on their pet issues – especially race, gender, and immigration.

The Freedom to Get Screwed Over in the Labor Market

I have already discussed academia’s insistence on excessive credentialism, but I have a bit more to say on this matter.

Our entire labor system is screwed up, and its all because we are being held back by the incapabilities of blacks and Hispanics to achieve at the same level as whites and Asians. The Griggs vs. Duke Power decision outlawed “racially biased” IQ tests as a means of employment screening, thus necessitating the use of college degrees as IQ screening devices.

You see, in a well-run labor economy, there is no need for a college degree to get a job. That’s right. You wouldn’t need one! Instead, one would leave high school and enter the labor force directly if they decided college or the military was not for them. As part of your employment interview, you would be given a highly g-loaded intelligence test that would very quickly determine your intelligence level, and therefore what kind of job you are qualified to receive training for and eventually do.

Instead of paying an enormous sum of money to a bunch of Marxist charlatans and racketeers in the university system just to get your foot in the door, you’d be making a paycheck right out of high school. And the smarter you were, due to supply and demand arguments, your pay would scale accordingly.

All of this would be a disaster for the liberal left, who rely heavily on the university system to propagandize the right-side of the bell curve, and suck massive amounts of money out of young people. Furthermore, young men getting jobs right out of school is horrible for them, since a young man pulling in a good paycheck and supporting a wife and children financially only leads to more Republicans and capitalists due to the formation of a nuclear family. A married woman with children is often uninterested in the State taking money from her husband and giving it to other people – though she is very interested in the State reducing taxes on his wages, which means an easier life for her.

The Freedom to Be a Criminal’s Victim through Anarcho-Tyranny

It is one thing to be oppressed by corporations, banks, and the government – it is another thing entirely to be oppressed by gangs of criminals. Nations like Japan, which are ethnically homogeneous, boast of ridiculously low crime rates. Even the ethnic white historic American nation has very low levels of crime. In fact, if blacks and Hispanics were removed from crime statistics, our gun crime would be more in line with Belgium.

Since we do not have control of our immigration system, our out-of-control state is importing endless legions of low-IQ, crime-prone, unskilled Third World peoples to our country for easy votes. As Sam Francis has pointed out, the presence of a vast non-white underclass has the added bonus of terrorizing whites into submission through fear of crime and displacement. Instead of the State using police power to combat crime, the State withdraws police power in a given area to punish disloyal subjects through (ironically) State-imposed anarchy.

While I live in the relatively low-crime “downtown” region of my city, I actually feel like I am cordoned off in my own little bantustan, as I am surrounded on several sides by “bad neighborhoods” (read: full of blacks), where if I was to tarry into that territory unwittingly, my life would be in danger.

Criminals are not just out to steal our money and property, or ravish women. As was demonstrated just this past week on the UC Berkeley campus, some criminals simply want to shut down the free speech and free expression rights of their fellow citizens. Lawless thugs assaulted innocent people, smashed windows, set fires, and shut down Milo Yiannopolous’s talk at UC Berkeley in their quest to rid the country of “fascism.”

(Side note: It is humorous to me how we on the right on called “fascists” by lazy people who have never read a word of Marx, Engels, Gentile, Mussolini, Gramsci, or Hitler.)

The powerful remnants of the pre-Trump regimes however, are determined to give political and legal cover to these “anarchist” thugs that attacked Milo and Gavin McInnes. Again, it is as Sam Francis predicted: anarcho-tyranny.

Freedom of Monitored Movements through the Shadow Internal Passport System and Electronic Panopticon

I define “freedom of non-movement” to be the ability to live and support oneself without having to move huge geographic distances and pull up all of one’s organic roots. “Freedom of movement” is the ability to go where you want, when you want, free from coercion or intervention.

In world history, totalitarian governments have typically restricted movement within internal borders by requiring internal passports. Nowadays in America though, we basically have a “shadow” internal passport system due to the panopticon surveillance state. Instead of simply monitoring movements with a passport, the surveillance state monitors all movements, perpetually, 24/7.

We no longer have the right to freedom from arbitrary search and seizure, due to the War on Drugs, the planned importation of terrorists, and the massive electronic police state erected by the government and Silicon Valley. Virtually anything can be searched and seized if it can somehow be connected to the Orwellian Wars on Drugs or Terrorism.

