African Corruption and the African Population Bomb

The Coming African Flood

It is one of the stranger outcomes of history that Christian charity married to Western scientific medicine may be the end of Western civilization. On the eve of August 1914, white men owned virtually the entire planet, and were one-third of the Earth’s populace. Following two disastrous world wars which claimed the lives of whites in the hundreds of millions, as well as the bloody purges of seventy years of communism, we are in the population minor leagues compared to the flourishing masses of Africa and Asia.

The suffering and plight of Africa has been (for whatever reason) at the top of philanthropic priorities for Western billionaires for as long as I’ve been alive. Unfortunately however, none of the relief programs organized by the plutocrat class ever involves family planning or birth control. We do not see human progress taking place in Africa, but in truth, a regress of the human condition. Wealthy Western nations are subsidizing the births of the least-capable race on the globe, judging by average IQ and the historical record of accomplishment. If the migrant crisis in Europe is any indication of how European leaders will behave in the future, the likely outcome of the next sixty to seventy years is a black, Africanized, Arabized, Islamized Europe. Similarly in America, we are poised to become a Mexican colony ruled by a small enclave of autistic billionaire white, Asian, and Jewish technocrats.


Population projections into the 22nd century. Asia will lose some slight ground. African blacks however, are poised to swamp us. The graph also does not account for the fact that, without serious reforms, North America and Europe will become Third-Worldized within fifty years due to immigration.

African Corruption and the Coming Invasion

It is well-known that African governments are corrupt as hell. A Google search of “African corruption” brings up several articles that all use as their primary source a watchdog group called Transparency International, which monitors African governmental corruption.

Perhaps the biggest predictor of the coming wave of Africans that will attempt to flood Europe is that low-quality societies that blacks build for themselves. The life of the African among his own kind if best summarized by Hobbes:

“No arts; no letters; no society; and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death: and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” -Thomas Hobbes

We are endlessly lectured by blacktivists and their billionaire handlers about the horrific consequences of White Supremacy, and yet, Africans and Muslims desire nothing more than to abandon their own countries and immigrate to White Supremacy. This is much like when Milton Friedman pointed out that despite the “wonders” of Chinese communism and life under the worker’s paradise, the Chinese ruled by communism would flee into the arms of the decadent capitalist pigs in British-ruled Hong Kong. The only rational conclusion one can draw is that people are voting with their feet as to which society treats them better – and White Supremacy is apparently the type of society that everyone wants to be ruled by. As Steve Sailer has pointed out, an astonishing 7% of the entire country of Ghana has applied for U.S. citizenship.

It is instructive to compare and contrast dreadful “White Supremacy” with African-style “Black Supremacy.” As humorously pointed out in an Economist article, blacks in America will incessantly complain about being pulled over for “driving while black,” while under the rule of Black Supremacy, they would be pulled over for “driving at all,” so that a corrupt police officer can execute a shakedown. American blacks will endlessly complain about their harsher treatment under the court system than whites for the same crimes (and unimpressive complaint), and yet under Black Supremacy, the practice of buying one’s way out of a conviction is done in broad daylight while the poor are heaved into the dungeon. American blacks will also complain about banks not giving them startup capital to start businesses (due to bad credit), but under Black Supremacy, you cannot even build on your own land without paying bribes. Under White Supremacy, blacks are given preferential placement at elite colleges despite mediocre qualifications, while under Black Supremacy, even smart blacks cannot get a seat at a good school without doling out the bribe money. American blacks will endlessly whine about their poor economic prospects in America, and yet in Kenya under Black Supremacy, the corruption is fueling a fiscal deficit of 9% of the country’s GDP.

Furthermore, what is the track record of White Supremacy compared to Black Supremacy with regards to management of a nation’s economy? This picture explains much regarding Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia):


Hyperinflation, African-style.

Is it really that difficult to figure out why Africans (among other groups) prefer White Supremacy to Black Supremacy?

What Does the Future Portend?

The most likely cause of the African’s lack of morals and intelligence is genetic in origin, and therefore cannot be cured through even the most austere moral instruction. If the threat of eternal damnation under the Christian or Muslim gods cannot encourage sub-Saharan Africa to get it’s act together, what will?

The future is likely to be a mass invasion of the shores of Europe by African boat people (mainly young men), who will be encouraged to come by idiotic (or masochistic) European leaders.

I longed when I was younger to be able to visit the Old World and see the splendor of Europe for myself. However, I fear that the time of Europe and white civilization may be coming to a violent, whimpering end as Europeans carelessly look on as their continent is raped before their eyes.


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