Mass Transit, Environmentalism, and the Diversity Veto

Adventures in Workplace Training


“So as you can see friends, my predictions are bound to be correct. Afterall, I read about them in a book at home while sitting on the toilet.”

Today I had my annual workplace culture training, where the higher-ups laid out their vision for the future of the company before us. Some of the main trends they were banking on was that the world’s population is going to rise by another billion people in a few decades, and that it will become increasingly urbanized.

Whether these trends will play out as expected, I have no clue. Nonetheless, the idea of an increasingly urbanized America got me thinking about the benefits of mass transit. I started to think about how great it would be if we had access to cheap mass transit across America instead of having to rely on either cars, interstate buses, or comparatively more-expensive air travel. We Americans always get criticized by Europeans and environmentalists for driving big gas guzzlers instead of investing in mass transit. Afterall, cheap mass transit is a way of life across the pond and in Asia.


Japan’s state-of-the-art magnetic levitation train. Top speed? 374 miles per hour, or from New York City to Los Angeles in 6.5 hours.

Why not just have a network of trains connecting this great nation? It would save us a fortune in gas and automotive costs, stop enriching the Arabs, create tons of good jobs, and help the environment.

Mass Transit’s Diversity Problem

But there is a fly in the ointment.

The distrust that diversity brings makes it impossible for taxpayers (white people) to use it support mass transit or mass transit projects, no matter how much more efficient and environmentally friendly it would be.

Using mass transit requires the belief that the other passengers will behave correctly and safely around you and your loved ones, and that the bus or subway won’t traverse a “dangerous area” (e.g. where blacks live). This is not possible under a diversity regime. There is no way to trust Muslims not to bomb your transit car, or young black males or Mexican gang members to not assault you during your ride, or for Third-World people to otherwise engage in any number of socially deviant activities in full public view. This is why white people prefer cars over mass transit, because non-whites simply make any journey a game of Russian roulette. Whites (and Asians) have been attacked on city buses in major cities, shoved off train platforms, and otherwise brutalized for sport by young blacks.

No one wants to ride the bus because they know mass transit clientele are typically people that decent folk with money don’t want to be around. They’d rather just buy a car, even though mass transit would save them a fortune.

Social Control Through Forced Diversity


“Police officers” under a diversity regime, who look like they’re ready to head to Aleppo.

There is also the problem that our government, no longer interested in privacy and civil liberties, would simply use any mass transit system as a way to monitor and control movements, and allow them to execute a region wide lockdown on a whim. Diversity is the motor-force behind the police state.

Diversity is the Excuse for Totalitarian Control

As is typically the choice between diversity and a positive result, you can have one but not both. You can have freedom or diversity. You can have environmental sustainability or diversity. You can have safe neighborhoods or diversity. You can have one-man-one-vote democracy or diversity. You can have a high trust society or diversity.

But you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

That ultimately is the modern American government’s goal: smash all forms of organization, atomize the individual, and make him powerless before the might of the State.


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