On Capitalism and Race

Losing Faith in the System


Wealth pools up naturally in the capitalist system up an IQ gradient.

I used to think capitalism was a great economic system. For years, I believed the slick arguments of guys like Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell, that capitalism was the best economic system. Going by the historical track record, the inventions of investment banking, lending at reasonable interest, and free market capitalism led to an unprecedented upward surge in the human condition. Many great thinkers (such as the priests of Salamanca, Spain) pondered many difficult economics questions, such as the theory of the “just price,” and why diamonds are worth more than water. I still find mathematical finance to be an extremely interesting topic for independent study.

Now, I am not turning red on you, my readers. Communism has led to butchery beyond Karl Marx’s moistest dreams. The behavior of the contemporary capitalist system in America however, has led me to question whether we are on the right track or not.

My main gripe is that the capitalists of today are simply not interested in creating new products and services that are of primary benefit to white people, and that this problem will only accelerate. We are being swamped numerically by blacks and browns. While white men waste their lives playing video games, committing suicide, and dumping oxycodone pills, their country is being stolen from them by billionaires and an angry tide of non-white immigrants and blacks.

Instead of Serving the Customer, Create the Ideal Customer


High time preferences in action. Blacks and Mexicans can’t stand the thought of having money and not spending it. The capitalist is happy to oblige.

The capitalist has discovered a neat trick. Instead of expending vast amounts of capital and effort on marketing high-quality products to white people, why not do away with white people and replace them with blacks and browns instead? Blacks and browns are the ideal consumer, as they live to satisfy base, immediate needs. Instead of marketing to white people that save for retirement, it’s​ more profitable to sell trash products to high time preference minorities. Minorities will wage slave themselves to buy a mess of pottage in ways that whites, Asians, and Jews don’t. A populace that doesn’t save for retirement is simply more ideal to the merchant capitalist than a populace that requires him to earn their business. Furthermore, blacks and browns breed more rapidly than whites, which leads to a lower average age in the population. The young are much easier to market garbage products to than the wise elders imbued with healthy cynicism. This keeps a steady flow of new suckers flowing into the market space willing to be deprived of their money.

To be blunt, r-selection is simply more profitable for the capitalist than k-selection.

The Effects of Race and IQ on Capitalist Profits

The lower IQs of blacks and browns are a huge bonus to the capitalist crap-merchant. Wealth pools up naturally up an IQ gradient. The poor work and slave away, while the smart buy cheap and sell dear. The natural effect is the exponential accumulation of vast wealth into the hands of a few financial overlords. After a great financial panic destroys many of the small players, the ultra-rich then move in for the kill to buy up real assets at ruinous prices.

While the basic mathematics needed to understand personal finance is graspable by most people (even if they fail to act on it), lazy blacks and browns are hellbent on proving themselves ineducable. People that understand math can tell when they’re getting screwed by merchants, the tax system, and the financial system. This is where the Left wing and finance capitalism are in full agreement – an uneducated, rudderless, innumerate citizenry is more profitable than a numerate one. This team effort explains why there is so much cross-ideological support for brownifying America and white genocide – it is easier to manufacture garbage products that are easy to market to pound-foolish minorities than to white people.

As a thought experiment, can you imagine trying to explain compound interest and the time-value of money to your average urban 16 year old black male? Or an illiterate Mexican stoop laborer? I can hear their well-reasoned responses already.

“That’s white people math.”

“We learn different from you white people. You got the education system rigged against us.”

“You just trying to take my money, honky!”

Credulous blacks will believe virtually anything another black person with high enough social capital tells them, no matter how outlandish or accessible to disproof. As long as the conspiracy theory is couched in terms of whites ganging up on black people, blacks will buy it hook, line, and sinker.

The Endgame of a Black-Brown Capitalist America


A wretched favela in Brazil, flanked on the right by an opulent condominium. This is the future of America.

The end game of America is the neo-feudal slave society I have been warning about on this blog. Wealth will continue to pool up into the hands of a small white, Asian, and Jewish technocratic elite. Credulous blacks and browns will continue to rage against dreadful, dead, white males at their economic impotence. A small, ultra-educated, ultra-wealthy clique will bounce from helipad to helipad enjoying lives of leisure and ease, while a vast bubbling muck of blacks and browns toils as lowly-paid servants, unable to figure out how it all went wrong.


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