The Dim Prospect for Future Western Golden Ages

Are They Possible Anymore?

With so much dysgenic behavior today and in our past, e.g. the rampant race mixing of today and the horrible essence-destroying wars of the past, I wonder if Western mankind will even be capable of golden ages again.


The bosom of Ancient Greece, the foundation of Western thought.

During a golden age, the best and brightest of society have power, the will to use it, and the wits to keep it. This is not the kakistocracy of today in the West, where the worst of mankind have ascended to masterhood through the catastrophe of one-man-one-vote democracy. Can you imagine a Nancy Pelosi or a Dianne Feinstein holding power in Ancient Greece?

The Catastrophe of Western Industrial Warfare

The Greeks and other civilizations had golden ages of their own. But endless warfare killed off the most genetically gifted bloodlines, leaving behind only the weaker strains. The commingling with foreigners eventually destroyed the bloodlines that made Greece what it was. It’s gone forever.


The graveyard of Western civilization.

This is very much the case today in the wake of two horrible world wars, which struck down millions of young men in the flower of their youth. War, especially one like WW1, is disastrous from the view of racial quality and vitality. Who knows how many great thinkers died in hell holes like the Somme, Belleau Wood, Verdun, and all the horrible battles of WW2? Beneath those quiet cemeteries in Belgium and France lies a future that could have been.

Had the West not committed suicide over those first 50 years of the 20th century, I can only imagine how much better life would be. White men would by now have the entire globe conquered. Feminism would not exist. The white race would not be suffering from declining birth rates, nor would it only be 8 percent of the globe instead of the 30 percent it used to be. Africa would be a colonized western stronghold instead of a Negro nursery-meets-abattoir.

We would never have to deal with the Chinese or Pakistanis armed with nuclear missiles. We would be colonizing China while the great dragon slept peacefully under a blanket of opium smoke. Australia would be the white world’s strong point in the Pacific. The rampant, dreadful, hated black crime that terrorizes Americans would not exist.


To summarize, I do not think we are capable of golden ages anymore in the West, at least for the long-term future. The Golden Ages of Greece, the Italian Renaissance, and the European Enlightenment were lighthouses illuminating a long, dark, rocky shore of tyranny and ignorance. Genetically, we have become too weak due to the horrific wars of the past century-and-a-half. The triumph of democracy by popular vote has ensured that the most honorable, the most intelligent, and the most industrious men will be yoked and enslaved for the benefit of the most vicious and most lazy of men. Justice has disintegrated, as “justice” these days is whatever outcome is necessary to prevent blacks from rioting. The triumph of responsibility-free feminism has permitted Western women to freely indulge in alpha male sexuality, but via the redistributionist superstate, also allowed them to retain access to the resources of beta males through taxation. The disgusting system we have implemented has forced the productive, intelligent, hard-working man into the chains of a slave.

The only way out I see is for the immediate expulsion of all non-whites from Western nations, without compromise or apology, with the will to back up the expulsions with open warfare if required. The next step is to re-institute eugenics programs that will prevent resources being directed to the incapable. Thirdly, feminism needs to have the coffin lid closed on it, and thrown into the pit of hell that spawned it.


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