If Russian Political Meddling is Bad, Does That Mean Mexican and Israeli Meddling is Worse?

An American President as a Russian Agent?


The cover of Time Magazine, authored by idiots who think Saint Basil’s Cathedral is the Kremlin.

The media is all abuzz about Donald Trump supposedly being a Russian agent who hacked the election.

It is hard to know where to begin when confronted with such an avalanche of lies and hysteria. Trump won the election fair and square, and the “Russian intervention” propaganda line was manufactured within 24 hours of Hillary’s defeat. If the Democratic Party (corporate media, whatever) has such bulletproof evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, where was it before the election, when every (lying) pollster was predicting a 90% Hillary victory?

They just can’t get over the fact that they lost, despite having all the forces of darkness on their side.

Russian Intervention vs. Israeli-Jewish Intervention

Russian intervention in American elections (to the extent it even exists), pales in comparison to the very real meddling of the Mexican and Israeli governments in our domestic and foreign policy. No politician dare upsets AIPAC, which is the organization mostly responsible for the disastrous Middle Eastern policy of the last 15 years. Some of our country’s wealthiest businessmen (e.g. Sheldon Adelson), do not even see themselves as American first, but Israeli first. Rahm Emanuel, one of Obama’s former aides and now the Mayor of Chicago, didn’t even bother serving with the U.S. Army, but chose to volunteer with the Israeli Defense Forces instead. Israel has a strong presence of recruiting pro-Israeli activists on college campuses across America, and special Jews-only clubs such as Hillel International.

Have you ever seen a Russian Friends International club on an American campus? Do the Russians actively stir up trouble on American college campuses, agitating for a pro-Russian worldview on every issue? Is there an ARPAC? Do we have a huge preponderance of Russians in our media and financial system that wield massive influence utterly disproportionate to their fraction of the total population? Do the Russians have three Supreme Court justices? Do the Russians have a multi-million dollar propaganda smear machine dedicated to trashing the lives of people who call them on their bullshit?


The far-left American corporate media cannot forgive the Russian people for throwing off the chains of communism, being white, being Christian, and cherishing their traditions, coupled with Jewish anger at Czarist pogroms. This tweet from Tim Wise in expository:


Mexican Meddling in American Politics


If Mexicans are so great, why doesn’t Mexico want them?

Most of the points above apply to rampant Mexican meddling, who have discovered they can make American white people lie down, roll over, and beg simply by shouting “racist!” over and over again.

In fact, Mexican influencing has been far more disastrous than Israeli meddling. The Israelis and Russians do not have millions of their people in our borders! Illegal Mexicans are treated far better than any other type of immigrant, legal or otherwise (google the Romeike family). Do the Russians have groups like MeCHA or La Raza in operating in America? Does the Russian government educate its citizens in its public schools that American land was stolen from them, and they have a moral right to revanchism? Does the Russian government educate its citizens illegally in our country on how to evade law enforcement and avoid deportation? Does the Russian government use our court system as a weapon against us to advance their revanchism? Do the Russians send people with Third World diseases to our country to sicken our citizens?



Communism is defeated. The Russians abandoned it 30 years ago. They have done nothing to us to earn hatred from any American. If anything, we should be pursuing an American-Russian united front to stomp Islamic terror out across the globe. The supposed hijacking of the 2016 election pales in comparison to the very real near-hijacking of the election by the Democrats via illegal alien Mexican voters. Israeli-Jewish control of our foreign policy and financial policy must also end before there is any talk of a Russia probe into President Trump.



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