Invasion Through Third-World Immigration is Next-Generation Warfare



The aftermath of the bombing of Hamburg during World War II. Despite the awesome power of organized bombing campaigns, it is doubtful we will ever see such tactics employed against Third World invaders.

Warfare is no longer done by huge pitched battles between standing armies, or protracted WWII-style bombing campaigns. Instead, the aggressor nation simply directs its poor, low-IQ subjects to illegally cross into a rich, Western nation, completely unarmed. The target nation becomes swamped by human garbage, and eventually the aggressor nation, after an extremely long time period, has bred out the original holders of the land. While no armies ever meet on the battlefield, the end result is though they had, with one side being conquered and subjugated by the other.

The Chinese are executing a variant of this strategy to ethnically cleanse Tibet by importing Han Chinese colonists to live in Tibet (though they did initially invade the country with military force). It remains to be seen how effective the Chinese will be, in the wake of the 2008 Lhasa riots in Tibet. The Muslim states are currently attempting to takeover the entire continent of Europe, using tactics that in my grandfather’s day would have resulted in the Arab states being annihilated. And of course, here in America, the Mexicans are retaking the Southwest purely by exporting its citizens into America. It is not just the Southwest though that is their goal – illegal aliens have strong footholds in many of our large urban centers, and the local Democratic Party machines see them as a crushing source of votes for their party.


The enemy within. A group of Democrat criminals plotting next how to screw over the white American middle class and enrich their billionaire coastal friends.

Trump has called the Mexican government on its bullshit, and Mexico’s tone is becoming increasingly belligerent. They think they can hoodwink Trump into simply giving up our country to Mexican invasion by racial browbeating (again, despite most of the high positions in the Mexican government being held by white people). The rich of Mexico are using our own courts as extensions of the Mexican Army to tie up the deportations in the courts. Part of this is to save their own behinds – if the illegals are sent home, a wall built, and America no longer able to function as Mexico’s safety valve, the Mexican rich might be looking at a revolution in their country.


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