An Engineer’s Perspective on Marriage, Bachelorhood, Divorce, Children, and Going His Own Way

I am neither rich enough nor poor enough to get married.

A poor man has no assets to steal in divorce court, and so he can safely get married. A rich man has plenty of excess assets, and while he would prefer to avoid divorce, he can take the hit. I am neither of these things; I am in the barren, crater-pocked, muddy, blood-soaked No Man’s Land that keeps the female gender financially empowered through alimony and child support exactions.

“Alpha fucks and beta bucks” is the operating strategy of the modern Western female (at least white American women anyways). In their late teens and early twenties, women ride the cock carousel, endlessly sleeping with any man in the top 20% of men. However, once 30 comes around, and the wrinkles and sagging start to appear, suddenly guys like me start getting the time of day. “You’re an engineer? Wow! That’s sooooo interesting!” To quote Fred Astaire: “You’re selling hard sweetheart – but I ain’t buying.” It’s the ancient bait-and-switch women have been pulling on men since the dawn of time: “Build me civilization – and we might have sex.”


Ask yourself, and answer truthfully, “What has a woman ever done for me that I couldn’t have done for myself?” If your only answer is “sex partner,” that is a poor reflection on the current state of modern American womanhood.

I got through undergraduate engineering. I got through graduate engineering school. There was no woman there to hold me and comfort me during my times of greatest need. I don’t feel any need to be “Captain Save-a-Ho” and settle for 30 year old used-up diseased vagina or a girl with a weight problem.


I don’t care anymore what the churches say. Porn is really the best thing that ever happened to me. I can easily take care of my sexual urges in a brief manner, and then go back to whatever I was doing before. The girls in the porn videos never get old, never have a headache, and best of all, can never get pregnant or otherwise lay claim to my hard-earned assets. The church will beat guys like me over the head for looking at porn, but they won’t utter an airy word about young women sleeping around, married women divorcing their husbands, busting up their families, and getting remarried after a divorce. Women are never corrected by the churches no matter how bad or atrocious their behavior is. When these sins are brought up, they are always encased in the assertion that women are the helpless victims of awful men, and absolve women of all blame in the matter. If a woman sleeps around or was a prostitute, she was being used (even though prostitutes often quite enjoy getting paid for doing something they were going to do anyways). If a woman gets a divorce, he was abusive or uncaring. If she decides to remarry another man after a divorce, her husband couldn’t satisfy her. If she steals half her husband’s wealth, it was his fault for not working hard enough to keep her. So much for upholding the Eighth Commandment. The way the churches see it, women (and nowadays gay men) are free to fulfill every sick sexual desire they have in real life, free from blame or admonishment – but God forbid a horny, single, young male log into Pornhub once in a while for an easy release.

Our society – our cucked churches, infiltrated government, and the female gender, all view men has expendable cannon fodder whose lives are to be sacrificed for increasing their power and profit. The churches hammer young men for viewing porn because it frees them from the chains of childbirth. Slaves are not meant to be free – they’re meant to be working hard. If you are able to get your sexual release without the creation of children, huge doors swing wide open for you. You can do better in school. You can pursue a long course of study and make something of yourself. You can devote your time and energy to personal growth or wealth-building activities. This puts you “on the battlefield” as a potential threat to existing power structures. The last thing our society wants is for large numbers of men to begin zealously guarding their wealth and income, talking to each other, figuring out how things really work, thinking for themselves, and no longer having their basic biological urges turned as a dagger against them. Women, the churches, the government, the media, academia, the corporations, and the banks view such men as serious threats to the established order – they are “on the battlefield” where they’re not supposed to be. They’re supposed to be slaving away at a soul-draining corporate job so that a woman can bear new tax-slaves for the State and create new believer-slaves for the churches.

Given how fickle they are, I don’t trust any woman with my plans for early retirement. I can see it already: I get married at the age of 31 or 32, build assets and wealth for 15 years, get ready for early retirement, and then BAM! Get served divorce papers. Women are constantly doing a cost-benefit analysis in their head on staying with their man versus stealing half of his money and attempting to monkey branch up to a better man. I simply cannot jeopardize my future in that way; early retirement is non-negotiable for me, and I will not be working forever just to keep some woman happy.

The skies are not all dark though. Being single and childless has enormous advantages when it comes to your career and workplace. Once your boss figures out that you’ve got a wife, kids, and a mortgage, he knows he’s got your absolutely by the balls. He can pile on enormous amounts of work, and you don’t have a leg to stand on. What are you going to do… quit? If you’re like me, and don’t have any mouths to feed or some woman holding a gun to your head every hour of your life, you can easily walk away from a job that mistreats you or makes unreasonable demands. You can easily (relatively speaking anyways) relocate to better jobs as they come along. My plan is to keep my current job for 5 years, and then re-evaluate my position. I might look for a new job. I might decide to keep going with this one. My dream is to work for 15 to 20 years, and then become an instructor at an engineering college and offer my experience to the next generation. Or I could start my own business, and shoot for the moon. Or I could read and write books for a living, something I enjoy very much.

I did not arrive at these conclusions without pain. My goal in life was to have a wife and children and a family of my own. But near the end of my PhD, I got redpilled. I was awoken to how women and society really operate – and it is not kind to men. Had I come to this realization earlier, I probably would not have worked so hard in engineering school or achieved so much. It was all for naught, at least from the standpoint of getting a wife is concerned. I wanted to have a big family – maybe five or more children. But that dream is dead. I have come to the conclusion that women are just not into engineering nerds like me. Their hypergamous nature makes men like me unfit to have sex with, until resources are required (e.g. when daddy’s money dries up). The best I could hope for is a 30 year old fat girl to possibly give me three children. That is not acceptable. I’ll just forage through life, building up my assets, making money, and enjoying my newfound freedom, free from engineering school. Laughably, I thought that marriage would lead to steady, good sex, only to find out from men “it doesn’t really work that way.” This really is the final nail in the coffin for my thoughts on marriage. If I cannot even get steady sex out of the deal, what the hell else is there in it for me? As a male, I get nothing for it. I get no or very little sex. I lose a huge portion of my income, with the risk of losing even more of it through alimoney and child support. My boss knows he can walk all over me because of my huge debt load and that my wife will probably divorce me if I quit my job. Negative, negative, negative across the board.




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