“Freedom to Choose” from the Elite-Prepared Menu

“Freedom to choose” however is meaningless when a choice is required and both choices are garbage, mainly due to the “choosee” having no say in what is “chosen” (put another way, he’s reading a menu, but he ain’t the chef). This is often how the mass media frames issues in order to bring about the desired policy change. Typical is the “false dichotomy,” where a complicated subject is reduced to two courses of action, one of which is utterly idiotic, and the other of which screws over the masses.

The illegal immigration issue is a case example of a false dichotomy in action. The choices the media has decided to put on the airwaves are:

1. Amnesty.
2. Expensive mass deportations through state force and violence, with suckling children torn from their mothers’ chests, the sickly turned away from hospitals, and midnight raids on sanctuary churches.

No one except the Big Business cheap labor lobbies, diehard leftists, and Chicano race entrepreneurs wants an amnesty. No kind-hearted person wants option #2 (though we are basically there with the Trump Administration due to our politicians letting the issue fester for so long). What never enters the discussions in the mass media organs?

1. The idea of self-deportation due to difficulties in finding housing and employment.
2. The passage of laws that prevent illegal aliens from securing housing in America.
3. The possibility of paying illegal aliens to repatriate to their home countries, with the promise to never return.
4. The passage of tough restrictions on employers from hiring illegal aliens, with severe punishments for non-compliance.
5. A tax on remittances to Mexico.
6. The renegotiation of the disastrous trade agreements that prompted the giant wave of illegal immigration in the first place (though President Trump did make this one of his campaign planks, the media has never made this point, ever).

The Freedom to Consume

In the America of 2017, we actually enjoy poor economic and political freedoms relative to ages past, regardless of political concessions made to blacks. I would actually argue that giving non-whites and women the vote has actually reduced freedom across-the-board, since these groups overwhelmingly vote with their limbic systems as opposed to logic and reason (e.g. they vote for the huge, expansive welfare and child support systems, as well as the massive police and security state).

The only realm of true, unfettered freedom in America of 2017, is the freedom to consume. To buy. To suck in as much “stuff” into our gullets as we possibly can until our stomachs burst. Most of what we get to consume is a bunch of cheap junk from Asia.

We do not have the freedom to manufacture our own goods any longer, as any competitor with the proper connections could beat any hire-Americans startup on price simply by doing the work of the business in Asia.

The Freedom to Worship an Impotent Religion in a Treasonous Church

The Church used to be a powerful political force in American life, but that has all fallen by the wayside now. Just today at my church, the pastor basically condemned those of us who disapprove of homosexual behavior as hypocrites, because we are still sinners in some way. This of course, is an impossible standard to meet before making a moral pronouncement, and thus is equivalent to “anything goes.”

The Church is also totally on-board with the demographic replacement of the white historic American nation, whom they wish to replace with (supposedly) more reverent Third World peoples.

Religion does not mean anything in America anymore. Religion was supposed to be a link to the past, a rock on which you could hold onto for all time through the raging torrents of history and contemporary life. But that’s all BS. I’ve seen and heard pastors speak about homosexuality in ways that I thought I’d never heard them speak. As much as the atheists condemn Christianity for condemning homosexuality, I think they’re swinging at an empty piñata. In all of my time, I’ve heard exactly one sermon critical of homosexuality. One. The rest of the sermons, in some way, excuse homosexuality due to the alleged widespread hypocrisy of churchgoers.

If the churches actually became a political impediment to Washington’s desire to elect a new people, or the Deep State’s foreign policy ambitions, freedom of religion would get yanked in a heartbeat. Heck, Christians are already punished with massive punitive fines for refusing to bake gay wedding cakes, while Muslim cashiers can freely refuse to ring up alcohol purchases. Any Christian resistance to the PC agenda is dealt with harshly.

The Freedom to Have Your Destiny Determined by Private Banking Houses, Transnational Corporations, and their Government Servitors

Merriam-Webster defines “self-determination” as:

determination by the people of a territorial unit of their own future political status

The basic idea is that the American people, through their voting power, get to decide what they want to do on national, state, and local level. This however, no longer works in practice due to priest-king judges invalidating the will of voters, huge corporations that underwrite political campaigns, and the Jewish domination of our foreign policy establishment via the Israel lobby.

The white historic American nation lost this freedom decades ago due to two savage body blows: the 1965 Immigration Act, and the ascendancy of private international banks and transnational corporations to economic masterhood. Self-determination can only be practiced by an ethnically homogeneous society, since a diverse society is endlessly at each others’ throats, since each group thinks the other groups are conspiring against them.


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