Predictive Policing Analytics vs. Racial Know-Nothings

The Video

I stumbled across the video today.

The retard hosting the video makes many inane comments, most of which boil down to “Hurr durr muh racial profiling,” along with typical complaints from a blacktivist (head of the local NAACP chapter) about the systemic racial bias in the criminal justice system. Of course, neither of these morons ever attacked the mathematics or logic behind predictive policing technology – the white liberal emcee merely questioned it as a way to virtue signal, and the black male toward the end of the video encased his disagreement almost completely in terms of racial self-interest. If it means more locked-up young black males, well then it’s obviously a product of racism – even though young black males are the ne plus ultra problem demographic in America, followed closely by the single mothers that bore them.

The General Idea and My Doubts

The general idea behind predictive policing is to use large databases of crimes to attempt to predict where a particular type of crime is going to occur, and at what time.

I have several doubts about the necessity an efficacy of such software. For one, if the software developers and mathematicians behind are forbidden (or self-censor out of white liberal guilt) from using race in their prediction algorithms, the algorithm’s accuracy will be considerably reduced. What good is predictive policing without an accurate description of the likely suspect who is committing the crime being predicted? Of course, this may not be too difficult for the police to circumvent – if there is a shooting predicted in an all-black neighborhood at 2:00 AM, well, gee whiz, the suspect just might be a young black male.

The necessity of such software also fails to completely convince me of its worth. Does the software really predict crime in a fashion that doesn’t lead to responses of “Well duh!”? Does it predict late-night shootings, drug sales, rapes, and muggings in black neighborhoods? Does it predict fights at local taverns and bars on Friday nights? Does it predict hubcap thefts in Mexican neighborhoods? None of these observations require terabyte databases, multi-million dollar software, and PhD-level mathematics to deduce.

My Not-So Gentle Disagreements with the Blacktivist in the Video

“I’m from Indiana, so I know what racism looks like.”

Well, I’ve been to Indiana many times, and never once noticed a person of color being mistreated. Why do we need blacks to inform us of “what racism looks like?” I think the people that put a man on the moon can figure it out for themselves.

Slightly paraphrased for clarity:

“One of the bad things about [the racism] is that we can’t talk about race, because Santa Cruz is supposedly a progressive town where we don’t have this problem – according to white people.”

Again, to rebut Mr. Kenyatta’s backhanded comment toward white people, I actually think white people are better, more impartial judges of what constitutes racial hatred than blacks, mainly because whites (except perhaps Rachel Dolezal) can’t build careers off racial grievance-mongering. We don’t need blacks to tell us there is a problem – we can figure it out for ourselves. Their input is irrelevant.

Also, what planet is this guy from when he says “we can’t talk about race?” That’s all blacks do is talk about race and racism, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! Whites run the risk of being fired from their jobs for any discussion of race, or any hint of deviation from orthodox opinion on the manner. Blacks like Kenyatta are rewarded with money and prizes for talking about it as much as possible. Is it any surprise that you get what you pay for?

The white liberals reading this blog (after taking their blood pressure meds) might take notes on what Mr. Africa is saying: “We’re coming after you too.” That’s right, no matter how “progressive” you tout yourself to be, you’re still just a white person to the likes of the clowns at the NAACP and other black civic organizations. And to Mr. Kenyatta, white people deserve to be deprived of their property, their jobs, their freedoms, their civil liberties, and their money all in an attempt to make blacks happy. Do these white liberals in the tech industry think the blacks aren’t gunning for their jobs too?

A poor attempt at a straw man from Africaman:

“If you put a lot of police in an area, and they make a lot of arrests, that becomes a ‘high crime area’ – because crime rate is ‘who gets caught’…, so if they had more police monitoring the suburbs as much as they do the inner city, the crime rate in the suburbs would go up.”

This is the typical type of idiocy I would expect from someone who has spent his entire life trying to build a career off making white people feel guilty for things they never did to him.

First of all, I strongly doubt the software uses arrest data in its calculations, since arrests have nothing to do with crime rate – reports of crime from victims to the police are what affects the crime rate. If some thugs beat up a guy in the middle of the night, take his wallet, run off, and get away clean, does that mean (according to Mr. Kenyatta) that a crime did not occur? Of course not. The victim can (once he conscious again) call the police, and report everything that happened to him. That’s one more tick on the mugging count for the year – even though no one was arrested.

Second, Mr. Kenyatta (I assume he is using “suburbs” as code for “where white people live”) groundlessly assumes white and black crime rates are identical, when they clearly are not. This is a constantly-repeated canard you hear from blacks and progtards, that has no basis in evidence whatsoever. The facts are that young black males are impulsive, high testosterone, low IQ, fatherless, or the hellspawn of a currently-incarcerated other black male. Sending the police to monitor ordinary white neighborhoods would be a serious misuse of policing resources.

Blacks simply want it both ways on every aspect of policing. They want the police to get rid of the drugs and gangs operating in their neighborhoods, but don’t want more young black men sent to prison. They want the white neighborhoods monitored as closely as black ones, but expect the police to have the resources to respond just as quickly then to 911 calls. They want the shootings to stop, but don’t want ShotSpotter systems installed in their neighborhoods. They want more black officers in their neighborhoods, but black officers don’t want to police high-crime black neighborhoods where their lives are in jeopardy.

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Humorously, I remember reading in a book about how black police officers in New York City were specifically put on the ground in black neighborhoods as a way to improve community relations with the police. It was thought that black police officers would be less likely to racially profile blacks, or mistreat them out of racial spite. The result? The black police officers sued the city of New York for earmarking them to go into high-crime black neighborhoods, where so many black officers were being killed by black hoodlums. The black neighborhoods were just too dangerous for them to handle!


Note in the video how Mr. White Libtard and Mr. Red-Black-and-Green don’t ever talk about convictions. They only focus specifically on where the police are placing their attention, and not on the actual outcomes. If black neighborhoods were low-crime utopias (no different than white neighborhoods, right Mr. Kenyatta?) it wouldn’t matter how much time the police spent there, as they would consistently end up with wasted days with nothing to do. Eventually, they would shift their attention elsewhere to areas where serious crimes were being reported. There was never any talk in the video of the PredPol results ever being used as evidence in a criminal case (and it absolutely never should be). It is totally irrelevant that the police scrutinize the character of young black males more closely, and keep tabs on them. Even if a black man gets stopped three or four times in a single day by the police, what difference does it make? If he’s not breaking the law, they can’t legally arrest him, and even if they do illegally arrest him, what will the prosecution attempt to convict him of?

I find it very difficult to understand blacks. I for one, feel quite comfortable and safe when I see the police driving around near me. But they react with anger and rage – and despite what they would have you believe, not so much with fear. I have seen many surveillance camera feeds on YouTube of black men openly challenging the police on the street, telling them bald-faced lies, and fighting and shooting with the cops. If young black men were genuinely “afraid” of the police, why would they do these things? The only thing I can conclude is not that blacks are afraid of the police, but that they simply do not want police (white or black) monitoring them in any fashion, and want free license to commit as much crime as they please.


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