Race, Genetics, and Black Hatred of Donald Trump

Pointless Conversations

I no longer take discussions of public education, the racial achievement gap, economic inequality on a national level, the mass incarceration of non-Asian minorities, or crime rate differentials seriously if they do not discuss race, genetics, human biology, evolutionary biology, and IQ as part of the dialogue. The discussion is guaranteed to be devoid of truth and a waste of my time. It is like discussing geography with the Flat Earth Society, or mathematics with some illiterate Sudanese Dinka cattle herder that can barely count on his fingers and toes.

Port-au-Prince, Ha•ti. CitŽ Soleil, bidonville. 22/11/2003

Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This is the level of civilization blacks create for themselves, wholly absent of white intervention.

I am in astonishment that people can claim there is no biological basis for race, and that race is a social construct. Even gender is now considered a social construct – but God forbid you suggest homosexuality is a choice – obviously, “SCIENCE!” has shown otherwise.


“Scientific American” magazine appears to be neither.

Liberal public intellectuals that avoid these topics (or lie about them) in public conversation aren’t fooling me at all, and reveal much by what they don’t say. The conversation in the alternative media has gone so far beyond the twaddle that comes off the academic presses, that in 5 years these people will be struggling to stay remotely relevant to the public dialogue. They are merely ostriches burying their heads in the sand to avoid discussing the sensationalized topics of race, class, and gender.

Black Hatred of Donald Trump

I am flummoxed as to why blacks are so up in arms over Donald Trump.

Afterall … he hasn’t done anything to them!


“Blacks aren’t more violent than whites. You sound like a racist.”

These ghetto hood rat Negroes are singing about how they got a “choppah in da trunk for Donald Trump“, threatening to kill him and his family, and threatened riots before he won the election. Haven’t these retards ever heard of the “Secret Service“? Don’t they know it’s a serious crime to threaten the president or a presidential candidate (or a Congressman or judge for that matter).

Black political violence however, I fear is going to be a permanent feature of the American political landscape, barring a sufficiently brutal crackdown and unacceptable black behavior. The urban genus of the Afro-American Negro is merely a street level shock trooper for the Democratic Party. He has been so thoroughly propagandized that he cannot think in any other terms. His mind is a morass of (greatly simplified) DNC talking points, rap lyrics concocted by the white liberals that own the hip hop industry, pseudo-religious psychobabble learned in the Black Church, and hate whiteyism from the black-dominated urban public schools – which were careful to not teach the Negro how to read and write and do math competently. He has had a true revolutionary education, devoid of any genuine knowledge except how to hate his class and racial enemies.

The end game of this state of affairs is unsustainable. America is becoming a giant adult daycare center/outdoor prison for blacks and Mexicans. Eventually, there won’t be enough white people and Asians to tax to pay for all of the racial income redistribution.

The kicker, is that cucks like Kevin Williamson will tell white people that they are heroin addicts that simply need to hurry up and die, but he won’t say that to the blacks that turned Detroit into Krueger National Park.

And the feds are still shoveling money into Detroit! Its a shithole!


A Detroit flowerpot.

Look also at Baltimore, when the Freddie Gray riots happened and these Negroes went and burned and tore up a huge section of the city. What’s the punishment? A $700 million investment into their city from the state of Maryland. I can only dare to dream what my life growing up would have been like if my hometown had been showered with $700 million. Considering my hometown was almost entirely white people when I was a kid, it would have actually produced an investment return.


$700 million of taxpayer money is going to be invested into these criminal scumbags. Prediction: the short run price of cocaine and after-market car accessories will skyrocket.


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